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    1. Dazz In a HAT YT

      I think your videos evolved backwards

      1. LOOKitsDApotato

        @Joaquín Dubini devolve, evolve there both still are evolving in a way

      2. WatahMelonn

        at least it’s not evolving forwards. Because it would turn into a crab.

      3. Frosty

        Just like the human race

      4. [REDACTED]

        They did. No question.

      5. Dazz In a HAT YT

        @Gunanter sure

    2. DOOM Ops

      14:50 that's "The problem" not "your problem"

    3. girlthatgamer games

      Get your guns ready we hunting

    4. Indeedus Prime

      Click looks like the perfect dad in the beginning

    5. Austyn Nelson

      "This just reminded he that female hyenas do have a penis, it's called a pseudo-penis. It's used for mounting and child birth. Unfortunately it has a possibility of tearing and infection

    6. Jack Waiksnis

      No, take the offensive shit seriously

    7. Jupiter

      As much as I hate my old drawings, i keep them not just to see progress, but also to show others how much I’ve grown in just the span of about 5 years. If you are reading this and you draw, but you don’t like your art, just know you will get better with time. You’ll grow to like your stuff (except for when everything you make is really good but you hate it bc of you being your worst critique) but still, it will happen eventually.

    8. Animal Lover

      I'm a 11 years old child

    9. Chicken Nuggies

      I got here faster then my dad left me

    10. Milo The Bat

      2:09 Changed out if context XD poor puro

    11. My

      Ayyy my friend pointed out on 11:45 is my art hahaha idk it's on there but thanks HAHAHA

    12. Owen Foy

      Hey click. Your now a furry. You should get a fursona.

    13. Alex The SeaWing

      I'm scared that the plushes are many, many, many voodoo dolls.

    14. Evelyn Combs

      Damn that one part where he was very serious that really hit me anyway back to the video

    15. FlyingheartsØ

      Why- just why was there wings of fire, and Quibli dose not like winter- they both like moonwatcher

    16. { unknown weirdo ¿ }

      Not my teacher having this poster in our classroom 16:36 😃

    17. The Invinsible Camera Man

      God has abondon us...

    18. Xmber._clxudii

      Er du norsk

    19. Liampleurodon

      Every 60 seconds in the furry fandom a minute passes. That’s it. That’s the joke, keep scrolling you delightful, beautiful, talented gem

    20. Qibli

      In regards to the drawing it’s evolving just backwards

    21. TheWilderCat

      13:21 I too animate. This is 100% true.

    22. TheWilderCat

      4:08 I forgot Clicky was colorblind for a second and was very confused. (Yes it's the right color btw.)

    23. Jedi dyl

      click it is beautiful

    24. The Alchemist


    25. Sir Wabutan VX

      Click. 7 1/2?! I do believe the proper answer is 14 if we're talking just werewolf x human scenarios.

    26. Toxik

      Ya, I wouldn’t be licking my paws

    27. deku

      I think your videos are very funny

    28. DraconiusDragora

      The Click: "I am not a furry!" Has a furry plush, watch furry art, jokes about furries. Soon he will have a fursuit, a spankpaddle, a collection of wholesome foxes, a Protogen A.I on the computer. And then he will make jokes and fun out of furries more.

    29. Birk Helander Jensen

      A youtuber named aphmu sells the buger cat and other

    30. Pidgo

      Mmmmm knots

    31. Kuzzen Feral Ferret

      I love my mustache... And the accompanying beard 😏

    32. Advanced Symbiosis

      'if i ever invent an automatic machine that's gonna be a machine that does this automatically' *hm yes the floor here is made out of floor*

    33. nope no

      Just had a breakdown over school and then this showed up in my recommendations. Idk if this is meant as a sign or not but I'm worried.

    34. Matt Wii Sports

      7:46 *if you have a fursuit never do this do your dog OR ANY OOFING DOG*

    35. shadowfang YT

      whats the name of the species of furry that are black but look like they have skulls for a face and there most commen with tf transformations????????

    36. Luna The Kitsune

      I want you to draw my fursona... XD

    37. Scott Mann

      Furry 100.

    38. thefallenprince99

      9:30 I’ve tried audiobooks, and I have a similar problem. I always zone out and think about something else while the guy is talking and I only realize it when the major plot twist is revealed and I missed half the buildup thinking about video games and shit.

    39. Jcewazhere

      Back when I played WoW I would always have a bowl of dragonbreath chili before tanking. Tons of fun when my bear would start spittin fire on the mobs. Been on the Wowcrack wagon a few years now, but it hasn't been easy. Also: Algorithm the for comment.

    40. Olivia Smilson

      Who here know who the dragons were? The yellow and blue ones, I’m not asking for help I just want to see who else knows.

    41. Aveltili

      13:53 what was the name of this comic again? Trying to settle an argument lol

    42. teletubby queen

      wonder how GLaDOS feels about that 4:19

    43. The Star Nerd


    44. LuizFlavio GAMES


    45. AdrianO

      15:52 WOEAMEN

    46. Chaotic Idiot

      Winter x Qibli is still a thing, i see

    47. Conner Bell

      You think your gen is doomed, may I present, gen z we are waaayyy more cursed

    48. Nitro The Dingo

      One of the best thumbnails I have seen

    49. Mr,Carterカーターさん

      That is good art click

    50. Protovision

      Non-furrys:roasts a bunch of furrys and punches a proto Me*takes out binary rifle*TRY ME.

    51. Qibli


    52. Abbigail Vore

      My last name being vore

    53. ThatAnnoying Rat


    54. BurntToast !


    55. Somebody Likes Bacon

      14:13 Make it a wolf bf and I'll reconsider the _c h e e s e_

    56. Dolam Skudoiski


    57. phonvoli ormogwey

      Audiobooks are worse for me, because when reading the blackout until the end of the page happens not very often, but when listening to an audiobook - I'll be blacked out for at least 40% of the entire time listening, so... it's worse, far far worse.

    58. just a big Sans eye

      3:47 fluke pog fluke pog I am not sorry

    59. Kaylee Smith

      *realises i'm a gamer and a furry* w h a t

    60. Calisto6

      Fluke should be the new pog champ

    61. Random Furry

      With portals, I would test the theory of putting the bottom of a room tall pole into the bottom portal, align it with the top of the pole, and fuse the bottom with the top, and drop it.

    62. Connor's Corner

      That was actually a cute drawing

    63. Asian Oofer

      No one's gonna talk about the Changed meme? Maybe we should get Click to play it-

    64. adam best

      Yo that art kinda neat *practise always* -no

    65. - Starmaca257 -

      Werewolf: *transform* Normal people: oh no, a werewolf, run! *keeps screaming without moving because horror movie logic* Furrys: hey little dog, this position is called "42", yo put on 4 and me on 2.

    66. -Sapphire Moon -

      Look at this old man.

    67. soldier's little sis named nova

      2:11-2:18 Lin: * being stupid * Puro: human why Dr.k watching this on the cams (probably): wut the fu-

    68. waterboy

      C H A N G E D

    69. Leone Abbacchio

      7:29 Pathetic

      1. Leone Abbacchio

        13:54 Read the Gd books

    70. Jevil Cina

      give me your moustache

    71. QueenShadow

      u soooo beatiful owo

    72. Skularx

      I saw a Synth, I am happy

    73. Zanodia

      4:18 Just bend your leg up to your face, you don't need a portal gun.

    74. ÇhêësēгSöōt


    75. The Rascal King

      A bit tardy to the party, but at 6 minutes in click is being wholesome! Even if he is a closet furry. That would explain why OT is grumpy....

    76. TTVFirewolf 9000

      can someone please explane what the reference with the knot and rope is PWEASE

      1. Oliver Rose

        I’m scared to know tbh

    77. Not pudding

      First time watching this channel and this guy's kinda cute I think I might be gay lol

      1. Oliver Rose

        Haha welcome

    78. Jules Crowley

      Wait... Was that one about the werewolf and the guy smoking a panel from John Constantine? Knowing him, he probably would get with a werewolf given a good opportunity.

    79. cal h

      The click referred to the scaly community as ‘we’ possible dragon persona? 🤔

    80. LordMuffin LP

      6:44 that was once my discord profile picture .-.

    81. 0_.Osaka. Offical._0

      Am I the only one quo can see an obey me poster or am I trippin 🤠

    82. Shadow the Restorer

      Bro I have a feeling you are going to turn into a furry if you don't stop watching Furry memes

    83. Eadragonixius

      “It is time to commit mass genocide”- a normal man that was to scarred after witnessing the horrors of the furries

    84. hey sup be happy

      Honestly I think people should stop typing UwU, and type ^w^ instead

    85. Moth-ma


      1. Oliver Rose


    86. Irene Volenick


    87. Tehilla Siboni

      I just.. I can't... I love the Click so much!

    88. DANIEL Lopez

      I still think he is a furry just like the oddoneout.

    89. SUDA pop

      So ur a furry?

    90. Panzer _YT

      2:20 Lowkey thought they made SCP 049 into a furry bc of the transfurr thing but then I rememberd that that is a comic for a game (and might I add that it looks entertaining as h311, Not for myself but to watch other people rage at not getting past a part) Also 14:40 As someone who lives in michigan, This triggers me

    91. DocMagma

      bro you draw way better than me

    92. MaxPSVR

      Errr. I think the fact that the camera could not focus on your drawing might say something. Just not Sure what

    93. BloodyAssault

      16:56 FBI stands for Furry Beans United

    94. Comet AC

      Wait... Why are characters from a book I read as a child on this subreddit... Qibli.. Winter... What have they done to you? *I am conflicted please help me*

    95. legend

      What are you doing step book

    96. FloofyMoth KingYT

      Me: the Noodles cost 1Bil each

    97. Dervadveir Zundluni

      14:14 id choose the werewolf gf, and i LOVE cheese, so don’t act like you non asexuals wouldn’t jump at the chance for a werewolf gf

      1. Dervadveir Zundluni

        And the asexuals, idk, you can choose and i wouldn’t be surprised either way


      he dose the suffering for use

    99. Oh, scheiße

      I Fear No Man, But THAT Thing... *shows furry photo* It SCARES Me.

    100. escala 85

      11:00 i crown this dad joke as the most powerfull one click has ever put out