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    1. The Click

      Get your own demon boi today: makeship.com/collections/featured/products/cliccy-kitty-2-0-plush

      1. EGYTP chuck norris

        yo click, it is pronauced "coo lee ah can" you're welcome ; ) buddy

      2. lift the bift

        Click you gotta stop doing this *monkey* business

      3. Flaming Tyre Productions

        @NoctustheOwl Gaming YES

      4. SolumnTheCat

        1:15 fun fact if you had a vr headset you could for free in cinema hub (i think that's the name) an entire cinema to you for free.

      5. Umbral Octavia

        Technically demon wings would be angel wings

    2. Fenix Meaney

      I wish I had crab legs

    3. doomed legend

      i wish for the power to manually and automatically control my body... how can that backfire?

    4. rodiguez elio

      17:00 granted, you now live in the Weimar Republic in the 20's and you can't do anything to change the futur.

    5. Just Another Light Fan

      This proves genies are trash

    6. Mr.Death

      I wish I was an immortal shape shifter with complete control over my shape shifting abilities.

    7. merde faitchier

      15:26 I don't see the bad outcome

    8. DA MotoNeko

      Unlimited money and half to charity.. Where's the downside!? I'd win wealth and fame and there'd be less people suffering.

    9. Michelle Young

      This reminds me of a local radio station. When it first started, they had a schtick: We do NOT take requests. They would, however, take phone calls of people making requests, play the phone call recording, and then play whatever song they wanted. Caller: I request that you play Freebird! Radio station: OK! We'll play Stairway to Heaven. But they finally met their match, and were forced to grant a request, when this happened. Caller: I request that you play... a song! Radio station: Well, shucks! They did eventually actually take requests, but you had to donate to a charity for it. I think it was relief for Hurricane Katrina, or something. But, then, other stuff happened, and other relief was needed, and they had to choose: Either help everyone (and sell requests), or get rid of requests, and say, "Look, people. Just be good human beings, and reach out to help others because it's the right thing to do. You know your own budgets, and you know what causes you support. Budget an amount to support those causes, and donate directly. Now, back to Stairway to Heaven. It became my family's favorite radio station.

    10. Michelle Young

      Click: How do you look sad in this situation? Me, remembering my Dad trying to read the new Harry Potter novel, when it was first released, and all five of the kittens loved him best and wanted to be as close to his face as possible: BWAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

    11. l s

      Romantic interest: I only date people over 6ft. Me with my new crab legs: *scuttles on over*

    12. Philly Struck

      18:12 best one

    13. ꧁Salty Dinosaur꧂

      If i could wish for anything i would wish to be able to speak and read Japanse.. What would be the bad part??

    14. The Disco Timelord

      Thank you for bringing so much happiness to us all❤

    15. allan lanktree


    16. Alexmagnus2

      1:28 There are a lot of microscopic bugs on your body... a LOT of microscopic bugs... Everyone dies the end bye goodbye ciao addio arrivederci

    17. Dubby

      3:22 there really is a guy that got killed by a shooting star. He was at a pool party just hanging out, and a meteorite suddenly hit him right in the chest and went straight through. He died instantly and fell over nobody even realized what had happened until they looked at his chest and saw a hole.

    18. Meggsie

      Those crab puns got so bad IRvision sent me an ad and I was like thank god. _jk I like ur jokes_

    19. viddork

      Not only is half of infinity still infinity, but the twist seems to imply that giving money to charity is bad thing. WTF?

    20. viddork

      0:29 WHAT the ever-loving frick is _THAT?_

    21. Cei Loudon

      12:16 This is why I wish for teleportation. If the government finds me, I can teleport safely to a place no one knows of.

    22. catman64k

      17:03 it was just one hundret thousand :P

    23. aber deus 8531

      You sound like Brian Griffin with an accent

    24. so much to cook

      I wish that randomly half the money in the world is removed

    25. medexamtoolsdotcom

      Saying the stock market was tanking in 2020 was certainly dated. That was maybe an April 2020 joke. It certainly wasn't true by the end of the year. You want to REALLY see something amazing, look at the russell 2000 index. IWM is an ETF for that. So look at IWM. It is an index of small companies, basically penny stocks, as opposed to the dow jones which is 30 of the biggest companies. Well IWM was just hanging around in the mid 150s before 2020, and it crashed to just under 100 in February and March, but now it's 220. It was definitely not going to be anywhere near that high at this time if not for the epidemic, but the thing is, the crappy small cap stocks got to cheat and get government handouts, and also people stayed home and played the stock market, buying stocks instead of going to work or losing their money on cruises and at casinos, and so despite business being lousy the stocks for everything is stupidly up, but ESPECIALLY the loser companies that don't make any money, or don't do it through actual business at least. This is why hyperinflation is coming. That's why. You can't just print 10 trillion dollars of money and give it away for free without the value of the dollar going in the garbage can.

    26. Antonyme Anonyme

      Mom : Sweetie, it's time you take a shower. Me : But Mom, Click said I smelled good !

    27. Dragonflies Comics

      "and you can feel yes"

    28. Andy

      Bruh I Live in Culiacán

    29. Bex Is Dream Lord

      The cinema thing, My friend and I went to the movies once and we had the entire theater to ourselves, it was awesome

    30. TyMeAKnot

      The power to split infinity is a great one that I shall use for comedic evil deeds

    31. Himanshu Wilhelm

      "I wish for complete and true knoledge on the supernatural amd paranormal." **Goes insane**

    32. Tjorgen 500

      1720, 1820, 1920 there was a deadly disease Yes, theres a muster

    33. mcmiky3332210 the mushroom king

      8:55 Wait I got The loop hole if you have unlimited money you cant store it all on you so just take sertain amounts of it and spend half on what you need and half on charity each time you need to buy stuff its ingenious

    34. mcmiky3332210 the mushroom king

      2:30 Imagen he wished he had crabs instead of crab legs That would be funny but in the think about what you wish for way.

    35. Zero

      If I could live forever but never have sex... I'm asexual this is a fuckin steal, amazing

    36. Brianna_IsTired

      After seeing this after a long day it makes my day instantly better

    37. Cloaker

      I want to be attractive turns into magnet

    38. chestypants78

      4:38 I love her music Maia nOOOOOOOOO

    39. Michy Meow

      if you had infinite money but had to spend half of it on charity, that would not only mean infinite money for you, which you dont have to spend, but also infinite money for charity, much of which would likely be spent, which would lead to a mass inflation which would lead to money being entirely worthless which would lead to probably new money which would lead to your money not being worth anything anymore and you being as poor as before how to destroy the economy to be rich for a moment xd

    40. Dio

      I think it means qny purchase you make with unlimited money needs to be matched in charity donations, but that's still a win win

    41. Midnight Wolf

      About the brain, it's the same consistancy as warm butter

    42. enrico yamato

      The fact that this is the only video i was able to play during a bad connection says that satan really does favour you and you know what at this point i do to.

    43. Spaghetti soup

      is it just me or has click been verified?

    44. Your Stalker

      10:07 Trans guys and trans girls: YES

    45. Brent Groen

      Ur close too 666k

    46. Kaligath

      if you did not want to die a virgin yet got immortality what would happen if you lost your virginity would you just die?

    47. princess Peach

      Hello I’m new here found you on twitch & have amazing day & beautiful content 🐨👸🏻

    48. Noone Whatsoever

      If I wish to not die a virgin, and god makes me immortal, that means he gave me infinite chances to get laid. Cause nobody said anything about staying a virgin. Just dying a virgin.

    49. ‍Days Beyond Clairvoyance

      I wish to have both parents. I wish for me and my family to be happy, by that be rich. And i wish for us to never be broken apart.

    50. SupernerdScrawl

      I had a theater to myself once when I went to see Tron Legacy

    51. Zyanid Warfare

      So... that thumbnail... if he wished not to die a virgin and became immortal because of it, does that mean if he has sex he dies?

    52. smolmoru

      Click: "if you could live forever, but never have sex again, would yo-" me: YES! yes please!

    53. Rogue Gamer

      Welcome to the rawring twenties! UwU.

    54. suonatar1

      That last one was priceless. 😂

    55. Z A

      3:00 what's actually wrong with ICE

    56. Rinnosuke Morichika

      15:37 - Fun fact : This could technically work. The only way it would, however, is if it worked the same way as Flipnote Studio. A.k.a. you can give as many upvotes (yellow stars) as you want, but awards (Higher-tier stars) are the ones you need to either spend money or receive to actually gift them.

    57. Vetera Novus

      17:04 Actually the worth of a single average dollar would only go down by $74.28 because if their is $10.5 trillion in existence and 7.8 billion people in the world then the equation of the change in the worth of money is (1/10500000000000)*(7800000000*100000), it would be bad by recoupable.

    58. Vetera Novus

      5:15 I would be happy, smiling as I slowly lose consciousness from oxygen deprivation.

    59. Güijilope

      now i wonder... ¿If (For the memes) exist a CURSE MAKING object THAT GRANT GOOD THING TO THE PEOPLE CURSED? (Or the similar thing as MONKEY PAW BUT IN REVERSE) FAST, think a MEME NAME... ... ... ¡¡KOALA'S "PP"/ KOALA'S D"!! (Depends how rude you're saying it) (Because yolo) now... i'll start. (Remember START WITH A CURSE end in a MEME situation where the CURSED had good luck... but STILL CURSED) ¡¡¡IF I COULDN'T FIND LOVE I WISH EVERYONE DON'T FIND IT NEITHER!!!! (Now is your turn to make it FUNNY and "turn the tables") yeah... is so basic, but i don't want to start HARDCORE at the first turn... ¡Let it flow and see HOW ENDS THE NEXT 20 OR MORE CURSES! (I bet, someone will say "Apocalipsis or something like that... let's wait to that xD) ¡¡Chaoo!! ;-)

    60. Duckles

      "average ducks aren't that effective at killing people" *i take offense.*

    61. The PrinterDude

      12:22 Thats why i wished for the power of bending reality and being the most powerful creature of the whole omniverse Screw you government and other powerful lifeform from a far other space and alternative multiverses!

    62. The PrinterDude

      I felt like I was the reason for the virus. I wished to pass this school year no matter the cost because i had bad grades Of all my wishes this came true But for what cost?

    63. paspax

      Two teleportation devices which lock onto each other... Brundlefly has entered the chat.

    64. BlueAnimated

      I would always wish that the genie can’t trick me. Then i wish to be allowed to wish for anything. Then i wish for infinite wishes

    65. Ti Rundqvist

      Then the scammers just build into this huge monster not much unlike the wreck it Ralf monster and scam the shut out of nine year olds

    66. jerzey deville

      3:56 Possible Plot Twist: Future Doofenshmirtz who time traveled back to the past: "Genie! I wish you would only grant a wish with a twist from now on!" Genie: "Uh, yeah, sure, the wish is granted, I guess."

    67. Kai•Clover

      1000th comment :)

    68. kingofdoggos

      The Way to circumvent the sign language thing is to copy their handmovements

    69. SirHenry 17

      Can someone really ruin the following wish: I wish I could change reality to my liking without it having an immediate impact on my cognitive ability. Technically there shouldnt be a way to ruin this one since the side effects can immediately be undone, right?

    70. TnT FoX

      Wait! If you get dehydrated your Brain turns into a raisin? But... more wrinkles = more smart big brain time... Dehydrated people are smarter!

    71. Neo Void

      5:10 so i'm an alien now, i hate any animal with less then inferiour intelegence

    72. Vincent Batalion

      I actually smell like sulfur I was just shooting off a rocket

    73. SUDA pop


    74. Not A Username


    75. Not A Username

      PLOT TWIST: the only reason genies grant wishes with terrible twists is because when they grant a wish they read the person's mind to get the specifics and because all humans think of ways for the wish to go bad because of our paranoia from hearing about evil genies, they grant it, and perpetuate the paranoia

    76. Doom Ander

      >granted, it's intelligent and trying to kill you I get that the point of monkeypaw is to twist wishes tobe less appealing, but sometimes it just feels like they're making up stuff to weigh the scale

    77. Gacha rat 951 🖤🐭

      I was putting my clay in the oven for baking, but my rat tried to go into the oven while I was putting my pan in the oven. Dont worry shes still on my shoulder

    78. Frawz Ch. 04

      i had the cinema for me and my brother once, it was amazing, we could joke talk and do whatever wr wanted, basically. Sadly, it was Lego Movie 1

    79. Gacha bandit

      At 2:57 I got a quiet place ad and I died laughing 😂😂

    80. Jayy M.

      With that amount of cats on you at once you're the chosen human to help them take over the world. Don't be disappointed lol

    81. wolf wing

      hehe kinda reminds me if I ever learned to turn into animals I would neve tell anyone, have to be a reason no one knows.

    82. NPC#68282

      Hey click, that wasnt my mouth watering, that was just vomit

    83. undecidedgenius

      10:15 how many men want D reductions? (Well, I guess men that are converting to women....but that is a short market)

    84. Kwocci

      When cats pay attention to me it usually is them trying to commit murder...

    85. Nerdnumberone

      The genie is imprisoned and forced to grant some jerk's wishes. Malicious compliance is the only way they can strike back at their oppressor.

    86. Doe Boe

      I would not like the cats on me im alergic

    87. Joseph Jackson

      Is this kind of thing the real reason why Thanos in the movies killed off half the population of the universe? His "infinity gauntlet" is effectively a monkey's paw with infinite wishes and he wanted resources to not get used up, so i guess he figured if he wished for something like more resources or that resources, the wish would go bad anyway, so he made the worst version of a wish that could fulfill his desire and then wished for no more wishes so that others would suffer from wishes that go bad on them.

    88. LucyDoesShit ✓

      10:09 I NEED this.

    89. Ochaco Uraraka

      "Would you live forever if you never did the do again?" Me: *Asexual laughing*

    90. Nicolas Inapart

      That's why the genie can't give you more wishes

    91. Frost

      When i saw Culiacán i was soooo happy, first time I've seen it anywhere, arriba México mamones

    92. Brogan Middleton

      I’d wish for the power to give myself and anyone else I want any super power I choose and take be able to take their powers away as I please the downside is the same as that boy who wished he could fly and was taken by the government except I’d be harder to catch

    93. DAZZLE

      Most of the people on the subreddit clearly don't know what the monkey's paw does.

    94. EvilFookaire

      "I wish the Click didn't have such an awesome stache and lipbeard covering his face" "Granted; instead it's now your girlfriend/wife that you see on his face... the sight causes you to go blind from shock, and since it no longer matters to you what might be covering his face, after your girlfriend/wife gets off that face the juices left behind cause an awesome stache and lipbeard to grow on his face..."

    95. yuyuyashasrain

      You’re now immortal, bummer... *screams in asexual*

    96. That one Guy

      12:08 yeah, my mouth is watering from the cyanide pill I just bit I don’t the dislike the picture tbh

    97. Stewart Meetball

      Dude that rapetache needs too come off

    98. Rip MadHatter

      I believe genies twist wishes so that people don't just keep asking for inane wishes from them. Now people will only ask for big stuff and even then they'll first think about whether they should ask a genie

    99. Chipp

      6:37 People with trichotillomania:

    100. Space & Time Studio

      6:46 for one second I thought the genie would take him to his mother... you know...