YahooAnswers - IS THIS REAL?

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    Thanks for watching!
    With yahooanswers shutting down soon, i figured we need to go on one last hoora through the one and only stop for sophisticated knowledge. r/yahooanswers

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    1. Louise Johnson

      That last one came at a bad time as I was just about to eat my imaginary scrambled eggs!

    2. WolfPackAlpha2025

      I cannot understand when he starts speaking fast… I love it

    3. Snake

      Ohh we call “laugh gas” mustard gas in America

    4. TheRenaissanceman65

      Maybe it's just as well Verizon deleted the entire site. Most of its users were apparently home-schooled or heavily mentally disturbed. The astronomy section was distressingly full of users who still thought "Uranus" was funny.

    5. Sprouts Gacha

      "the laugh gas" is called laughing gas :)

    6. Justa Friend

      8:35 Even his equipment wants him to stop the puns! 🤣

    7. ptrinch

      That last questions answers the question of why Yahoo answers was shut down.

    8. Alex Storr

      Completely missed the nuance of the weed comment. Oops

    9. Trickpants

      0:16 .. Man, did you not even realize your *other* great pun at the beginning? "Everything will align *in the end*"?

    10. Moonster Girl

      I love this man.

    11. Its 4 Mez

      15:47 ... LoL

    12. cathuman

      he says inhaling smoke won't "DRASTICALLY change your heritage," almost as though there were some off chance it might. but only a little! xD

    13. DatCat Sister

      I think they were trying to say organism Micheal Afton: **Flashbacks of getting his organs scooped out**

    14. Annelise Zeender

      That is one mighty fine moustache good sir.

    15. Zombie Doggie

      Last one: *Instead of sexy vampire of her dreams, Boyfriend comes in looking like Nosferatu*

    16. Youneverseeanoldmaneatingatwix KD

      Just discovered your channel today and it's wonderful and painful at the same time 😂 I can't stop watching your videos now.

    17. Youneverseeanoldmaneatingatwix KD

      Of course Ken B was joking lol that was a classic British answer to a stupid question 😂

    18. Fae Florek

      We call it laughing gas. Lol pretty close to the same thing you do.

    19. CozyJoe60

      Oh no that last one 🤮🤮🤮

    20. Kakonote Ouji

      Last post "Noah get the boat."

    21. JaqueDark

      There is not enough bleach in the world to get rid of that last question from my brain.

    22. Stoob

      'laughing gas'

    23. Andi

      The only blue frogs that i know are highly toxic..

    24. Steve W

      Yahoo Answers shutting down is such a loss for top rated troll material.

    25. Nihtgenga Lastnamegoeshere

      That girl who wanted to hide the fact that she poops from her BF should have just used a poop plug.

    26. GreatPandaXD

      Idea the click should make a second channel called the touch

    27. Joysiifly

      Someone kill the person asking the last question with fire.... O.O

    28. eletvizviz

      Eggs do not exist

    29. Haunted

      Oh no.

    30. sans the skelepun

      That was sanational click, seal of approval

    31. Lordoftheapes79

      Fart jokes are always funny, until they're not, then after a little time has passed they're funny again.

    32. ileee1

      12:56 I have so many questions abaut this question...

    33. Rico Valentin

      Third video I have seen so far... I think, I love you! 🥰

    34. Soyboy7


    35. Yuri Plisetsky

      "Can a spider own a gun" I mean, if Angel Dust can, then yes.

    36. Victor

      She does what

    37. em chaffer

      These are fab, your (not you're) voice/accent makes them funnier, nitrous oxide is is laughing has or nitrous (say it nitruss) in the UK x

    38. Drag0n Draws

      that was a very good pun in the begging of this vid

    39. Andrij Evans

      The smoking weed and turning Japanese is from the Cheech and Chong movie Up in Smoke. It's not about ethnicity, just as Turning Japanese by The Vapors isn't.

    40. Lith Maethor

      I really hope the vampire one is fake...

    41. Jason Doss

      I've been blankly staring at the next video screen at the end of the video for the past 10 minutes trying to contemplate that thing I heard about vampires...

    42. Hack #

      "Are russian people white" no they are red

    43. TheComputec

      "Laugh Gas" is Nitrous Oxide

    44. A Bit of Everything

      The kid who pretended to be gay and had it get back to his parents, lol. When he tried to walk it back, you just know there were people "You don't have to deny it anymore, we accept you as you are", including his parents who, in an attempt to show their son how cool they are with it, spend the rest of his life trying to set him up with other guys.

    45. Mark Wolkove

      Your videos are always fun but hearing someone talk about gas, in German, made me a little boy uncomfortable.

    46. WearyDust

      First name Rob last name Ber

    47. Blue

      Well there's 18 mins. and 33 seconds I'll never get back. It would, no doubt, have been better spent staring at a blank wall while contemplating all the shades that white comes in.

    48. Charlie boy

      How did someone manage to get into college whilst actually believing that only male humans defecate?

    49. sassytorchic47

      That last question is perhaps the worst most ewwest stupid question i have ever heard in my 29 years of life! oh my frecking god! 😱

    50. The_Black_Ghost

      1:30 yeah that’s actually a thing where I live they actually exist :(

    51. Teal Kerberus

      The person asking about Eminem's genitalia is probably a fanfic writer. Yes, some people do write to the level of detail that they *need to know* whether the person their character is based on is circumcised or no.

    52. Master Melee

      i could have goon my entire lifetime without that last one. I could have lived a good life, i am now dirty and I need to be cleanse by the flames of annihilation

    53. December Messenger

      11:17 Click... Those are bagel bites

    54. Limed Red

      I think every single pun he makes hurts me until I laugh so I have to come back for more. Its like stock holm syndrome.

    55. Just Alyssa

      Is it possible to return to when I didn’t know about that last story? It was bloody awful

    56. Alec Fane

      Don't get your dog drunk, get your cat high instead. Seeing them wobble is funny af.

    57. lydia babb

      There's a vibrator nicknamed a frog or froggy. I think that's why he had to be specific. They are usually blue, green, and pink.

    58. YRO

      Note to self: NEVER date a Twilight fan.

    59. DragonRider6566

      3:13, getting serious here, if you mean Caucasian by white, then no, they are Asian.

    60. Drax

      So glad I'm eating as he reads the last post.

    61. Lye the Honest

      someone get cliccy wiccy some pizza bagels

    62. [redacted]

      the click has had 92,807,164 more views in total than people in my country. that’s depressing

    63. Kai Park

      To the guy that has been horribly violated by a crazy girl claming to be your vampire girlfrend... RUN!

    64. ConrailFan76

      Can I punch the guy who thinks that everyone thinks farts are funny?

      1. Mizuki

        Please do

    65. Skelly The Dev

      3:27 I'll put that on a to-do list

    66. Pyroteam Franken Junior

      7:45 because I am cursed

    67. Pyroteam Franken Junior

      4:20 N2O?

    68. Alice Bradley

      That last post. Dude. Run. Run as far as you can.

    69. Dxs4all

      Was that "help I can't stop building shelves" ask made in response to the "help I can't stop building shelves" google autofill, or was this ask the origin of that?

    70. Nate Lhyve

      3:20 Angel Dust.

    71. Quilly Gacha

      Luftgas is airgas on English I believe. Not completely sure

    72. Ian Does Gaming

      I keep coming back to this channel because it makes me feel better about myself when it is focused on you and on r/insaneparents it makes me feel better from how much worse my life could be.

    73. DENK!

      Actually, it's not called laugh gas, it's called crack but evolved. You're welcome.

    74. Amphibax

      Yahoo Answers is probaly the reason why Aliens haven't contacted us yet

    75. plainly a brick

      wtf was that last one

    76. Jur

      A spider can actually own a gun, tommy gun to be exact

    77. I Exist

      5:01 I've seen this all over the place. Their most likely making it as a joke inspired by seing it somewhere else.

    78. LoafCat

      Click in the thumbnail: Now that’s some good sales

    79. Samantha Pateman

      I feel sick now....thanks

    80. Gustav Gnöttgen

      There is that gunslinging spider in the An American Tail sequel. Can't find a clip though.

    81. Gravity Falls fan

      Click: why do you keep coming back to the channel? I come back because there's a funny Swedish man with a fire moustache making me laugh when im stressed about school

    82. Savannah Wike

      You want a spider with guns look up Angel dust from Hazbin Hotel

    83. Julie Elley

      the last one scared me

    84. Kitty Khaos

      Excuse me good sir, but did you not say at the end of your dog beer story that the dog fell asleep? Seems like an affective method to me, lolz

    85. MDB Something random

      Can you please do a reaction video to videos of drunk animals, suck as squirrels and elephants (Fun fact, elephants will purposely collect old fruit that has fermented to get drunk)

    86. Connor's Corner

      Oh god that last one 😓

    87. M'ria

      Click: "why do you keep coming back to this channel?" Me: "Cause you're funny and cute."

    88. BV The Balkan Anarchist Mapper

      I love how happy he acted to his unintentional pun. It's even kinda wholesome, considering this is The Click we're talking about here.

    89. Wolfy Rides

      5:55 You need to shelve those puns

    90. Nissy William

      I thought the Moose were fermented and that made them angry... Yay quarantine I guess

    91. pengwin

      Im sorry click did you just call pizza bagels cookies

    92. NintAndrew Gaming

      Aren't blue frogs...POISONOUS!?

    93. john OLEX

      10:12 how did we even get here

    94. Korekiyo Shinguji

      I want to buy a pre-made seesaw (NOT FOR SEXUAL REASONS,) can anyone help me?

    95. Elie Nader


    96. ladyvoldything

      the atheist one is a good question though.

    97. The S.K.eletonHunter

      The Click, may I introduce VivziePop’s Hazbin Hotel staring a sassy, dangerous and (as many claim, but I have arachnophobia) sexy spider gangster known only as Angel Dust who dual wields Tommy guns and cracks eggs like skulls! Warning: NOT-UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES-For Children!

    98. FluffyDaHuskyFox

      I guess I’m green

    99. Lawsonomy

      4:24 Common Name: Laphing Gas Scientific Name: Nitrous Oxide Chemical Formula: N²O

    100. Airel_456 XL

      If a women screws a dolphin and gets pregnant. Would the baby be half dolphin? Or would it just be a dolphin with human features? I'm curious cause some lady was a journalist and was trying to trains dolphin to be human the dolphin ended up screwing the lady and after the lady was fired for that the dolphin murdered itself