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    ► Original Thumbnail art by: Fleurfurr
    I promise I did not comission my fursona despite the theories

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    1. The Click

      I DID NOT ASK FOR THE THUMBNAIL ART I PROMISE check them out in desc tho. good artist

      1. Salem

        Sureeeeeee . . . LIES

      2. Toaster Dog

        @Gabe C. Nice character!

      3. Toaster Dog

        Just say you're a furry already

      4. WOW - ROBLOX

        @• Vee Bee • you just insulted every fan of the click, but you are prob correct with at least 70 percent

      5. SteveMatheus

        Its fleurfurr

    2. Hail_Storm

      "Im getting sucked into this fandom" WE ARE CONVERTING HIM

    3. Chron Red

      the click, with his own words =) - "we're all furries or furries in denial"

    4. Black Templar

      I was looking for WARHAMMER 40K memes and I found this. Heresy content. What the fu

    5. UberDragoon1432

      can't be a confession if everyone already knew.

    6. GrimFoxy

      There is this game called gorilla tag right, and everyone that plays it is a gorilla and have their own name, color and all of that, doesnt that make everyone in that game a furry?!?

    7. Deleted User

      Me: *waiting for The Click to confess about being a furry* The Click: *shows memes that are actually funny* Me: What was it I came here for again?

    8. Sebastian Butler II

      That voice is butter

    9. Kevin Infante

      Never mind I found it 15:26

    10. yrmumfat123number2

      Propel a protogen? You mean the next mars rover?

    11. James Der King

      Im satanist

    12. WarmMilk

      ahh yes, windows 95, the times when I would buy a computer game from stables and wait an age for it to download, and then open the game knowing full well there was a 50/50 chance it would even work, even though it was windows 95 compatible, but still loving it because it was all I knew.

    13. Sabin Lebel

      A furrsuit coasts 300 dollars canadian and that is NOT a lie

    14. David Forika

      Tactical Nuke Incoming!!!!

    15. Zephyr Strife

      I don't know why, but those Legoshi jokes really started to get me to laugh when my brain decided to get caught up with the joke.

    16. Zephyr Strife

      That anakin and padme meme should have gone: "I'm gonna change the world." "For the better, Right?" "Of course..." "You said that kind of ominously..."

    17. Hearter Mobs


    18. Nyoom Monster

      In two years you will look back at yourself and laugh because you have become a Furry

    19. toby hansen

      Shout out to all the furries that was here pre click being a furry

    20. TobiObito Furry PL


    21. Protovision

      The three headed wolf reminds me of the joke I made out of my weeb and furry genes, my inner demon, and my depression

    22. L0ud Sm0k3

      I think I turned into a furry cause of this wholesome bastard

    23. Adam M.

      Click: “think back to a couple years and see how much you grew.” Me: *came out as trans (ftm) and was poorly received, had a medical decline and almost failed my first semester as a sophomore (American education system) and barely slanted to pull myself to passing grades, have a worse off mental state that had been growing rapidly in the last few months, and can’t shake the feeling that I’m failing everything and everyone*….oh, and I improved on drawing and am dating the best person that I’ve ever met as if anything happens to them I will set the world on fire and make it into hell myself (yes I’m dramatic, but this is the first time I’ve dated and I’ve known them for far too long to not give them the world and more). But in further seriousness: I hope everyone who’s been having a bad time in life can work things out. I know stuff gets tough, trust me, but I know you can get through this. If I can get through it I know you can too. And for those who’ve had an okay life this far, and just wanted to read, thank you. Everyone please take a snack of your choosing on your way out (won’t be using emojis because I want people to be creative) and please, for the love of satan himself, stay hydrated! Your mental health is important above all else, so take some time to do what you enjoy and rest. Be selfish occasionally, you deserve it! Y’all are Royalty, treat yourselves like it, because everyone dropped this: 👑 x however many royals read this thing

    24. Sam The Fox

      click wants a baby fox? ima run

    25. Auston Berlemon

      Someone that I know thought I was a furry just closer something we would pass the classroom. Hehe. I have been recognised

    26. Teal Kerberus

      Click's first computer was built in the nineties. I feel old.

    27. Teal Kerberus

      I am so glad Cliccy hasn't sunk his teeth into the one fandom that did, on one occasion, spend six hours on a massive livestream watching paint dry. It was glorious and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

    28. alascow

      i feel so bad for your neighbors

    29. Jesse

      On a note related to the Beastars segment; NEW SEASON THIS JULY!

    30. jlk1337

      aight ima just quit life

    31. DJ Dragon

      16:07 He sounds more like some of the Alastor voice actors for Hazbin Hotel comic dubs.

    32. Indeedus Prime

      Jonah Scott is so precious

    33. Sad doot


    34. Magnet's Corner

      there is a protogen alternative and it is called a synth, they are basically unfurred protogen

    35. Foxy._.

      real furry society (sry i just need to): Top: Protos and Yeens Lower: Everyone Else

    36. Foxy._.

      11:45 i need to do that with chet.... i wanna see her reaction ÒwÓ

    37. Foxy._.

      7:50 someone stole my comment and he got all the credits for it and i was alone with my original comment.. TwT

    38. lil Demon

      Nothing but furrys 😐

    39. Wild Dog

      I'm going to eat so many sergal babies from now on.

    40. Gianni

      Lol it is impossible to watch all this furry content and not turn into a furry,the click is 100 percent a furry😏

    41. dagon

      I do to huh I do to BUT OT WILL GROW UP

    42. Liggliluff

      (10:30) Zoomers, as in zoo?

    43. TJPower

      You said you wanted a baby fox? They probably cost a lot, but I do know in some places you can legally own a fox

    44. Eric Cannady

      In DND there is actually a creature called a pseudodragom, they are basically dragons that are the size of cats, and are actually basically cats

    45. Amelie Warneck

      I like how people don't care that protogens can't reproduce and can't have children lol

    46. sussy baka

      3:45 me who played changed: *softly* dont

    47. Cody Mathews


    48. NoobMasterskills

      The first computer I had was a wii

    49. DEMSH00T3R

      Me: I’m not a furry... The internet: **Furry art, comics, Changed, etc.** Me: **starts sweating**

    50. Savannah steedley

      17:53 there are 2 types of "i cant draw": "I CaNt DrAw" And 💩

    51. M K

      Oh shit where did this flamethrower come from

    52. Moonbeam


    53. *MUTE *

      Can someone tell me who the artist is in 15:16

    54. Plague Doctor


    55. Victor Remon Quevedo

      i ascended from a scale of * face turns red * to hah, totally relatable dude

    56. The Bog 'Ole

      Not Cyberpunk but Detroit: Become Furry. ;) Great show, bro. Growing to love your stuff and wish I found your channel earlier.

    57. alascow

      "wholesome moment" *fucking dies*

    58. kyle lang

      Click you are a furry i promise it's okay you will be okay you're not going to furry hell your already there and it's okay no one is gonna hurt you might have a nice time

    59. PUPPERpUpPy Dog

      6:10 ... that... actually happened

    60. ghostedkilljoy Memelord

      🥺👉👈 I could probably sew a landshark plushie...

    61. Aubrey Thomson

      16:53……..HELLUVA BOSS

    62. Reit & Red Productions


    63. Esté Marco


    64. sam frost

      why do i think i'm going to regret this

    65. xThe Gundall

      5:56 to who ever made this: i will find you, and i will k*ll you... thx btw for ruinin‘ my favourite movie... ok you got me disregarding that it‘s the lion king the art is actually pretty mint👌🏻

    66. Haziq Iman

      The Click: My neighbours must be *nervous laughter* Jacksepticeye's neighbours: Yeah we've got worse than that

    67. Furry love ❤️ 🐺

      Click the

    68. Catina

      I took a test to see whether I'm a furry or not and it said I'm 100% furry so imma try to get a fur suit or at least some accessories


      5:59 does it make it better or worse when you realise that Scar is Simba's uncle

    70. Dale Breaux

      If you want to see what cat girls would look like in real life then watch the movie Cats. Then grab a funnel and a bottle of bleach to bleach the memories of that horrible movie out of your brain. The cat girls in the movie were also inaccurate. They were missing six extra boobas.

    71. Kennedy Bagwell

      ...I think im am slowly becoming a furry be cause of this channel

    72. e 621

      the best format

    73. AlphaOfCyber

      Protogen does not eat ram, Synths do.

    74. Sgrinwaipwr

      Hindus have Ganeesh who is kinda a furry; elephants are mammals and do have a bit of hair, a bit like humans do.

    75. superkappa8


    76. Miya

      heyyyy~ buddhists and hindus kinda haves furries :C lel

    77. Just Forgettable.

      "I hope you feel as great as you look" Me, who is super fucking ugly: *Oh boy, Click. I sure do.*

    78. SCP 999

      Top 10 reasons why furrys are stupid 1. Nothing 2. Nothing 3. Nothing 4. Nothing 5. Nothing 6. Nothing 7. Nothing 8. Nothing 9. Nothing 10. Nothing

      1. SCP 999

        Furrys are beautiful just the way they are

    79. Devan fortier

      Thanos : *Sees furries thriving* *grabs Infinity gauntlet with malicious intent* FINE ... ILL DO IT *M Y S E L F*

    80. Christopher Carey

      5:24 I call bullshit

    81. Cobalt27

      Not all dreams are nightmares but all nightmares are dreams.

    82. KnotFluffy

      click ur one of the things i turned into a furry because of- and i just wanna say thank you

    83. Labii Pie


    84. Future εpsilon

      Wtf are you saying? I'm no furry. I'm a problem

    85. Future εpsilon

      I am so tempted to go on this subreddit, post the anti-furry force meme video and see how fast I get banned

    86. TOCF

      Hey the click, as a full time verified furry if you want to look at pure furry culture that is SFW look at r/furry.

    87. wait somestuff

      The epik Puro cameo was in this video

    88. Zarphon

      The amount of times Click talks about landsharks makes me wonder: Is he aware of the vtuber Gura?

    89. Meeep Leeep

      That first protogen meme was beautiful-

    90. Protovision

      “Please do not bang the machines” Me knowing that crawlers are robots:*points shotgun* define “bang”.

    91. s7at1c

      Click you are the one responsible for making me a furry

    92. Ronn I

      Here me out, protogens but their faces are just flat computer screens

    93. Claire Travis

      That last one had me laughing too much tbh

    94. xXCalebrineXx

      1:40 THATS RELATABLE!!! *At the same time* YOU ARE LOOKING AT THIS!? *Slams hand into the screen and points while laughing*

    95. LIDL KING

      As the Germans use to say hans get ze flammenwerfer

    96. Taylor Miconi

      Click, i was BORN in 97 and my FIRST computer was a FLOPPY DISK one...yeah, i lived with my grandparents and theyre slow on the acceptance of tech

    97. Rogue One123

      What was the confession?

    98. Avi the Tiger

      The thumbnail is so cute eeeee

    99. Marshy Boi

      Feed their souls to the holy hellfire