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    1. The Click

      live on twitch right now: www.twitch.tv/cliccy

      1. Jacob Renaud

        the only reason i dont get vaccinated is because i am allergic to some of the stuff they put in it not everyone is a absolute idiot

      2. WN H

        my mom orderd a 25$ thing at astor and it came out 75$ and let me gase ur probley goning to say hahahahahaha kaen my mom isint a kearin

      3. Lilly pop

        You look like the model for an "anonymous mask" and I love it

      4. Vikram Ree

        if ill ever write a memoir id write it from the perspective of my self as the narrator, narrating it in third person, from the third person of the protagonist viewpoint

      5. Easy Cheese

        Click, we need to talk about the interchangeability of state and country, like how city-states of history functioned like countries because state used to mean country before the United Countries of America f@@@ed it all up by insisting on a name and then fell into this death spiral of going fully against the rights of it's citizens with a weak and vague promise of security. While Georgia and Georgia are different places, they are both states; however, one is beholdened to the US for security whereas... hmmm, the other is also but in a different way. Screw it! GEORGIA IS GEORGIA!

    2. Melanie Rippon

      “People really do be running their brains in power-saving mode” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    3. MathildaDee_Lillyluvsanime

      1:02 To quote Orange is the New Black, "it's a whole other hole."

    4. Bambino

      12:18 they're correct... In English, North America and South America are referred to collectively as "The Americas". America only ever refers to the USA (again, in English. I'm aware it's different in other languages)

    5. Crippling Depression

      Thank you Thanks to this video I know that in this world there are people that are more incompetent than me.

    6. Shrando

      You look like dr egg man from the new sonic movie

    7. Peter Hickman

      lol Paris is also a city a America

    8. The Cake Is On Fire

      my iq is 69 😎 i’m so fucking stupid 😭

    9. Joca

      For those that only know automatic gears, at 7:51 the top line of numbers should be 1, 3, 5 and the bottom 2, 4, 6.

    10. Glyn Williams

      Interesting. Some pronunciations could be better and the mic shield could have some cloth over it, to reduce the emphasis of the S's. Good work.

    11. Eugene Verster

      What do you call someone that laughs at others for acting intellectually superior, while acting intellectually superior?

    12. d3sign3r

      Feels the need to be r/ConfidentlyIncorrect about something in the comments, but I am too perfect!

    13. Tuxu HDS

      Actually, Depression can affect others who live with the afflicted. While it is not contagious per-se it's still a factor that damages relationships and a general quality of life up do a point of a relationship collapse. You tried...

    14. AnnieBot_45-73

      car-sin-o-gen(as in generation)-ic

    15. Pindar Corinna

      Why would you want to do this to yourself? Just stop peering at stupid exchanges and make your life better. Stay offline.

    16. Lefteris Eleftheriades

      There are A LOT of states of matter. Wikipedia has a huge list in the article "List of states of matter"

    17. Nintendo wii shop theme

      Your moustache makes you look like Guy Fawkes

    18. Nightthorn k'Vala

      If I get a comment with 'their' when it should be 'they're' I usually (when I can be bothered) respond with "my what?"

    19. F1rst World NomaD

      Depression isn't contagious but it's adverse effects if you don't take medication can really Fakk up people in your surrounding. I'd say the difference between *choosing not to* and *refusing to* is if it's voluntary or if someone is trying to force you. Internal VS external forces. If I choose not to take it, it's all my decision, if you or the government try to force me to take it and I don't, that's me refusing. Regardless, I don't trust the government to inject me with something I don't know what the hell is. The literally lie about *everything* else, why would I ever believe they had my best interest at heart this time? I'm no conspiracy nut, thinking they're secretly microchiping us or anything, but just believing in the "good nature" of the government is naive and stupid. As long as its voluntary, I could consider it but the second any authority try to *force* me I will indeed refuse.

    20. F1rst World NomaD

      8:17 Carcinogenic [Kar-sinno-jenick] Im assuming you're Swedish(?), if you read that out loud in Swedish phonetics you'd get the right pronounciation. "Cancerframkallande" på svenska.

    21. F1rst World NomaD

      7:52 The question isn't "why would you do this to your skin" It's "You don't know how to drive a stick shift, do you?“

    22. F1rst World NomaD

      If you zoom it out to an even bigger scale you'll see that climate change has been a thing since the dawn of time... Even billions of years before people existed. Our impact is likely rather miniscule. The Earth has gone through atleast 2 ice ages meaning there was a *non-ice age* in between, climate change... That's just the way things are. I still think we should strive to more eco friendly alternatives wherever possible, why not strive for perfection? But Gretas r~[@|d ideas of immediately banning fossil fuels would result in millions more casualties, economic crash and a general decay of the global infrastructure than the current climate change will in any foreseeable future. Yea, climate change is real... But the threat the politicians paint has been the same for decades and it's never even remotely as bad as they say. Remember Al Gore saying the polar caps would melt, all the polar bears would die out and cities like Amsterdam would be underwater within 11 years if we didn't drastically change our behavior? Well, we didn't... And that was 15 years ago, the polar caps are still there, the polar bears are (according to recent documentary I saw) arguably better off now than back then and Amsterdam is still there. Similar claims has been made since at least the 50s roughly every 10-15 years. It's been like 4 years since I saw it so I don't remember what channel it was but someone made a compilation of these Eco scare politicians and their claims and when juxtapositioned its laughable how cookie cutter they are. It's always the same rehoric and we will always all die in 11-13 years (I think even Greta used 13 years in some speech) Maybe this time I'm wrong and the threat is real, the world and even the entire universe will *inevitably* succumb to total entropy and all life will be extinguished forever regardless of our actions and perhaps our time has come... But I seriously doubt it and even if so, I won't take the blame for not caring, maybe the greedy, fear mongering politicians shouldve stopped crying wolf... Cuz I'm at the point where I don't listen anymore.

    23. F1rst World NomaD

      3:18 Well...she actually kinda looks like a drag queen in that picture. Lol

    24. F1rst World NomaD

      I'm not fully hip to the SJW lingo bingo. I take it a trans man a woman who transitions to a man? Otherwise I don't understand that flag meme thingy. If that's the case I get the mistake, it could just as easily been the other way around making the statement correct. Tho, if you're gonna make it into a graphic meme format statement, maybe you should have looked it up before you posted it. 🤔

    25. Matt Slater


    26. TheRenaissanceman65

      The comment on why British people speak an American language is right up there with another American one which always amused the late Prince Philip. Why was Windsor Castle built so close to Heathrow Airport? (Usually said after yet another low-flying plane passes over.) TBH this isn't even funny any more, especially to the good people of Windsor.

    27. Mateo Andelic

      7:14 he can literally just google "is sus a word", theres more defenitions than just suspicious btw

    28. ankra12


    29. Charlotte Riordan

      I love I'm 11 and I'm smarter than half of the ppl here:/

    30. EmpyrionBlackthorn

      First time I ever saw you...that voice, wow. Great content.

    31. Standardbred Adventures

      Just subscribed.

    32. Neona

      7:14 "Sus" is indeed a word, a Turkish word meaning "Shut up", "Shush!", "Sh!", "Shut your trap!", "Belt up!", "Shut your gob!" Soooooo, I could respond to that with "Sus!" ^^ Same goes for "Kek" "Kek" is the Turkish own version for "Cake", but if someone calls you a "Kek", it actuelly then an insult meaning that you give to much of you, that you do stuff over the top and newly "Loser" etc.

    33. Neona

      4:18 he doesn't even need to google it, it right in his screenshot he just toke, on the right side. This dude just can't read! Georgia -------------> (country)

    34. Sharon Boot


    35. Night_Fiend6

      Zoom out more on climate change, it has changed constantly over time before humans had even evolved. It changed massively before we industrialised.

    36. AtotehZ

      It's true that the Dunning-Kruger is affected by intelligence. Everyone is affected, but the expectation of there being more to it is more common in an intelligent person.

    37. Lucklaran

      Brits do not speak American, Americans speak English. Public education for the win.

    38. 「Dr RentacleTape」

      This is my first video from this channel and man, the charisma coming from this dude is amazing! Going on a binge rn

    39. Patty Fairytale

      Before the Internet was invented those people who are examples of the Dunning-Kruger Effect weren t on public sight as now. Since the Internet exists they all learned to type and now they find together and fload the net with those nonsense ! and with the hate if it isn t taken !

    40. Almostace

      loved your energy.

    41. mohamed elsheikh

      5:29 means worse seasons

    42. random HUMAN

      carcinogenic pronounced (Carson-no-genic

    43. Mr.l

      10:28 if you chance $ to cents this post would be correct

    44. Evans Apples

      Technically the guy talking about native Americans was right they’re not from America originally they’re immigrants as well but a lot older immigrants

    45. Tammy Hawley

      I’m sure you meant why do Americans speak English and not Native American…..? Just for the dumb arse that wrote this English is from England, now known as Britain, and some sailed to America taking their native language with them. Which at the time was ENGLISH.

    46. nexus1g

      If you don't own a rapier and a lute, it's a crime against nerdom.

    47. Adam Johannesson


    48. Larry Barnes

      Because "American" is English.

    49. ELON musk

      10:28 the person is actually right a quarter a day is $9,125

      1. ELON musk


      2. Joanson Baptiste-James


    50. obamma

      17:02 hoo boy the ancoms are at it again. i swear to god they're all liberals

    51. 88marome

      6:28 Jokes on you, Americans never change their about anything!🤣

    52. Joanson Baptiste-James

      To-Bay-Go not To-Bah-Go 😊. Otherwise awesome video

    53. Jane Dullard

      “I have autocorrect to back me up” Literally thousands of people who are made fun of daily about grammar because of auto correct:this this is the one police shoot them before they run away

      1. Michael Pettersson

        I fight daily battles with autocorrect. And the fact thst keep my phone and pad in two language mode doesn't make it easier when I forget to change keyboard when changing language I type in. So the two dictionaries start to pollute each other with words from the other language when they learn more words.

    54. Jonathan Capps

      @5:48 I stop reading when someone incorrectly uses quotation marks. @5:55 Commenter replies to something while claiming to completely ignore it. @7:50 In my experience, odd+numbered gears are on top, and even on bottom. Poor idiot. @10:14 Many people (in the U.S.) join the military to pay for college.

    55. dummy

      oh wow, click is my first fan club member and I have a fan club now

    56. Kristian Bjørn Jensen

      You are talking too fast, but any way: The subject was well treated.

    57. trebuchet

      10:10 Neil Gaiman! Wow, how cool

    58. Maerchenlaenderin

      oh gods, this is so funny XD

    59. Zhadow

      Carcinogenic is pronounced like car-sino-jen-ic

    60. clarie91

      My brain exploded just with that dumb question about English.... HOW ON EARTH CAN PEOPLE BE SO DUMB?!

    61. July Ol

      You know, I kinda get why USAans get confused with the names countries and cities and stuff. First they even kinda tried by adding stuff to the name, like"New Orleans" etc. But at some point they gave up and just kept using the names of existing places around the world. The sad thing is, those places in America probably had proper names, given to them by the native Americans living there. But also somehow South American countries manage to name their places uniquely, so there's really no excuse for naming a US city St. Petersburg or Paris...

    62. Maleine Perle

      I once got into a friendly debate about Australia. It was in a forum thread about "which continent are you from" and I said Australia is a country, not a continent. The OP said they would change it but other people told me "no Australia is a continent". I felt really confused, so I said "Australia is the big island country and Oceania is Australia, and New Zeeland, and the Philipines and plenty of small island together, isn't it?". But I still googled "is Australia a country or a continent", even if I felt really dumb doing so. And as it turns out, in some areas they use Oceania and in other Australia for the bunch of island countries. As a french speaker, the continent's name was Océanie and the translation was Oceania so I didn't expect this. But anyway, I edited my answer to say "nevermind, you guys are right" and happily discussed how unpractical that naming is with the others. I think that proves that even when you are sure to know The Truth (aka Australia is a country and Oceania is its continent), you should be able to question it. PS: grammar is nice but only if it's reminded nicely, sometimes autocorrect intervenes, people are in too much of a hurry or it's not their native language.

    63. IoDavide1

      Funny, but if you upload your video to normal speed instead of 2x, it could be more enjoyable

    64. A Big Mistake

      I don't wanna feel dum but i think i very dum

    65. brettski74

      The grape thing... There are a bunch of videos and articles on it. Microwaving a grape apparently produces plasma and arcing. Veritasium did a pretty good video on it a while back.

    66. Tina Morris

      TIL that balls aren't called drawers in Spanish. I always thought that was a weird bit of slang... But handcuffs are called wives, right? Please tell me I haven't been getting that one wrong too.

    67. Victoria Lovatt

      The word “buffoon” is just not used enough, so I thank you. I subscribe!

    68. Infinite_rain

      haha pleasantly surprised to see someone mention Georgia in a random video I clicked on IRvision

    69. Jacob Friedman

      Theirs so many of these where I'm thinking "I HOPE TO GOD THIS IS STAGED!"

    70. Sundaydish1

      They're were 2 nukes dropped. If you reply with "Its there not they're" before looking down take a long hard look at yourself.

    71. Hugh Gordon

      There are sooooo many stupid peeps in this world?


      Comment on the first episode of "Borgia", Its a rip off of the Assassins Creed, even the names are the same.!!!

    73. marionettekent

      carcinogenic is an adjective for substance that causes cancer. cancerous is an adjective for cells that are malignant in nature.

    74. Tikoblocks

      A lot of these feel more like a circle jerk, 4:12 like how are you going to find out that bad parents make gay people or that good parents make gay people? It's something that cant be determined so it shouldn't be there in the first place.

    75. Paul Field

      The COVID vaccines reduce the severity of the symptoms. They do not necessarily prevent infection or transmission. It may be the case, but research into this is ongoing. If you're going to mock people for being confidently incorrect, you'd better be thorough. Although you now have my comment and my engagement, so you win I guess.

    76. Hange Zoë

      1:35 damn clippy got called OUT

    77. Drax

      Dear intelligent Americans: Get the hell out of there so we can all nuke the 80% left behind

    78. Cherry

      I still can't get over the fact he looks like the cool dad you always wanted

    79. aiden schmitt

      I'm fairly certain there is only a few thousand people in America with a competence higher than a pet rock

    80. Mathew Kelly

      Sus has been a word and will remain a word in Australia forever

    81. HomoTriSapien

      7:50 Like "Vini Vidi Vici" ROFL Gears go up and down! 2 under 1 4 under 3 6 under 5

    82. Vexion

      These people make me feel less stupid

    83. Eilish McDonald

      I've watched one video from a month ago and now I have something to watch while I beat my head against leveling characters in two different versions of WoW. Yay!

    84. MidnightSt

      carcino-genic - causing cancer. example: feminism. cancerous - having the properties of cancer. example: feminism. now it should be clear to everyone. (13:23 case in point)

    85. MidnightSt

      Once i noticed how you're permanently poking the spitscreen with your nose... ...i can't focus my gaze on anything else anymore...

    86. MidnightSt

      funny thing about autocorrect - it's basically a markhov chain generator, meaning over time it "learns" the most common sequences of words YOU SPECIFICALLY type (on that specific device). So autocorrect suggesting the wrong thing just means... you've been typing that wrong thing often enough to teach it to the autocorrect.

    87. Corrupt Angel

      15:52 My brother managed to turn a potato into a lump of coal. Almost 10 years later and we still tease him about it 😆

    88. L C

      I am LIVING for that "sizzle!"

    89. JobDunnRight 19

      "American is my second language" This kinda makes sense when you think about it, same goes for us Aussies too let's be fair

    90. Kean Giledaks

      PSA. Carcinogenic means it promotes the development of cancer cells. Cancerous means it consists of cancer cells

    91. RetroRainer

      dude, I freaking love your stache.

    92. Lucifer

      i love the church of satan. and they seem to love roasting people to a crisp

    93. Lemonz1989

      Omg that Swedish accent shocked me! I had to look in your profile to see if you actually were Swedish... xD I thought you were American... :P

    94. Chaosmo

      As the saying goes "the ignorant claim to know everything, while the wise claim to know nothing."

    95. Robin- FakeASMR Must Be Stopped

      The anti-"sus" guy/girls justified.

    96. One Guy Named Ivan

      This guy is either a French guy or he's gay.

    97. Tonzzaah

      I would probably enjoy this dude reading pretty much anything from r/murderedbywords, but for now these vids have to do...

    98. Lars Erik Volden

      I feel in a bind. If I die and go to hell I am sure these people are waiting for me. On the other hand, if I go to church I'm pretty sure they're waiting for me there as well.

    99. Skadi

      I mean, for the guy 13 minutes in, he does have a point. Not chosing to do something isnt refusing it, refusing is when someone offers and you say no. However he then says "you can decline without refusing" which is like, not how synonyms work.. either way, I do agree with click about getting the vax for other people

    100. tom higgins

      “Are you more intelligent than the average person” I mean probability dictates no, with it being, you know, the average

      1. Jacob Friedman

        @tom higgins My point was that probability doesn't actually determine anything in real life; it's a tool used to find correlations and, eventually, causations. Everything that is is actually 100% definite; probability is a construct. Also, average is not most likely; that would be the mode, but that's really just nitpicking. I got what you were saying.

      2. tom higgins

        @Jacob Friedman look man, people find the average probability because it is the most likely to occur. My only point was that a person is more likely to be of average intelligence than extremely smart, and therefore, probability shows that, without any other variables, I am much more likely to be of average intelligence than overly smart or stupid

      3. Jacob Friedman

        @tom higgins Yeah, correlations tend to follow probabilities... I'm afraid you don't have as much of a point here as you think you do. It's like saying car crashes tend to involve people.

      4. tom higgins

        @Jacob Friedman yeah, but it’s a correlation that follows a probability, which was my original point that you argued with

      5. Jacob Friedman

        @tom higgins More or less, but that's still just correlation.