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    1. The Click

      GET A MINI-ME TODAY BECAUSE YES makeship.com/collections/featured/products/cliccy-kitty-2-0-plush

      1. Kaci

        My mom wouldn't approve im sorry

      2. Idk man That’s kinda sus

        My friend said they got one to make out with it-

      3. Elissa Walden

        @Sir Grant X I was basically begging him lol

      4. Sir Grant X

        @Elissa Walden luckyyyy

      5. Elissa Walden

        My boyfriend just bought me one yay

    2. White Shadow

      It’s a post that I’ve really difficult to deal with I wish you hadn’t made it. Some of these posts are bad. The stories I mean but

    3. Jacob Friedman

      Is Sheen from Jimmy Neutron Latino? I thought he was white?

    4. bella blue

      Henry Cavill was in NYC I think? Major US city in any case, which means somewhere most people don't pay attention to the people around them, and honestly, at the time, unless someone had watched The Tudors, they likely wouldn't have recognized him anyway (I mean hell, he was one of the better looking guys in that show, unless he was playing cashier for something I was buying I probably wouldn't pay enough attention to recognize him). Post playing Superman and Gerard he might have a better chance of being recognized, but prob not by much if still in a big city

    5. ACupOfSalt _

      Fun Fact: Thanos from infinity war was named after a greek god of death. The gods name is “Thanatos”

    6. Sayori

      I want to see more from average Swedish neighbour

    7. Mark Wolkove

      Did you say "vulvarine"? I'm pretty sure that's a TOTALLY different superhero...

    8. Yoshikage Kira

      0:51 wait, how did you know? (I recently took a shower)

    9. BananaPug6 .w.

      The click: *Says 911 as nine eleven* Me: Hold up-

    10. The true Zonein

      Click has a good looking neighbour.

    11. Nicole Wyers

      Today I learned that Click is approximately 97% legs. 😂

    12. ꧁Salty Dinosaur꧂


    13. Victor

      That woman at the beginning is so hot

    14. twheels

      Ok funny meme but if it lasts that long it can actually lead to it falling off and from what I've read it's very painful it's called Priapism and it's also often a sign that you were taking the little blue pills recreationally and not because you actually needed the help, so...CONSEQUENCES

    15. BreeRose

      For the 4+ hours thing, it's actually because if your erection is lasting for that long, there is a risk you could get gangrene from the blood not being recycled, and is a massive risk.

    16. ZzzDarkCloudzzZ

      "Sees thumbnail" mm.. Go onn...

    17. Captain Livilory

      Technically you are my neighbor because I’m Norwegian

    18. Denzell David

      8:58 Love how he automatically read that as 9/11 and not 9 1 1

    19. Anon DaBomb

      1:56 This is weaksauce, just ask this question. “What is your policy on lolicons?” That will get you kicked out, and probably arrested.

    20. LunaSucksAtEverything

      3:54 no one asked for this comment but that reminds me of the one time I made a deal with a devil and got a bone dad out of it It was just a bone devil and my character was underage so the devil somehow became his father In dnd of course God I love dnd

    21. Ok so I'm a Anime weeb!

      Wait- end game was made in 2019!? Woah- it's been two years- O.O

    22. Jcewazhere

      Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

    23. scribe Wyatt

      Is it just me or the finger look like Hitler

    24. Nordic Hope

      15:14 If i recall correctly Thor can also eat his goats, all he need to regenerate his goats is their hides, horns and all of their bones

    25. Gay Air Conditioner

      when people say nine eleven instead of nine one one

    26. Ariel Harloff

      I love that zemo meme format XD so good

    27. The Star Nerd

      More proof that your a furry

    28. ✨ Youkoulélé Yukoshi ✨

      "it will haunt your dreams, so you should get yours" 😂

    29. Ty Guy gaming

      5:46 such potential with this format, what's it called?

    30. Grandist Refrigerator

      7:09-7:14 i dissagre im stupid it affects me too..

    31. Max Söderlund

      Im gonna get crucified

    32. TheFastSnake

      3:17 2015 = 2:nd year, 2020 = 6:th year. Is it just me or does that not math correctly?

    33. mankigamer

      swedennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn gooooood home landdddddddd

    34. SakuraSky

      You're too attractive for the absolute shitpost that you are.

    35. liam the Weird

      the doctor from The Powerpuff girls didn't want to reveal that he was gay so he decided to make children ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    36. corbett balcaitis

      i am not accepting that, professor plutonium lost his kids so he created some in his basement in order to fill the hole the kids who went missing left

    37. Zara

      Daaaammmmnnn those infinity stones are small

    38. Leone yamada

      its a sin that you cant have the plushie put the tie over the shoulder

    39. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

      8:57 oh...oh no...they don't like it when you say it that way...

    40. Questionable Life Choices

      It’s like Pewds but a slightly less annoying voice, slightly better humor, a Reddit reader, the *mustache,* and of course the voices. (He’s perfect)

    41. probably tired

      Fxxx A girl Coke+cf f45se3&ddcvc C third through word doorsdv. A$cf🥪😰 This post was made by baby sister gang


      3:03 re-zero in a nutshell

    43. Collin Evans

      I always thought he was making little girls because he was sad and lonely and he couldn't have his own kids so he made himself.

    44. Skeleton War

      Click, that flat earth idea exists. It's a 2018 documentary called "Behind The Curve" and is pretty much what you said. The result: They proved the Earth is round and followed up by brushing the movie off as "globe-earth propaganda" or say that they did their experiments wrong/their equipment was bad etc.

    45. Endgamer

      This is getting more... you know

    46. Your Stalker

      2:51 Every trans guy ever: Heh same lmao.

    47. idioticle


    48. The_late_ Guy

      Click: you all smell great Me who hasn't had a bath/shower in a 3 weeks Also me: thanks

    49. Dēm!girl S1mp

      me crying internally cuz merch not in the netherlands

    50. Ima GHOST 😱

      My dude reminded me to put on deodorant-

    51. Laffing Gas

      People: Answering on the third ring makes me seem cooler, like I don't even care Me imagining them desperately scrambling to the phone before my call goes to voicemail because they left their phone in another room because I do that literally every time I get a call: Yes, so cool

    52. Sans the funny bones


    53. Nameless Lad

      Wig click

    54. Sophie


    55. Lay-Z Caffeine

      Ah man. I liked you better Swedish.

    56. Underfell Gamer

      “9/11 what is your emergency” -the click

    57. birdgvee

      I cry myself awake every day. I just never realized it until now.

    58. The Rascal King

      Kind of figures goofy would drive a gremlin. Bet he would f@#$ing do it again, too.

    59. ꧁ ᗪᑌᑕK ᖴᗩTᕼᗴᖇ ꧂

      "nine-eleven whats your emergency" well im falling edit: no one is gonna get this 9/11 joke unless i explain it

      1. Brown_Wolf_Tobias


    60. Blakwolf21

      honestly you make me wonder why I keep watching your vids


      10:01 the symbol’s backwards

    62. Everything Wins

      ik i hear that same YAAAAAA in every video

    63. THE DUDE

      oh no......im into this now

    64. Jacob Hertz

      I would get one but its too expensive 😫

    65. Vigontro

      4:03 Pewds: I am 4 parallel universes ahead of you!

    66. Briston Reeves

      The worst part about the wimpy kid one is that’s a real page. An unedited one.

    67. Malkontent1003

      Goddammit. The "giving head" joke was my breaking point. I'm clicking the friggin red button that makes everyone happy.

    68. Dalton McCracken

      Okay, so was anyone else put off by the fact that it said 2nd year officer in 2015 and 6th year detective in 2020? Like, 2-6 is a 4 year difference, 2015-2020 is 5 years. That does not work.

    69. Zacharius

      Please open the door just like maxmoefoePokemon, I know you will get his attention......eventually :)

    70. Ashura Otsusuki

      11:11 take note that the comment has 69 comments

    71. Lilly Pimentel

      3:28 Imma be honest this is one of the only puns I've ever heard that has actually got me XD its so dumb but :p

    72. lazy gamer

      Genies are just the lamps seed

    73. Daniel Easterling

      I don't know about that other stuff, but that pizza thing, now that's alright. As long as I am the one doing it.

    74. Frence wrabbit and Storm night

      I know he’s joking about the flat earth movie but those are actually real things and they never find them

    75. may Hand

      0:08 No, nononnononon

    76. Andi

      Why did everyone decide to just sell plushies rn Like.. I want em all How dare there be so many at once :0


      6:17 That’s my cat. eViL takes a form as a cute cat.

    78. Gaming Viper2

      3:37 im putting that on my whiteboard-

    79. Mamai Sionnach

      Hey guys remember when the click had multiple personalities and wad on the verge of insanity

    80. Meme Lord

      6.28 I have three of these and ordered a fourth one

    81. abbis show!


    82. Nestorix100

      Man really said 9/11 instead of 911

    83. ZeroFiveSeven

      8:57 - The fact that you read nine-one-one as nine-eleven bothers me a LOT more than it should...

    84. Ryoukuu RahQuaZah.

      Yoo I need clicks help to make a movie yooo Only side effect you may die laughing .

    85. JP Potential Behind The Pixel

      0:10 The Room vibes.

    86. dj reeves

      Hey theclick dont forget thor's goats that he eats every time hes on a journey that also regenerate

    87. my name is now miko

      can we get the dislikes to 69 please

    88. Zibix

      click reminds me of pewdiepies younger brother

    89. Scrimshaw 511

      We need to remove that mustache before it's too late it's the source of the degeneracy and it's been getting worse XD

    90. Lavender

      9:30 This is so sad because the voice actor for one of the characters in that show literally got shot by her father

    91. Mäýüŕá Vïřůš

      Is the tail plugged in or sewn?

      1. Ok


    92. MCCrepr

      I had a horrible day today and your cheerful, kinda silly attitude really cheered me up. Thanks

    93. StarsAbove Smile

      5:45 Trans woman exist, y'know. (Tis is directed to the reply, not The Click.)

    94. Ksap1 Something

      My theory instead of flat earth is that if you travels far enough you teleport all of a sudden to the other side

    95. Connor LaDuke

      Click go to Netflix and whatch the documentary flattening the curve it will make you laugh for the next week

    96. Ėvîe ŁØŁ

      Click: Phone ringing- IRvision: This is the perfect time to play an ad!

    97. EdsGurlMitsuki

      Fun fact! The reason they say to see a doctor if your erection last longer that 4 hours is because your penis can begin to die and start to rot.

    98. - MeganDogsLover -

      Time to break my neck CRUNCH

    99. Cow Man

      When I saw the "why i season my cutting board, NOT my steak." I was honestly surprised

    100. BananaPug6 .w.

      I remember when click first brang up "Flattening the Curb"