Minecraft Hardcore... BUT. ITS. ALL. OCEAN.

The Click

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    1. That_Guy

      "When you started having to be careful about everything you say and not only what you say but how it can be interpreted out of context" a few minutes later "I HATE BABIES I HATE BABIES" bruh im dying

    2. Shirokodaki

      The mustache is gone D:

    3. Aerodil

      It's been two weeks since this was posted. Just strange to see Click without the 'stache.

    4. Feenickz5

      I have no idea why, but I have woken up to this VOD 5 times now

    5. Congo


    6. 《Tangle and Fam》

      “I don’t have that many children, I sold them all.” Me: For how much? I need answers-

    7. crimson death45

      Ok mommy clicky wiccky

    8. salad box

      It's a good reminder that tridents do one more damage than diamond swords

    9. Harsh Srivastava

      Unfortunately, moist man is taken (charlie/moistcr1tikal/penguinz0)

    10. Teal Kerberus

      All those zombie noises. I keep expecting Steve to rush out at you.

    11. Teal Kerberus

      I'm getting used to the absence of moustache. Cliccy has a very easy face to look at either way, I just don't like change.

    12. Jason Johnson

      Click, you should try 2b2t.

    13. Fuzz


    14. Ghost

      why is the click red? is it just my computer?

    15. Kristina Erhardsson

      Started playing because I am watching this... ended up with an Ender flipping out in the rain while I am hiding in a 1x1 hole made of dirt. o_o Viben't is a total vibe in comparison to these sounds..... *shudder*

    16. deep pearl

      Omg..I tought he was thinking for the bad jokes on video to make them like that but he can do it at the moment?!

    17. Awsomeworld304 Gaming

      Hey the more blocks you see at once , the more diamonds you can get at once.

    18. Justin Clark

      Just saw this... No.. Just No... Click without the slick stash.. Isn't click.. More like Lick. And I miss when Streamers shared the seeds for their worlds. I use to collect them.

    19. QuarantinedBassClarinet

      When he first came on screen I thought "did click get a haircut?" then chat pointed out he shaved his mustache

    20. impatient nihilist

      Does that mean he flooded the cave now?

    21. Gamer Angel

      Oh my gosh! Click without the 'stache again! Ngl, he looked like an imposter with it lol

    22. Rachael Bullmore

      Hey Click, you look dandyfinelicious with AND without the tash, and I am a shameless cougar! This stream is helping me get through an afternoon of boring work (I'm supposed to be a good manager but I would rather watch Minecraft).

    23. Mikayla Perkins

      I have an odd question, can you do a video on what music you listen to? I'm quite curious and was wondering if we had the same music interests.

    24. Fynn Fluff

      MUSTACHE!!!! Why? T.T ... Still lokking snassy though!

    25. Tim Hodgson

      Clicky, senpai, your mustache is a huge source of power.

      1. Tim Hodgson

        @tobi mechner how dare I not?

      2. tobi mechner

        You You stole it How Dare You

    26. Demoraptor Plays

      Click, try strip mining at Y11

    27. Dartimes dart

      Click finally shaved! Hallelujah!

    28. Tunabreath

      Where's the mustache?!

    29. road•kill

      Why is he pink

    30. CrazyWarriorsCatFan


    31. Blanka Gasper


    32. Shoto Todoroki

      Sad I missed the stream but I'm glad I still got to see the video. Love you with and without your mustache ❤💕💖

      1. sassysarah39

        That is the first thing I noticed

    33. potato

      why must you shave

    34. Roxanne's gacha life animations

      And the click without the stache is legit lucifer from obey me

    35. Roxanne's gacha life animations

      If only I didn't have school today Would have been here

    36. GamingFoxIB

      no mustache no Click ):

    37. Kaden Is Trying

      the dirt is too dry for the saplings to grow fast I believe

    38. Christopher Rice

      Video starts at 7:14.

    39. SkinnyPenis

      This is actually his raft stream he just had low graphics on to record

    40. aimee monnett

      Yknow with the drowned this prospect was haunting xD but it's not that bad so far

    41. Amateur Everything

      Aqua man, knockoff to moist man I gotta draw this Edit: cheers click also i finished the art

    42. Dragon's Twilight

      I've had a similar experience recently, but my world wasn't hardcore. It's still an absolute pain, since there was an ungodly amount of ocean monuments. Mining fatigue is pain.

    43. Azrael Blutdorn

      All those insta comments praying that you didn't shave. But I tried to warn them. Why didn't they listen

    44. Im on Discord

      So basically Subnautica

    45. XenonBox

      I just missed the stram! BLOODY!

    46. ꧁꧂Techno - Chan ꧁꧂• 10 years ago


    47. Sydney Parsons

      *Thumbs up noises* The man has done good today, folks. The man has done good.

    48. Gaina Beatrice

      I'm so happy that I saw this stream, and see the click makes me very happy :3💞

      1. Stacey Tankink

        Same here

    49. Soof Vie

      haha first, nice stream I loved it please keep up the good work and take care of yourself Click

      1. Soof Vie

        sorry this is really the fist time for me being this early