Minecraft Hardcore - but it's ONLY OCEAN

The Click

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    1. The Click

      I cut out the intro screen and some ranting in the beginning only relevant to when it was live. So you dont have to click around so much, the game will start pretty much right away

      1. Kirby Griffin

        thanks dude I appreciate that

      2. Lilac

        Thank you 💞

      3. TheGreenHusky

        Click, just to clarify, a few minutes into the stream you did say something about Odin Wolf? (cant remember what) is my hearing correct or did my brain fool me? because I personally think it would be awesome for you two to do a collab.

      4. Siegfried

        i really love your voice man also you have really good content and i was like pretty early a sub of you like when you hadnt had this many Subs

      5. Suggmadong Lmao

        The MadLad hearted his own comment

    2. no buano

      bruh I wake up and I'm 2 hours into this :|

    3. Kirby Griffin

      this is great and super entertaining thanks dude

    4. Candace Luo

      for some reason I thought of corpse husband when he made his voice really deep at 19:37

    5. M&V do art

      Wait the click is a furry and a gamer?

    6. Teal Kerberus

      Who else here has watched Cliccy's flirtations with Steve? Hi Steve!

    7. Teal Kerberus

      52:20 Ash says you need a new hobby. But isn't that what flirting with Topic is?

    8. V The Trap

      i fell asleep while watching youtube and i always wake up to your videos

    9. Teal Kerberus

      850 people watched the stream ... 46,887 people have watched since. Also, my son introduced me to your music and you're now on my Spotify playlist, but it'd be really cool if you could post the owo song on Spotify too.

    10. Ethribin

      Quick thing about Zombies. If the hold or wear something, they dont despawn! Same goes for Zombie villagers!. You can keep a trapped Zombie villager that way, by giving him an iten to hold orarmour to wear.

    11. xXmustard_boiXx

      So this is Waterworld? (The movie is on Netflix USA)

    12. luna gaming and gacha

      did anyone see the mustash and think dr robotclick

    13. Kristina Erhardsson

      I clicked like when singing at sunrise TheClick starts his version of nants ingonyama bagithi baba (mahz emeya nami meep bava kayum baiya'?). _holds dolphin up to the sun_

    14. CoffeeBeanz

      27:00 how the click got his name

    15. hunty12we

      pineapple on pizza?! no you put grilled pineapple on pizza or even better pizza on grilled pineapple

    16. DragonThe Hydra


    17. Equanox Dragon

      Omg the pure fear in his eyes when he put in that music disc when he was expecting some tunes and got a horror sound track instead XD

      1. Noémie D.A

        @Equanox Dragon why is it so true-?

      2. Equanox Dragon

        The audio of the disc is just Click running away from mobs in fear

    18. FinalStrife423

      How did you get this map? I'm looking to do an ocean survival and have been trying for so long to find a good one

      1. Ray Jones

        @The Click I was having trouble figuring out how to make a world like that thanks for responding(even though it wasn't my comment) cause I really didn't know what to do

      2. The Click

        it’s just a world render setting! if you go to world options you have stuff like flatland, amplified and single-biome. select single biome and select ocean

    19. TH 2005

      Us: Click can we have Subnautica? Click: we have Subnautica at home Subnautica at home:

    20. femboyfurry _.lolv2

      "can i fist the fish" Thats not something you can just say click

    21. WingThings

      Always remember that you have us, we love you, we care about you, and we support you. Even when it seems like everything is going wrong or it seems slow. We will always be here for you and we will always be here to listen and support you. You are doing something great Click.

    22. Evelynn Sylpheaux

      Libraries in Strongholds have lots of books! Either from the bookshelves or sometimes in chests (I think)

    23. Evelynn Sylpheaux

      Click: The mending pants that I'll have forever, or until I die in five minutes Click three minutes later: *dies from Drowned Trident*

    24. Ashton Engle

      1:50 boyfriend be like

    25. Pumpkin Queen

      He built faster than a fortnight preteen

    26. Bailey boo


    27. Predator Yautja

      Welcome to 4546b

    28. Qbs Inc

      Swedish gang rise up!

    29. Qbs Inc

      I was going to skip this video but then I saw that it was the click

    30. Lucy Brimstone

      1:10:15 death #1 1:30:05 death #2

    31. Esupton

      Ofcourse, from all the discs, click had to get one of the cursed ones

    32. Goose God

      I definitely liked the dnd vid. Would definitely enjoy more content like that (:

    33. shi _

      Ozza sqtratching

    34. Spaghetti soup

      No one: Absoulutley no one: The click's avatar: T h u m b

    35. Nintendo switch KAI

      Hello I’m sad and I don’t know why how are you

    36. Real RedSheep

      gooday mate

    37. George Lucas

      What was the seed you used

      1. Samuel Paquin


      2. Samuel Paquin

        Its not a seed its a minecraft generation but modified to have juste one biome you can see him create a world earlier in this vid hope it helps :)

    38. Not_LostYT

      I watched this yesterday and I fell asleep, I didn't notice the red bar, so I thought he cheated. How did I not notice that?

    39. TheGreenHusky

      YOU WORK WITH ODIN WOLF?! HOLY SH** MAN NICE! Y’all should do a collab video

      1. TheGreenHusky

        @CaliicoCam yeah! did u not hear Click say Odin's name?

      2. CaliicoCam

        WOAH REALLY?? omg thats amazing

    40. dono2000

      I can already see One Topic's face when he said: There's my boyfriend in chat right now around 18:30. That disapproving-but-still-wholesome frowning face lol

    41. Dalob

      Pretty stupid question but (maybe that justifies it a bit) I've just found you (very soothing voice btw) and OT recently is that BF thing true (pure curiosity btw)?

      1. Kirby Griffin

        yea its a joke but Mr. Click gets into it

      2. Dalob

        @Samuel Paquin Ah ok thanks for the Answer

      3. Samuel Paquin

        No its a running joke between them and it kinda started by the fan base of both of them. If im wrong feel free to correct me

    42. Cloudman

      It's been so long since you made a gaming video/stream :D

    43. Матео Ангелов

      Wow it’s time for som- wait is that the click plAYING MINECRA-

      1. Матео Ангелов

        I didn’t know he played minecraft

    44. Stealthily Anonymous

      Oh God Click, don't play hardcore with shaders! 1st rule of Minecraft, according to Philza Minecraft, creator of Minecraft: light everything up and don't use shaders!

    45. Croci Deer


    46. Jonathan Strunkeit

      Yo click, if you like this, you might like subnautica below zero. Its brand new. Came out today.

    47. Vanilla Marshmallo

      I watched the stream live from the beginning. In the middle of the 1st world I went to go make food and when I came back he was starting the 3rd. All I made was a sandwich 😂

    48. Hey Diddle Diddle Gal

      Just casually being allergic to pineapple over here XD

    49. Battlesny

      Watching you run terrifiedly from skeletons and/or spiders is the highlight of my day 😈

    50. yamato

      Click the best part about streaming is to see different currencies come in............me: so the best part of streaming is money......that you need to be funny have cariama to become popular inn order to earn. well fek this potato don’t stand a chance

    51. Brian Artis


    52. blooper of a human

      Every time i see click resurfacing that fast i think of steve getting the bends..

    53. Mark Reaves

      Modded Minecraft is where it's at. My current modpack is about 180 mods. I am still tweaking it as I play it and find things that are either too easy or too hard. Vanilla Minecraft is pretty boring.

      1. Mark Reaves

        @LazoGT To each their own. For me, I am not satisfied with the few vanilla biomes. So, my modpack includes terraforged and biomes o plenty which together create amazing worlds to explore. For flight, I use the jetpacks included in Mekanism. I also have mods to change how caves are generated so they are vast and unique and fun to explore.

      2. LazoGT

        I disagree, i think that vanilla minecraft is very fun and not complicated (until you make flying machines or complicated farms i guess), and it gets really fun after you beat the ender dragon and get the elytra, because you can travel to tons of rare biomes, build a lot of cool farms, come up projects and actually build them. but we all have an opinion, and i respect yours

    54. Battlesny

      Minecraft was made by Flat Earthers!!!

    55. Ikea Enderman


    56. Mystical Wolf Lover Studios

      Does anyone know what shader mod pack that is and its platforms? Its so pretty

      1. Kirby Griffin

        Its called Optifine and it works on Java and but I don't think bedrock but it might

      2. Kirby Griffin

        I belive its called optifine

      3. ShowMeLoveFilms

        OOF I used to know the name of that shader but it's been a minute. But I can guarantee you it's the most popular or one of the most popular ones. Search "realistic shader" on the Minecraft areas of the internet.

    57. Madara Uchiha

      Be my father

    58. Dollar store Furry


    59. Stolas Sklar

      For anyone that didnt get to watch the stream he starts at 5:00 ☺ And starts playing at around 9:14 if you dont want to hear him ramble

      1. Polk - E - Dot

        I mean fair but I kinda wanna hear him ramble ngl

      2. That dumb kid

        Thank uuu :)

      3. Adam El Assaly

        Not the hero we want ..... but the hero we need

      4. MidHeroZero10

        Thank you

      5. Aleya RB

        Thank you :)

    60. 1234 Galaxy

      You have chosen suffering

    61. Ceili lasagna

      The click is my fursona

    62. Thomas Peterson

      Starts at 5:00

    63. Snake in the microwave

      Going to dress rehearsal 😣😣😣

    64. Maxwell Busse

      I was playing minecraft whilst watching this and the creeper scare the hell out of me

    65. GothBoy UK

      I watched this live and IRvision informed me about the stream just now, about an hour later, despite saying it just ended. 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️

    66. Lucid

      Creeper in a boat :0

    67. ThisIsAName YouDon'tLike

      furry man

    68. TotallyNotVods

      That’s was nice!

    69. Why ice

      0:00 1080p ultra hd quality

    70. Powpowman 18


    71. Gustav Gnöttgen

      I hate it when I watch a stream and the waiting screen is up and I wait and I wait and wait until I remember that it's a regular video. And then I don't want to skip until it starts so I can watch without messing up the intro.

    72. Mathtron 5000

      It's all just wet

    73. Leo spc

      I was just getting some ice cream and when I came back the stream was over😭

    74. Ayda Mull

      Me is late Ree

    75. IceDewd

      Ocean go BRRT


        @Jonathan Strunkeit so true

      2. Jonathan Strunkeit

        Subnautica in a nutshell

    76. Salim519

      man shut yo stupid ass

    77. Joshua Rowan