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    1. Lavender-Rose Fox

      18:19 how to get to prison in 3 easy steps lol

    2. Lavender-Rose Fox

      5:02 as pumbaa says you gotta put your behind in your past which timone correct you gotta put your past behind you or even better listen to wise old Rafiki the past can hurt but you can either run from it or learn from it

    3. Amy Huggins

      Hey I should try that so my family stops asking if I have a boyfriend 😂

    4. Abbray

      Yeaaahh- everyone told me my 20's would be my best years, but as soon as I turned 20 everything was cancelled... yaaayyy 🥲😆

    5. Zed Boi

      Ok, these puns are so fuckin bad, I have to unsub.

    6. Lizzie B ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      8:00 This one... I could feel the heartbreak 8:56 YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SO RUDE MAN

    7. SlyHikari03

      Anyone else cringe so hard that you start crying?

    8. full_of_teeth

      "I'm never gonna be allowed to shave it." haha.. about that-

    9. Eloise Beekman

      When my mom found out that kids 12 years and older to get covid-19 shots she wanted to sign me up, then I told her I was 10 and she believed me for a good hard 11 minutes until she asked my 6 year old brother......

      1. Eloise Beekman


    10. Kokichi's Wife

      19:14 THIS REMINDS ME OF MY EX- 👹20:34 This also reminds me of when my ex said he would throw spiders on me for no real reason.🤡 (Probably cuz I broke up with him but he is in the wrong here👁👄👁)

    11. Epicwolf3255

      4:15 ouch. it's me.

    12. Seirra Heights

      4:19 when you realize this dude is Maladaptive daydreaming which is a type of dissociation

    13. MysteriousKnight

      I've actually had that school project thing happen to me

    14. tiny child

      ACTUALLY for the imaginary gf one I have something similar but I don't have a gf or anything it's just an imaginary life that I live and I think it's taking over my entire life as I cannot think of literally anything and I realized this was a problem a year ago

    15. Alyssa Tucker

      anyone who says "darkie waifu" unironically deserves to get hit by a clown car

    16. Rizzage

      13:20 atleast he’s vaccinated

    17. Youngwriter

      17:41 *2019 gachas and hopeless romantics have entered the chat*

    18. Leo Kaws

      The moustache makes you look more like the classic Satan stereotype what more could you want?

    19. Laurie Hunter

      Wanna hear a joke Me hahahahaha

    20. Han Yellow

      Oh boy I sure hope that one guy kept on holding to his dog coins

    21. Saͥbeͣrͫtooth

      well this was fun

    22. ryukki kyo

      that MOUSTACHEEEEE 😩😩😩😩

    23. Courtney Kirschman

      Hey I'd be honored to have you as a partner project click. My name is Courtney

    24. SadieCat

      I remember when my dad found out that he had lost a lot of money bc some douche hacked into his account and bought those dog coins. We were already poor, then someone stole our money to buy those things

    25. Nyo-ho-ho!

      That thumbnail is giving me some Kira Yoshikage vibes

    26. Housel

      A cheater dating a control freak would basically be when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object

    27. Drunk femboy bard

      No one: Subtitles: because you look down the final issues

    28. Amanda Zeh

      14:20 What? Why?

    29. Pax Scharfl

      click should go through r/lgbt

    30. Morgan Naomi

      I was tricked into a date with a guy that what was in mine and my boyfriend. He didn't say say until until we were there

    31. ĪtzRøsèy_Eva_XD

      15:55 *PEEPEEPOOPOO*

    32. Nintendocat 64

      That thumbnail :(

    33. Jaxon and Jemma two peas in a pod forever

      *Am I the only weirdo who has not done this.?*

    34. Rei Hitsugi

      "one of the worst ways to break Up" Let me expand your list: Having a long distance relationship, over different countries. Playing with your Partner a VR Game and then he saying he changing the room, to chill on his own and a few minutes later he unfriended you everywhere and not talking to you a single word anymore, talking to Others about "Red Flags" you gave him, while you only tried to make everything right. Just to find out he cheated on you and followed you invisible once because you were talking to another boy in your mother tounge and he thought you are Hardcore flirting, while you were talking about Computers...

    35. Minty Owl

      I think the guy with an imaginary wife might have maladaptive daydreaming but im not sure

    36. r-eplacement

      i need to get my neurodivergent hands on some of those spinners

    37. youtube lets me change my name every 90 days

      omg I love the voices he does for all the women lmaoo

    38. Snowy Ashes

      Shave your moustache Click. Do it. We, the audience hivemind, set you free.

    39. ꧁M e m e A x o l o t l꧂

      You know that you watch a wide variation of youtube video when you told three times that they see you everywhere.

    40. Dr Shikha Majumder


    41. Jackie Crone

      I was initially embarrassed when I started getting excited around cute Pokémon and Spyro in front of my husband. Turns out he wasn’t mocking me like my family did....he genuinely was excited. Same with my jigsaw puzzles ♥️♥️

    42. Maximillius

      "Deciever "

    43. Toru Kurebayashi

      that imaginary wife one was so sad, it made click say something deep..

    44. Phoenix Supports You

      4:15 This is just maladaptive daydreaming

    45. Laban Flowers

      his facial hair reminds me of the Guy Fawkes mask.

    46. Yam

      5:10 the EXACT same thing happened to me in 5th grade

    47. Esmeralda Contreras

      Don't drink alcohol or do drugs, that's bad

    48. Morgan Partida

      5:10 On a completely unrelated note, one time I was paired up with my crush for a group project and I nearly threw hands with the teacher because I was so uncomfortable around her.

    49. Anthony Zehnpfennig

      Thank to you click I can't cringe anymore thank you

    50. Anna Glynn

      I knew someone named Joshua who I dated who did the exact same thing to me (17:40 for full screenshot) He had a more serious reason for the "hospital" and it was via a different messaging platform, but otherwise it was the exact same. I'm honestly wondering if it was the same person- 👀

    51. Beasty 90

      7:54........what ya doing under table Clicky? 😉😈xxx

    52. Tenshi Joudou

      Dude: Does anyone else has a imaginary gf/wife!? Me: Am a cha cha my way out in shame!!! TwT

    53. kingly buzzard

      I swear this guy tried to sell me snake oil in another life during the 1800s

    54. ElysianEcho

      Dude the guy who invested everything in dogecoin just made bank, it multiplied like 6 fold in value over the last few days

    55. dogelife9000

      when doge coin goes up and you make 4000 dollars cause of it I sure did dodge a bullet mhm.

    56. Ben Fletcher

      Click, if you keep making puns I’m gonna replace your bone marrow with itching powder

    57. Reija N

      Sorry I’m a boomer, but which app shows others if a screenshot has been taken?

      1. ً


    58. HunTerV8

      lmao when i watch this video doge just hit 0.3$

    59. Tamanna Jahan

      Who else thinks click should do a collab with the narrator?

    60. ShadowMusic Gamer

      5:26 my classmates when they get paired up with me

    61. John Bewley

      He has the guy Fawks facial hair.

    62. Yellow Flametree

      *In my twenties* Oh boy it's so much fun being confined

    63. Ruby Hall

      Okay but the thumb nail be me tho. Omg wait am I sad cringe

    64. BFF s S He sea N a z

      Uwu converts to clicky wicky

    65. uwu kanu

      Da stach

    66. Bob Tillyman.

      Episode ten: Mario continues his

    67. Kaleb Harris

      13:36, That's gotta hurt

    68. Anthony Rausch

      18:35 = Click I think is is time for you to venture back into r/niceguys and r/nicegirls again......

    69. Anthony Rausch

      12:14 = "FBI: OPEN UP"

    70. Anthony Rausch

      10:27 = Good Job Liberal Democrats and Republicans of this "GREAT NATION" "YOU MAKE ME LMFAO EVERY OTHER DAY, THANKS"

    71. Team Earth

      (Sorry) your skin is so reflective I am going blind- (SORRY!!!!)

    72. Selin _ theinsan

      I don’t know why but I laughed so hard when you said ‘tatas’ in 19:23

    73. Mr. Chris

      i wanna know how you got that perfect mustache

    74. Vallis

      Is it just me or does the click's mustache look like angel wings ;-;

    75. Sakura Ogami

      May or may not be able to relate to that imaginary wife one....

    76. SleepDeprived Panda

      5:33 anyone else see that Hitler-looking host thing in the corner or do I just need sleep?!

    77. Ami Bowen

      Seems like the only people to notice the ghost at 5:34 is Cassandra Klun from several comments down and myself.

    78. EpicBruh0212

      Ya changed your background?

    79. • DabbiCzar •

      Click: more fun in the twenties Me: Ah yes 7 years in please tell me when it'll start

    80. Cypress K

      This video reminded me to move my Pokemon out of the poke bank back into x, thank you

    81. Mike the Whizz

      Boi how did you JUST realize you're the laughingstock of your family

    82. AuroraAquarius

      I actually am doing dandyfinealiceous because I got engaged 3 times at school with my best friend all in the same day

    83. Tree

      why does he always look like a 20th century gunslinger

    84. Azrael Batchen

      This looks sad ngl

    85. Ladybug Cactus

      Lol at least Matt’s mother cares!..... just like got the age wrong lol

    86. VexTheWanderer01

      I wouldn't honestly be suprised if you accidentally super liked someone... one ui took off the option to double click a video in pip, so I accidentally video chatted my bf with me eating chips

    87. Kaulis

      5:10 this has happened to me a lot...teens were very exagerated and they are still Context: i have autism and back in the day (well like 5 years ago) i was quite annoying

    88. Dayday 767

      My teacher: alright Anna you're with Dianne(Not my real name btw) Anna: -Cries loudly- Me: YEA SUCK IT YOU'RE WITH ME!

    89. BLU Tack


    90. YouCHEWberFan

      The real cringe is the backstory not being included. So the person had their SO tattoo that. Immediately afterwards they broke up with them and now this dude has the tattoo and no one

    91. • Dream스시 모찌

      1:49 - That 'Eh' though 👀

    92. Antoinette Harwood

      you is bootiful

    93. TRC- Optic

      Honestly I never realized how nice my crush was when I saw how mean almost everyone else was here.

    94. g00d d4y!


    95. Chopo Snipes

      My guy lookin like Dr.eggman

    96. Scarlet Augi

      Then there's me and my friend who go to see a few movies together and THEN OUR FAMILIES THINK HIM AND I ARE DATING.

    97. SilverFlight01

      I haven’t hear of this subreddit in more than a year. The last time I watched a video about this sub was from Giofilms.

    98. aoko rain

      7:40 thats payback for all those vacation photos they showed the kids every time they came over

    99. Decepticus Prevails


    100. bruh

      14:20 nom