The WORST Discord Ban Appeals...

The Click

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    1. Louise Johnson

      You read one of those as if you were channeling Captain Kirk, lol.

    2. XSleepy HollowX

      DO NOT WATCH THIS WHILE EATING! "By acsednt" made me choke XD

    3. DynaMate

      Whoa whoa whoa whoa, när fan blev du svensk?

    4. David Leslie

      12:15 *cruch* *chews* YYyuUuUmMmM

    5. Rhi Hughes • Atomicwrongs • Art Genius

      If someone came into my discord server and posted the Shunting sequence from Society I'd ban them too, idk Also kinda wanna drop into the discord and post pictures of a funny little cat

    6. ollah4

      I... were those fries soggy? •^• They kinda look soggy XD

      1. ollah4

        Okay nvm the crunched

    7. Phantom Pyro

      When Click talked about the common “My younger brother did it” I got a strange realization. It’s always younger BROTHER, but almost never “My younger SISTER”. Idk why my brain picked up on such a weird coincidence…

    8. DrKatz

      If you know what The Shunting is, you understand....

    9. Karolina Kalinowska

      Ah, the human obstacles are here.

    10. Schyzofrenic87

      Am I the only one thinking of joining just to get banned and have fun with the form to give him some more ammo ? :P * no i'm not gonna do it, just a random thought pop up

    11. chris langlois

      The 2nd dislike is some1 thinking sex is a swear word “ahh my bleeding ears” 😛 lol

    12. Goat5168

      10:00 *Honesty* Pass it on

    13. OmegaDMM

      Profiting off ban appeals, sounds like what any judge in Hell would do! I can honestly say the "The Clique" server has rules written like that which you would see pushed out by a Devil. :D This tickets are REAL!!

    14. ThatOneLeaf

      i genuinely hope these absolute fucking morons lose everything dearest to them leaving them as hollow shells where only the mercy of gods could help them escape this realm :) and no im not on The Clique and knowing my toxicity i never plan to. ill just watch :)

    15. BuStEr YeeT

      "ban appeals are now closed" when the hell were they open?

    16. TheUnfortunateCat

      are there any actually good, helpful appeals or is it all just 9 year olds??

    17. Willow

      10:56 the best way to shut down these arguments is to just ask for proof of the kid (showing both the kid and older brother), before even considering it.

    18. Desy does Stuff

      Ctroll x? Ctroll c+v

    19. Ben Seer

      The last person was attempting to sacrifice the mods to Khorne the blood god. (funny 40k reference)

    20. Canadian Lucifer

      7:00 Ace Attorney fan...?

    21. Rosenwood1

      mmmmm fries

    22. Absolute Trans

      "I am not nabsjhdhsjwnd English" Yeah, Click, that's obvious😅

    23. Mono Tone

      by ascednt, solid argument ngl

    24. Firestar

      His "No bueno" sounded more Brazilian Portuguese than Spanish, not going to lie.

    25. Furry Fox Boi

      That moment when you get banned for heresy

    26. MKnight 724

      Heresy against the lord emperor of man

    27. aare pelaa

      Oompaville but not him, wow so awesome, just the thumbnail

    28. JustAnotherPerson

      I got banned from the pewdiepie discord server for "mild homophobia" for saying that replacing the world's flags with pride flags is the gay agenda and had to clarify in the appeal that I (at the time, now pan) am gay

    29. Beck Wells

      He's so much more frazzled here than in his videos about weird shit on reddit and I personally think that is hilarious

    30. A Random Weeb

      the one where the person said "they kite me" just puts funny image in my head of a discord moderator having a t-pose model of a discord user that was banned as a kite

    31. Captain LazyArtist

      7:29 this one belongs in r/iamverysmart

    32. Kitsune The Griffin

      Hearing click talk in a swedish accident makes me want to scream, i had no idea he is swedish Saying this as a person who lives in finland and talks swedish

    33. Jade Leaf

      as a discord mod, ban appeals are awful i hate them :wheeze:

    34. Corey Bennett

      I would join the clicks discord server but I'm socially awkward and I wouldn't talk a lot to people.

    35. Shae Gupta

      The discord sound... as bleeps... are messing with me so much. I'm not even in a call and I keep getting concerned my internet cut out and disconnected me

    36. Songbird

      The Click, you have two options: ・Unsee juice (you will forget what you have seen after the video is posted) ・innocence juice (you will not understand anything past rated PG)

    37. Emma Hutton

      Gimme your chips

    38. Zestie

      I'm not entirely sure as to why people seem to be unable to read the questions in the form.

    39. Zestie

      At least we are now assured that all those people deserve to remain banned even if they're found innocent.

    40. Meadnex

      when you put the name of the sub on screen for a good second i thought it was discordbanapples so i was confused

    41. Dargonflames712

      Formerly Licensed Lawyer: "I'm here to represent you in court." Suspect: "C... Could you explain how you lost your license yet are still here to represent me in court?" Formerly Licensed Lawyer: "Now is not the time for that question."

    42. Ban Tram tram

      Why wuold anyone ban the word poop and pee anyway?

    43. SapphireRush

      That guy who hired Phoenix Wright to defend him lmao

    44. i am human

      abort it😅

    45. Gerard Montgomery

      "You're on the internet, you should be able to read" -The Click, 2021

    46. DevilMaster

      14:30 is called 2:30 PM in third-world countries.

    47. joosep karl Ritson

      why do i feel like click was not only high on power it feels like his high on somthing else

    48. IMD Gandhi

      7:05 I seriously hope that one was a joke and not some random karen actually trying to bring it to a lawsuit

    49. Carmen Leppin

      ,,why didnt you.. GOD!" *shows pic of jesus*

    50. VB

      ah yes, the click server where I got muted for talking about stuff

    51. Hubert Ziebicki


    52. No No

      A lot of these sound like unsupervised kids who aren't used to getting told no

    53. The Zed Man

      Poo poo

    54. phoenix_b_ artistically


    55. FunkyPossum

      This makes me feel like getting banned sounds fun I'm joining! No don't worry I won't intentionally try and get banned

    56. Farleyeccles Gaming

      lol my little brother lmao whats next my dog did it

    57. Hunter Morris

      Half of these are from people with an IQ of 2 who then misspelled their name and brought it down to one

    58. SpaghettiDepressi

      how the hell do people miss the word why and just think it says do you and not why do you :/, if english is not ur first language understandable but if it is ur first language hmmmmmm (and if u have a reading difficulty ie dyslexia understandable as to why you'd miss words out) but if ur perfectly capable then hmmmmmm. Sorry about the rant it's 1:22am right now

    59. Harryoe

      I was banned today for saying the N-word, however, I actually acquired an N-word pass in the winter of 2015. You see I was skiing in the Alps when there was an explosion near the summit of the mountain, causing an avalanche to cascade down. Using my superior skiing technique and superhuman reactions, I was able to avoid all of the hazards. However, with my sharp vision, I spotted a figure getting swallowed up by the wall of snow. With no regard for my own safety, I dove into the avalanche and rescued the victim. Unfortunately, we were caught in the avalanche and were at its mercy. Once the snow settled I used my master survival skills to fashion a shelter and tend to the unconscious person. When I removed their ski goggles, to my surprise, I was looking at Sasha Obama. I single-handedly kept her fed and warm for 3 days until help arrived. In recognition of my unparalleled heroism, President Obama offered me the Medal of Honor. I declined, and said, "while I am honored and humbled by your gratitude, doing the right thing is a reward in and of itself." Obama told me I was the very image of virtue and courage and refused to let me leave without accepting something. He then brandished a golden certificate with "Presidential N-Word Pass" written on it, as well as the presidential seal, Obama's signature and a fingerprint in his blood. I had also refused a press release in an attempt to protect the president's daughter from reliving the trauma of the harrowing ordeal we had both been put through. So, in conclusion, I will be expecting my account to be unbanned posthaste as well as an apology included. Thank you for your time and I hope this mix up will be corrected shortly,

      1. Harryoe

        tis a copypasta in case people cant tell lol

    60. StrangerWave874

      You should make another video messaging these people for redemption.

    61. Christoph Southwell

      That "Lawyer" one was not typed by a lawyer. Sincerely: not a Lawyer.

    62. Error Destroyer of AUs

      I turned 18 eight days ago

      1. ShipsGaming

        No, your defiantly not 18.

    63. StrolledBoar 257

      what happened to his mustache

    64. frikimanHD

      7:24 dude played too much ace attorney XD

    65. Josh Nabours

      I am human. I have normal eyes. My eyes have been normal for a long time.

    66. Patrick Ugga-Booga

      i *like* soggy cereal

      1. That one annoying gorl😩💦


    67. Anne Margit Olsen

      I have fries to

    68. Dizzy

      The Click feeling powerful and eating fries for 15:55

    69. Braden Best

      Actually, bans and kicks are completely silent. Unless an admin or bot sent you a DM, you'll only find out you're banned when you try to rejoin the server. Even then, you won't be given a reason. The reason given is logged in the blacklist for the admins to see.

    70. backalleyCreator


    71. Waluigi In Smash

      13+ means ur an adult by gatcha life standards.

    72. katr1440 katr1440


    73. Flurbi Animates

      I'm turning 13 on the 28th of june

    74. yandere waifu

      most of these people are children let's be real here

    75. Monch

      The dislikes are from the people you sent the ban Appeals

    76. 13gondolla37

      Click we need a "CONTROL X!!!" T-shirt

    77. Sad doot

      god dammit you made me spit out my soup the moment i ''clicked'' on this video

    78. ALEX HUANG

      where do i post my train pictures

    79. Welp That Happened


    80. Андре в дурак

      I got banned, I was sad. I didn't know what I completely did wrong, I think name was not english

    81. Sleepy Carl

      control c control v

    82. HaileyLotl

      Hoping for part 2! This is hilarious!

    83. matt forgey

      Please sir, would you spare a fry.

    84. Mikey Aftonn

      yo I used to watch you when you had 10k! It was my old account ezi chan or Shadow bonnie, but you've grown so much bro! congrats! EDIT: you did r/gachalifecringe all the time, it was funny, and I used to watch your livestreams, and as a gacha, it did make me laugh, but I'm so glad you hit 600K! Almost at one mil!! Anyways, glad you got really far, bro. Congrats, and have a good day! :)

    85. Kris _abyss

      Please r/fluffyComunity

    86. Melody Stewart

      I am 11, still didn't cared and made a youtube channel that I have barely any motivation on. When I was 9, I think I was introduced to alcohol for the new years 2020 and I hated it. But no, I am not willing to even get on discord no matter what for some reason

    87. Emanuelgamer 1313

      Why Did I get banned from your server😭??

    88. Føxy Piggy

      The click : * loose brain cell* Me: I want to go buy fries

    89. Ice Tide

      Hohoho I hayve Frieeys hoohohoo

    90. Iona Morwenna

      Please, Click, I implore you. Please make all your videos with the Swedish voice/dialect/accent/I-don't-know-the-correct-word, I love it so much.

    91. Sabagegah

      What’s your first language?

    92. Luke Bacci

      hows the whole demonetization situation is going for you

    93. Lila Collazo Cruz

      First person to reply to this is gau

      1. Lila Collazo Cruz


      2. Lila Collazo Cruz


    94. smolmoru

      if I'd join the server, would that make me a double clique member? I'm already on the skeleton clique/tøp clikkie server

    95. thalassa.

      7:02 *my inner ace atorney is shining*

    96. Roland Ronabio

      Me:why is click getting banned his a normal youtube chan- The click: *switches from death message to a random to self hatred to french fries in 5 seconds* Me:... He is a youtube channel!

    97. Linus Homework

      the intro alone made me sub ngl

    98. ShortLived

      You're right Click, these people aren't boomers. As anti-tech as boomers are, when it comes to filling out forms like this they read every question at least 5 times to make sure they understand it.

    99. VanishingFlower

      I got banned from a server for one sentence. I hadn't said anything else in the entire server. No warning or anything. I said, "Are you coding son?" It's a meme I know. But I personally think it's an over reaction-

    100. Midnight Sarrow 160

      Dear kid that said your name nd tag diesnt matter : I don't think you wanna be unbanned