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    1. Elisa Satge

      Wait, Padme died because she was sad?! I was young when I saw the movies so I don't remember them well but I always thought she died because Anakin strangled her with his powers before she gave birth to the twins.

    2. Rayne

      Click and I have the exact same energy, and I'm kind of concerned.

    3. peri elianna

      25:27 that is bo burnham. i-

    4. Joshua Iorio

      Blue footed booby

    5. Vortex

      "she femaled femininely"

    6. Mika Simmons

      Him: *makes eye contact with camera* Me: *gets social anxiety and looks away*

    7. Roboalexjohn Dat Boi


    8. The Cake Is On Fire

      til all women are named jessica

    9. I do what I want I'm Punk rock

      If anyone wants to watch the show about the strong girl it’s called « Strong woman Do Bong Soon »

    10. thesupersonicstig

      "She breasted boobily down the stairs."

    11. Robert Cline

      I wish the cliccy kitty did the yeeeaaaaaahhhh sound when you squeeze him. Also looking forward to getting it in the mail

    12. OriginalSparkstar

      most my partners turn out to by cheaters, in it for money, controlling af, or Yandere. So my perfect partner would be, someone willing to actually be a fucking partner and be their if and when I need support or comfort Idc about their looks their gender as long as the are a good person and a decent personality. YET THATS THE ONE FUCKING THING I CANT FIND!!! -sighs- and most the time the sex wasnt even that good.

    13. Rena Lin

      15:39 Trying not to wake up the whole house with my laughing Edit: No... it's the whole video, not just that time stamp

    14. RinkuChan333


    15. Thank You

      The one on the right also is somehow a woman in a post apocalyptic wasteland with perfect teach perfectly do e eyebrows, make up and little muscle tone when her weapon is a bow. That girl is worm food. The one on the left looks like a real woman without her makeup and they picked an angle they especially didnt like. Almost like women arent just one stepford wife cutout.

    16. Shota Aizawa Eraserhead

      As a young trans masculine nonbinary person, I would kill someone to look like you the Click😂

    17. Nick Giraudi

      25:27 I swear I see those same two people six times a day

    18. Chris Hess

      I always take erotic showers

    19. DɐǝD sᴉ sʎɹK

      “*I’m so deep and troubled.* I mutter to myself with an expression of pain, leaning my strong arm against the shower wall while the warm soothing water caresses my perfect manly body sexily.”

    20. MJ BerlinAWP

      Me: *puts headphones out to be polite and help if the man ask for directions/time/... * Man: *gives the speech in the post and ask for my name* Me: *puts headphones back in* The only thing the women did was say her name.

    21. Sarah Selbach

      OMG Mac and cheese and the wooden spoon!!! Guys!!!! It's the viiiiiineeeee🤣🤣 that person literally put a vine in text into his story🤣 anyone knowing what I'm talking about?😂😂

    22. Sarah Selbach

      Question is: did he really mean to write booba or just boobs with a typo🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    23. Hippocrass

      23:23 The worst part of this particular bit is that that isn't even remotely what Oedipus complex even means.

    24. Natan titelbaum

      18:51 that doesn't count this writer tells everything wrong about the human anatomy

    25. July Ol

      Recently heard a German comedians story about how a woman he wanted to sleep with put her full menstrual cup on the bedside table to somehow use the blood later. I'm pretty sure this guy has no idea how a menstrual cup looks and that there's no way for it to just stand upright.

    26. ¿1NV4L1D?

      I enjoyed the part when he said booba

    27. KvakkFan 08


    28. may Hand


    29. Maxwell Auel

      why does The Click look like a younger version of his younger self?!

    30. Morningstar System

      As someone who is neither competent nor confident, I also do not need to put others down. Of course, I'm also a trans girl, so that might be why. =P

    31. evil art fox

      Click: you don't put on a show when nobody is around Me home alone: *dances epically, sings terribly, argument with my pillow*

    32. Khadija Senghor

      Male authors: Boba tea? More like Booba tea I’ll leave now

    33. Jayton O'Brien

      There's dude you look like on tiktok... he bakes 19 century "stuff" and you remind me of him at in this video

    34. Dewani90

      I remember wanting to punch the writer or Redhood and the outlaws for making wholesome starfire into a horny slut (also because the whole thing was a trainwreck), she was Dick Grayson's wife for effs sake... unless this one is the town's bycicle Tamaranean who just happens to have the "starfire" title on this tale... it seems comic writers that go to extremes are the ones that ruined the comic industry... there are virtue signalers... and then there are horny baboons, none of them are right.

    35. Derek Chiazza

      Is there a womenwritingmen subreddit? That sounds hilarious to me for some reason

    36. LamsShipper 4Life

      "You don't put on a show if nobody's watching!" Me, a theater kid who who takes the opportunity of the solitude the shower provides to sing my favorite songs and do dramatic little dances:

    37. The13th Rose

      oh my god. that one example referenced the "that's what good pussy sounds like" vine

    38. Tashii Kun

      when i shower i sit on the floor and cry, I want to see that in an emotionally scarred man, not the "I'm so mysterious, hot and I'm leaning against the wall because of how emotionally and mentally broken I am" kinda crap >:C

    39. SkyLine Animations

      B o o b a chain

    40. Constant Chaos

      ... they realise that autists are the ones who invent shit right?

    41. Dragoneta Slayer

      7:48 I want to know the name so I can read it now Edit I found it myself every is called God Bless You by Meeraejoo. It reminds me a lot of This Girls a Little Wild

    42. ceicli se-i-sl-i

      I laughed so much! 😁 About the pens, in a hardware store I saw a garden shovel in half the size, labeled "lady shovel". Wtf?

    43. Professor Xangus

      3:50 hit me so hard for some reason that I dropped burning hot glue on my fingers. This was still a good video, but my fingers disagree

    44. Wobbly Headed Bonnie [But Things Didnt Get Better]

      I watch these for "writing men like menwritingwomen" segment

    45. Team Earth

      25:27 Bo Burnham?

    46. DepressedTaco 420

      "...noone is watching you..." good, he doesn't know

    47. xCastle

      5:43 how is a former CIA director that bad at lying?

    48. •Losgatosboi •

      B O O B A

    49. Mario Miletty

      18:48 ...that arm!

    50.  CantThinkGacha

      Within 13 seconds- he said something booby related 8 times-

    51. Dean Oh

      I always thought Padme died during childbirth? Honestly won't rewatch the movies to confirm tho lol

    52. Scareology

      And in this episode of the click he looks like a scumbag uncle; he's got the shirt and everything.

    53. Courtz Chan

      16:35 I've heard the same comparison from boys in my old secondary school, except instead of mac and cheese it was when they stood on wet mud

    54. Anita Nielsen

      I'm an "aUtIst" and I'm not a Modern Feminist, so f**k that random person!

    55. Manue&Bender marcachien

      Au tout début j’ai crus que tu parlais en français at the very beginning I thought you were speaking in French, I said replay the video 🤣😢🤣

    56. Konichinya!

      I’m pretty sure 21:34 is the plot of an... _anime_ I watched once.

    57. Peach Tea

      I dont know how to feel about having almost the same style and hair cut as click

    58. ZinTyPhoon

      I'm not deep, it just feels good when the warm rain from the shiny cloud goes splish splash on my noggin...

    59. Eric Coffey

      I want so bad to become a short story so I can go wild with bad anatomy - women's and men's alike!

    60. Funny Kat

      When I first saw this I thought it was some weird my story animated lol

    61. You Thought This Was a Comment But it Was Me DIO

      I am now finally able to near perfectly match the timing of my voice with the click’s voice at the beginning of the video

    62. Midnight

      Yo what's the webtoon from 7:38? About Shin Eun Hye? I'm curious, it sounds like an interesting read. Edit: A few seconds after posting this, I found that it is 'God Bless You' and can be found with a quick search (as long as you include the webtoon/novel part)

    63. スティアジェネビーブ

      *b o o b a*

    64. GothFox Gaming

      The comic is Oglaf. Good shit.

    65. Micah Simpson

      "Why would you perform if no one is watching?" Silly Click, here in America, the NSA is ALWAYS watching.

    66. Ree Fireparrot

      20:06 Are we sure this isn’t satire?

    67. Nightstorm Studios

      I have decided that I'm gonna be the author to royally f up male anatomy and refuse to stop I just have to come up with a story idea lol

    68. Cornelius Cheese

      1:42 I'm laughing so hard.

    69. Alison Meyer

      Comparing the sound to macaroni and cheese being stirred by a spoon says a lot about the author - bet that mac & cheese comes in a box and can be made in an electric kettle in mom's basement...

    70. Princess Doc

      5:40 That just freaks me out because when I have my breast forms on I fit that description perfectly. If someone was to look at me in a weird way after I go on a jog though, I am going to be completely horrified because I know that either a) they are a pervert or b) I am not passing and am having a panic attack because they might be a transphobe. Either way, it would be completely horrifying!

    71. Doggo


    72. Always DTF

      ok so are the book ones from porn books/erotic novels?

    73. Badmovieredemption

      Anyone else upset by what they did to Starfire in Red Hood and the Outlaws?

    74. Jessy Parker

      14:19 According to this, I am of Slavic origin.

    75. a1rh3add

      That quote about the "superior organ" is legitimately what Sigmond Freud believed.

    76. Just A Person

      He shaved but its weirdly attractive???

    77. Niobe Dragones¶∆°•~

      I find idiocy entertaining.:3. 💜

    78. Rebecca

      He had me at boobies

    79. Markus Strangl

      18:50 omg how many friggin' fingers does that woman have? ten on each side?

    80. Markus Strangl

      6:00 you could probably make a whole video series just about Oglaf's comics.. they are basically r/menwritingwomen and r/womenwritingmen and r/menwritingmen etc all rolled into a giant art project.

    81. potato head

      B O O B A

    82. Certainly11 Suspenseful22

      Did- Did he not get the vine reference?

    83. Łιłιτн Ңɑɱιłτσɳ

      Your background elevator music reminds me of The Sims build and buy mode music.

    84. TheFastSnake

      14:49 sauce? aka source?

    85. Alexis Bloodwood

      "How to talk to people with headphones on" Don't, please, some of us just want to be left alone in our own happy little universes of daydreams

    86. Lopitra

      5:17 It has a name. It's called high school of the Dead. You're welcome.

    87. Capadocia ash

      That ethnicity list looks like something people would have carried around when they went to slave markets

    88. Marley NC2004

      he keeps on poking the filter with his nose and I can't stop laughing its so wholesome in a way

    89. dimreaper 888

      the thing with paper is that they could of said "she died due to childbirth" or some other medical malady but nope she was just sad

    90. LittleEnd Dragon

      When you get an add that says "Love your breasts, we do" Was that 'Men making bra ads'? 😂

    91. Christer Toll

      "You don't put on a show when you shower alone". Always shower as if someone is watching... You never know, they might be!

    92. FF

      stop pls

    93. Ms. Black Fire

      24:30 Whoever wrote that is a complete idiot because she's already pretty cool made and looks like a real person. Actually looks creepy with some female model face it just makes it look creepy.

    94. Benjy Waterman

      The prophet mentioned nothing about the spouse being a woman, just saying

    95. Smaug Lord of Butter

      24:52 What's wrong with how Aloy looks! She looks normal!!!

    96. Himariya Belayneh

      Missed you 😭

    97. Justin Speir

      9:54 Na, I'm not much of a music fan but I can tell I don't like Ed Sheeran specifically because I detest the song 'shape of you' with all my being because of the lyrics, despite actually liking the tune a bit

    98. Grell

      6:47 Always act if you're in front of a camera, or if you have a stalker.

    99. Justin Speir

      6:36 when I'm deep and troubled in the shower, I crouch down and bury my face in my arm resting on my knees as I slowly use the other hand to raise the water temperature until I bother to stand up and suddenly the water is even hotter because as it falls to your crouching position it cools, but when you stand up, it has less time to give off heat before it reaches you. Or I run out of hot water and suddenly I'm cold

    100. Juno G

      First one literally sounds like Stephen King.