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    similar style of botched works as found in r/badwomensanatomy or r/nothowgirlswork



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    1. Dragonbleps

      6:15 okay but...... im extremely concerned by "found the entrance to her clitoris" There's no entrance!!!!!! you are STABBING her, please cease

    2. ceicli se-i-sl-i

      Too many men still thinks that it means arousment when (a womans) nipples gets pointy. They should check their own when it's cold, or warm, or a t-shirts moves over them...

    3. Paloma Reynoso

      9:08 ok but I want mn to scream in horror when I walk into the room so great

    4. PP 69

      i looked her up and Eleanor Roosevelt wasn't even ugly, it's just her not meeting horny, wife beating, author's standards

    5. TechieAuto

      People remember, consent is sexy!

    6. NarrowCurve

      Hold on, was that Chewbacca at the start?

    7. Jadan Velasquez Mejia

      I can confirm, there are people that would like to change aspects of their body appearance of structure. Is not even uncommon.

    8. Jeepers Creepers

      I'm pretty sure I've read the book series about the Deliverer. The story idea is great but each time women are brought up it just turns into a massive "WTF"

    9. Jandy V

      18 inch sind umgerechnet ca. 45 cm....... dude dein Freund da unten ist niemals natürlich so lang geworden...... seit doch etwas realistisch!

    10. 6footunder34

      "I AN"

    11. Pixelschubser2

      11:14 is the best! I laughed so hard 👌😂

    12. Shareé

      It's not what he's saying (ok it kinda is) it's how he delivers it.

    13. ADamDovah 3094

      *Me not aware my speaker is connected to my laptop* *weird groan* Me: oH sHiT Click: *bam* DONT YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT MY P P My Father: No I don’t. My Mother: WhAt

    14. Michelle Young

      If that's what he thinks is "high level English," what in world does he consider low level English?

    15. Michelle Young

      OMG, that one "story"! I don't know what's worse: The nipples that growl and look at you, or a man "finding the entrance to her clitoris." Oh, and bragging that he's had sex with at last 2 women before this. At least 2. So, he's having trouble counting to three. Well, yeah, that's not surprising, considering everything else that's wrong here.

      1. Starkiller1289

        This is next level body horror.

    16. Jade Fowler

      I gotta stop watching everyone's reddit-reaction videos to men-write-women. They're gonna give me cancer from all the toxicity, lol. (Not the videos, the terrible writing and scenarios.)

    17. I'm Knitting A Hat

      That's why being an artist and character designer whilst also being demi-sexual is a perk. I don't just find my characters attractive without them having a good personality.

    18. - __StarStruck__ -

      *I haven't slept in two days, gimme that cursed sh!t, Click-*

    19. Isadora Muller

      6:15 LMAO This dude has no idea of how women's anatomy work. "found the entrance to her clitoris" I hope it's a joke, I seriously do.

    20. Nuzhat Maliat

      I get the feeling that this is why anime and manga is so preferable bc even if they have heavy fanservice, the female characters actually have quirks, moods and other things they focus on(except if its some harem manga). Take Komi-san for example

    21. Jiji Songs

      Wanna know something. The image of a tall woman that is confident in herself and in heels is really something I wanna see it doesn’t matter the body type or anything I just wanna see a tall woman in heels. I wanna feel the slight terror but also love in my heart when seeing her. But sadly I have yet to see it. Being a non binary 17 yr old pansexual really has perks and disadvantages.

    22. buttered toast

      "that have vanished without a trace" "wHAT? 😶"

    23. Stoob

      Not to mention Plenty O'Toole and Holly Goodhead.

    24. AgentF2S

      omg he looks so good he doesnt have to fantasize about being better

    25. Matthew Bibby

      All of these “imagine if men where the subject of fan service” CLEARLY haven’t heard of Yaoi culture on the internet. One google search and you’ll probably find enough to make up for double the amount of female fan service in mainstream media. With that being said, I do agree that there’s an issue... Not that there’s too much female fan service, but that there’s isn’t enough male variety! C’mon! More tidies more didies, true equality and everybody is happy!

    26. Kikua1612

      Awwwh the love for One Topic on this ❤️

    27. Delilah C. Johnson

      Ah Elinor Roosevelt was a real person

    28. Emma

      Tiktok sound: I hate all men but when he..... *GIMME* *ALL* *HIS* *MONEY*

    29. Lari-Chan

      4:14 Me, a Pansexual

    30. Nerdo THN

      12:10 the concerning thing for me is that I am reading a book where the name of the protagonist is Ragna

    31. This Little Dragon

      those kda ads with the music gives me monster high vibes. does anyone else who's seen them get that kind of vibe too?

    32. This Little Dragon

      5 seconds in and im already confused. who is insulting his pp? why are they insulting it? are they someone they knew? we may never know...

    33. ViceFur & Co.

      7:10 Nice ad though.

    34. ViceFur & Co.

      1:27 And we will send against them:

    35. Iz Bizz

      the click saying 'She is *DROP DEAD* GORGEOUS!' is how i imagine mettaton saying that :D

    36. JJKMagic

      6:15 "This wasn't my first sexual encounter. I have had sex with at least 2 other woman." Kinda tells you everything about the experience of the author lolol

    37. Salty Snowflakey

      6:00 are they real?

    38. Sad Panda

      8:10 Please tell me the racism in those pictures was deliberate and part of the commentary. There's something about seeing a drawing of a normal black woman labelled as scary that makes me extremely uncomfortable.

    39. Lilybird

      The fascination that men have with tragically murdered and abused women who have to be absolutely gorgeous and naked is severly disturbing. Not to mention the racist and fatphobic undertones.

    40. UpAtThisTime

      hmm good sir you are rather attractive you are

    41. NadiaR.

      The target audience for books like the ones at 14:30 are probably women who have been treated bad by most men in their lives. So much so that whenever they do meet a good man, they will push him away because they dont know how to deal with those "normal" emotions. And by reading/writing books like this they hope to find some form of control back by being the "not like most girls" character who at first are the victim, but eventually will stand up to the abusive man in the story. Not that I have experience with any of this 😶

    42. JungleBeatz

      13:24 I’m gay. I have never wanted this, I do not want this, and I will never want it. Honestly, who does? I don’t even think even think that a straight girl would ever want this.

    43. Mid AI

      The camera decided it can't take it any more.

    44. may Hand

      my girlfriend broke up with me

    45. Kitsunary

      These writers don't seem to realize that female chests and butts don't actually have minds of their own and are very similar to the male equivalent. The only real difference is the addition of milk producing sacs, but everything else is just more fat. Not much different from a muffin top, but they never talk about belly fats having minds of their own.

    46. Ren Tran

      1:03 I am legit reading this book in my English class in school It’s called The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian

    47. JoAnne Woodward

      boobywoobies............... hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahaha......... this will now replace tettyfalas in my vocabulary

    48. mathsthetic :orange_heart:

      when pussy galore was mentioned i was instantly reminded that my cat had a kitten who we had called pussy galore for the whole of us having her

    49. Shade

      6:15 yo, a clit is basically a ball looking thing. You don't enter it. You legit can't as far as I know.

    50. ᑭᒪᴏK

      𝗧𝗵𝗲𝘆 𝘄𝗮𝗴 𝗮𝗴𝗴𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘀𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗹𝘆

    51. salad studios

      The fact that the thumbnail is definitely a line i would write.

    52. debblez

      “the busty blonde took her own life” that sentence is awful.

    53. JP Potential Behind The Pixel

      6:35 Is no one gonna mention the Star Wars novel?

    54. Emily Gratz

      9:46 lol, what fools

    55. Emily Gratz

      3:50 i mean, kinda true, idk, lol

    56. Hope Elizabeth

      This is why I like women. It isn't. But it's a good reason to not have to explain why I'm not into guys.

    57. Hope Elizabeth

      6:00 this is satire. A joke. Please... Right? Edit: i feel like that has been put through Google translate one too many times.

    58. The Chaotic Muffin

      6:15 "... and simultaneously found the entrance to her clitoris." Surely this one's not serious.. right? I've been on the internet too much, I don't know anymore

    59. songbird 64

      I just realized that one of my favorite authors belongs in this subreddit and I don’t know how to act.

    60. Tijan Alfalahi

      Him : 4:20 Pansexuals,lesbians and bisexuals:👁👄👁

    61. Shouko Todoroki

      6:15 how many likes this comment gets x1000 is how many brain cells lost from reading that

    62. Orni Mask

      Hey. Hva heter du?

    63. Anya Taylor

      A lot of these read like sh-tty Fanfiction.

    64. Squid-Boy

      1:06 this is the epitome of "sir this is a Wendy's"

    65. blood dragon

      1:04 oh, I actually know which book it's from ! It's called "The absolutely true diary of a part time Indian" and it's actually really good as I recall And it's supposed to be the diary of a 14 year old, so this part actually makes way more sense :)

    66. Dhorannis

      Honestly, why are so many men afraid of confident women? "Say goodbye to your boner" my ass! There is hardly anything I like more in a woman than confidence and assertiveness.

    67. Unofficial Lancer

      The thing is... some of these might be intentional. Not all of them, for sure 😂 But, Like, what if they wanted to make a walking stereotype or have a character that just had that kind of personality?

    68. Formation 13

      I think the most ridiculous thing in fantasy biology is the human-like beings reproducing like humans, despite clearly being powerful, intelligent, and around long enough to change it. The only reason humans reproduce our way is because of evolution not thinking ahead. Why would any civilization-dwelling race ever choose to reproduce by severely limiting the mobility and fertility of one of their members for a good portion of the year, then have the child waste resources on its warm blood and intelligent brain, while not being able to do anything with them? One better method is to reproduce with a planktonic stage, then metamorphizing into their adult body, and fertilize their eggs externally. With that system, the internal reproductive system can shrink down to being able to fit both male and female parts on the same individual, so may as well make everyone hermaphrodite (at least reproductively) to maximize the chance of a healthy reproductive relationship. You also get to outsource child-rearing to specialists or family members if they are better suited or skilled at it. Unwanted pregnancies are also physically impossible, saving everyone a ton of stress. You also don't have to wait to reproduce again, so parents who want kids can easily fill the children having that parents who don't want them leave. Even humans, with enough time, will eventually start evolving earlier and earlier births, as the benefits outweigh the cost. Then eventually it will be available to raise humans outside the womb, initially for people who can't do it the previous way, before eventually the ability to have children internally will be lost, because it doesn't help anything. Then eventually humans will reproduce more like the planktonic reproduction. Thus, even if the human-like race is somehow too dumb to change it themselves, they will eventually evolve out of human-like reproduction, because it's an atavism that doesn't help.

    69. Pavlínka

      I mean. I regularly go on tangents about my boobs being too big. Am I written by a man? 😮 (seriously though. It sucks when you could wear s size but have to go for m because boobage 😭)

      1. BonaparteBardithion

        Writing like a woman is saying "I'm getting chaffed by my bra because it's too small" and "It's so cold my nipples are sticking up and it hurts". Writing like the shown examples would be "Oh, it was so cold that my nipples pushed against my tiny bra until it snapped and the girls went flopping around for an hour in released pent-up rage!". Or "I was so upset about being stood up. I could feel the fury (and desire for my missing date) deep in my uterus."

    70. spiderdude2099

      If you’re a person attracted to women and you can’t write a compelling female character without using any form or synonym of the words “ass, boobs, waist, thighs, hips, p*ssy, or lips”……..maybe reevaluate your writing techniques…. FYI, the same goes the other way if you’re attracted to men. Try not using any form or synonyms of the words “dick, chest, pecs, muscles, hairy, ass, abs, etc”

      1. BonaparteBardithion

        You could use some of those. Just try not to phrase it sexually. "I could tell from the muscles on her thighs that she'd been working out. Her tight shorts that adhered closely to her form indicated she was a bicyclist." "His lips curled playfully and his hairy fingers danced across the guitar's neck." I admit this is missing the point though. I just wanted to see what I could do with a couple of the taboo words, one swapped from each list.

    71. Yo_Yoshie

      1:27 this book is called the absolute true diary of a part time Indian and my school forced us to read this part.

    72. Tricks&Follies

      Somebody! Please tell me where I can find the artist at 11:16!

    73. Amarinth

      where is 11:26 from. i swear I've read it before but i cannot remember where edit: nevermind I found it online, it's Summer Knight by Jim Butcher. Great series, but with an unfortunate amount of excerpts that could definitely be classified as men writing women.

    74. Kayla Burnett

      Best part of the video was click freaking out over the dropped camera.

    75. big anime girl motorcycle

      1:06 god I hate that book. I had to read it for school. it was awful.

    76. Reby V

      I WAS TRYING TO GET MY MEAL DOWN WITH A VIDEO I keep laugh choking 😂😂😂😂

    77. Lumina Solaris

      "Occasional Vaginal Discharge" You mean to tell me that the inside of my vagina is doing its job and self-cleaning? How could it? Terrible!

    78. Zsolt Varga

      15:22 I didn't expect Inevera here

    79. Samantha Logue

      Our dishwasher doesn’t do it’s job it doesn’t dish wash “problem there no is not” - Tubbo

    80. Zoroark Lover

      This somehow gave me confidence in my own writing skills

    81. 0Super0Manuel0

      90% honestly sound like a what female authors think what horny male authors would write. But then again I have met enough guys that are sadly like that in their „creativity“ while playing DnD. Luckily it‘s still a rather small amount.

    82. Isis Viviane Silva

      I'm new here. Nice touch with the fan art in the background!

    83. Lumine the Traveler

      I havent seen much of your vids but then I opened this and the intro hit me like a freight train lmao wtf was that

    84. Rad


    85. BoxBoi

      this makes me feel violated and im not even a girl

    86. Jackotrades 08

      1:26 it’s from “the absolutely true diary of a part time Indian” by Sherman Alexi. Told from the perspective of a 14 year old boy. Hope that explains some things

    87. Siyabonga Maphanga

      Can we talk about the fact that the two "attractive" girls in the drawings with descriptions thread were both white... 😐 Like...

    88. wolf wing

      hehe thats why i love that the Charr woman in guild wars don't have breasts.

    89. Ham Bread

      First time here and all I can say is I love your mustache Edit: I finished the video and all I can say is I love his mustache. This is worth a sub

    90. 無表情

      forgot bout you-

    91. Yes Icpwee

      Click: the best way to tell a good character is your pp Me: huh. What. Oooooooh.

    92. Yummy Mustard Aka The Best Condiment

      Well... Is giving fictional lizards breast is apparently misogynist now..?

      1. BonaparteBardithion

        Adding breasts to indicate gender is essentially the same as adding a pink ribbon or skirt (when the male characters are nude). It can be useful shorthand when introducing a new species, but it's not very creative and reduces the sexual dimorphism of humans to just one of many existing differences. For example, cats share many of the same dimorphic features as humans (size, body proportion), but female cats only have breasts when they're actively nursing. Yet most anthropomorphic cats will feature a pair of our unusually sized permanent breasts rather than a flat chest or six small teats. Lizard people (along with birds, fish and anything else non-mammalian) are just a particularly egregious example of this because they don't produce milk and have no reason to have breasts when there are several other physical features that can differ them from males.

    93. Simon Grace

      "How many people actually fantasize about their own looks or- or features?" Me, a trans guy who regularly does that with having a flat chest: haha y e a, wonder w h o-

    94. pastel.persephone

      okay but the one about the 6 ft tall confident woman was actually great writing.

    95. Jaded Wonderland

      It's mind blowing men thought they were the superior gender.

    96. Lucy

      "simultaneously found the entrance to her clitoris" Ow.

    97. Morgan Naomi

      1:46 I never expected to be described like this.

    98. CookieCaster CC

      Fun fact that book that has the masterbation joke is called the diary of a part time indian and my school had us read that in class

    99. Lars's Wig

      you can be muscular and thin... it's called being lean. so not really an oxymoron

    100. The Enigma

      Tbf, if you want a perfect example of men writing women, just search for porn It's really just kinda depressing