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    some good quality meymeys from dungeons and dragons, and seducing said dragon. enjoy
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    1. The Click

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      1. Logan Shaw

        Bards the reason why you can mutirace.

      2. Ryan Wagner

        @a a I can't believe they've done this.

      3. a a

        @Ryan Wagner somebody ruined it

      4. Ryan Wagner

        666 likes pog.

      5. a a

        I just want to say that you have the best campaign ideas

    2. Mistical Mistica

      I recently got into dnd

    3. bendy sans

      2:38 - 2:59 Thanks Im taking that idea

    4. CreeperkingHT

      So I have an idea. If a player wants to die and it gets to that situation where the party wants to kill their character (and let's just say their in a dungeon), after killing some monsters or clearing some traps or something, they go into a room with chests. They open one ( doesn't matter which one), and out of nowhere a GUN magically appears in the chest, jumps at the player's hand, forces them to grab it, take a action and shoot the player who wants to die, and, well, dies.

    5. Cooltiger243

      2:45 so speedwagon

    6. Reecealepticeye 1000

      Yeah I'm the one who locked the door

    7. Sad Face

      Me who never played DnD in my life but always wanted to: *interesting...*

    8. LotusBloomsTwice

      Dude, I kinda wanna play D&D with Steve Irwin, JK Rowling, AND JRR Tolken >:3

    9. Unified Horizons

      overpowered monster o god were gonna die

    10. Purple Impostor

      DM: The door is locked, made of unbreakable wood, what do you do? Me, with a character made of solidified fire: Am I joke to you?

      1. Logan Shaw

        Yes burn the door down to the ground.

    11. Derrick Eltz

      My Dm liked to sick lethal encounters on my party. someone always got maimed and we survived 99% of the time. Most of the time we barely get hurt enough to need potions

    12. William Waters

      for the train part i'd move all to one so i can run all of them over i mean none ;)

    13. Rasmus Kirkebæk-Jensen

      Please hellish goodlooking viking god! DM something for us! Snälla!

    14. The_GuitAar

      DT770. Good choice

    15. Aiden Padilla

      6:47 Tiaquack

    16. Norsedragoon

      Its all fun amd games till the Bard seduces a dragon... And finds out it is a well endowed male.

    17. Fireheart Industries

      So, I just found this channel thanks to autoplay. I have one request. Please say in the close to the mic deep voice: "Quick Sprunk stop" (You sound remarkably similar to Sonny Evans)

    18. Lonni Morales

      How do I play DnD? My mother finally let me play but I don't know how :(

    19. Jacks Nexus

      That last one reminded me of something that happened in a seasion I was in, I (a half elf ranger) walked into a dark room in a dungeon, with a dragonborn paladin and Orc rouge (before you say anything that orc had serious luck and saved everyone more then once) behind me, I asked to check around the room and he rolled, then a smile just came across his face as a giant emperor scorpion with two tails fell from the ceiling and proceeded to nearly kill the three of us what I learned from that day is, running is always an option is the door is open still.

    20. Dark the Demon

      2:56 thanks for the idea

    21. Crash Master J08

      I love the opening

    22. The Spanish Inquisition

      “So, this party is very chaotic.”

    23. sapherno11

      Yeah drop the ring in from orbit, not like the winged Nazgul would you know attack and probably would drop the ring bearer into Mordor somewhere and then it would be a hell of a lot easier to find the ring. There's a reason that they didn't fly the ring in.

    24. alex rogall

      Jokes on you i choose knock

    25. Mothman Unavailable

      I like reading everyone's DND experience, cause I'd love to play DND, but I don't know how and don't have anyone to teach me, so I'm not sure how this kind of thing works, but I still enjoy the memes and stories nonetheless!

    26. Deathknight 0118

      1:45 I want that pillow

    27. ForemostCrab7

      is this guy swedish? "i'm just going to do it in a super swedish accent" BRODER!

    28. Keondre' Hamilton

      Do you have a DND Chanel or podcast?

    29. Proskky Whitestorm

      3:40 you can see that one of the boys ended up moving away and dying but they still brought his ashes to join in on the tradition

    30. cinder rose

      dm: doors already open do you go in? player: hmmm no im going to throw a back powder bomb and run like hell is coming after me.

    31. DaPlys

      GM: you opened the door, do you go in?? No no.. Player: I open the door and go in GM: ...HOW do you open the door? Player: [thought: OH SHIT!!]

    32. MERshadow faxRAS

      I love all of these dnd posts

      1. MERshadow faxRAS

        Click reading them to is so much better

    33. Joe Neff

      The view of the Warforged character meme, I’m the complete opposite. They’re nice and genuine, but on the battlefield killing everyone

    34. D73W

      3:28 THE PERMA DM

    35. Jen Green

      I love hearing about people talk about their dnd campaigns so when 3:46 came up I internally went feral because the answer is always yes

    36. Lonely Dritten

      I'm just very confused cuz I have no door in the doorway so I'ma stay to watch u suffer

    37. Patrick Noyes

      I play too many warforged, and I usually see them as people who nobody considers a people.

    38. Stephen Adams

      Eagles in Lord of the rings is not a plot hole if the eagles flew to mordor they would of been seen by the great eye and shoot down

    39. Dusk Gaming

      You know, I once had a fellow player nearly make the mistake of casting Darkness to make us harder to see in an already dark area. One problem...well 2...none of us had Devil's or True Sight, so we'd all be blind, and then there's the fact that the Enemies had Darkvision, and I'm pretty sure they would notice a huge sphere of Black among the shades of grey that they see.

    40. Ayumi Kuro

      In our Icewind Dale campaign the Druid ran away from combat, transformed into a cow and got a crit when charging a gnoll. And we play with maxed crit dice...

    41. Michael Broadnax

      i am very confused about the whole dnd thing can you elaborate it plz

    42. Giovanna Moretti

      This was awesome! I would love to see more r/dndmemes 😆

    43. DarkLordDemaar

      I punch the door

    44. Lone Wolf

      I have to say, your videos are awesome, but the way you put your face directly on top of the pop filter of the microphone gives me the same vibes as those people who stand a bit too close to you when talking to you.

    45. KILLER sans

      you know i can delete the door and be free

    46. Bob, the awaken one

      6:43 peace was never an option...

    47. Coca Kuma

      more, More, MORE

    48. Hayden Trask

      6:47 Peace was never an option

    49. Maddie Hay

      Hearing Click massacre the word "androgynous" is not something I expected today

    50. John Willis

      16:27 THANK THE DEITIES!!! I thought I was the only one with this issue! All i ever see is "I'm in three weekly games right now! No, wait four, just started another one last week!" and there is me who can barely get a group together once a freaking month for six hours, give or take!

    51. John Willis

      No you have to play Pathfinder to be Dandy!

    52. Reiji_Soma

      This is the one that made me sub-scribble.

    53. zach Heckart

      Bad correllon, bad

    54. crafeer2008

      I tip 10 gold to the man with the funny mistace

    55. LiirThropp

      18:18 insert Light Yagami laugh

    56. Dayofthedoughnuts Flash gamer

      I played a skeleton barbarian that didn't really know language it was fun

    57. your local Reptillian#5711

      3:42 "Ah, nice! Neat, YES! TELL ME THE STORY!!!"

    58. Samuel Moss

      It’s not when the dm smiles it’s when the dm starts laughing maniacally the you should be truly scared.

    59. boyo boyo

      6:44 goodra

    60. Asparagus Phoenix

      5:09 ok yes but mothman

    61. Tyg Rahof

      I want to play your zombie town adventure!!

    62. Atomicgamer The skyrimfan

      What the best part is is when everyone is being fucktards and idiots which is then hilarious and fun but I have never experienced a serious dnd session

    63. Winter Solstice

      Last D and D session I stole 13 black cats, and now I'm sharing a brain damaged stair mimic as a pet, with a dragon born.

    64. The Gamming Card Garage

      5:50 I love it

    65. max palenscar

      11:46 thats lawful s t u p i d

    66. Angelique Sylver

      17:04 the safeword is Subtle-Spell Metamagic

    67. comrie0307

      There is actually an in lore explanation of exactly why they didn't try and use the eagles to fly to mordor, still funny though.



    69. Matthew Bibby

      11:00 Ironically I’m pretty sure my warforged is the exact opposite. “He’s just a super nice and friendly robot dude who’s very passionate about his hobby” His hobby: *Necromancy* ... *Also he’s 9 ft tall*

    70. Chris Spence

      If you drift, you can hit both tracks.

    71. Chris Spence

      "there is a forcefield around the town." "Okay we get it, we won't leave."

    72. TAndRDInSpace

      No one would ever let me play D & D when I was growing up and I always wanted to play. I had to live with Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 on pc.

    73. Pink Kitten

      First campaign. The detective the party was with could only find dust in the corners. Oh, and the villain they were supposed to knock out? Yeah, they killed them.

    74. Golden Rose

      3:28 the old people picture is sad though because one guy turned into a photograph But angry nurse in the background is funny

    75. Insert Name

      DM: starts smiling Me with 10 hit points: Lol try me Komedy

    76. Tsuda Otatsuke

      "There's literally no other options." *Barbarian swinging the cultist around like a club to check for traps*

      1. vidmanandrew09

        I see no problems with this.

    77. The Enigma

      The Click should make a D&D channel

    78. Max Ford

      Ok I think I get it about what corruption of champion is

    79. I am Springtrap

      *takes laptop out of room with me*

    80. Etienne DLF

      3:14 i thought he was gonna say "if toy never wake up in the first place" lol

    81. reaper wolf

      6:46 THE GOOSENING

    82. NotTalon

      Does anybody know a good place to learn dnd, I am getting into the game but suck

    83. dimreaper 888

      I have a character ready for a game his name is Dr. Mel Practice he looks like a plague doctor and he's secretly a robot

    84. Digital Studios

      "thats the color that will kill everyone!" *LAUGHS IN 41 AC*

    85. Nico San

      Sooo Someone rolled a Nat 1 and there last action before they got Paralyzed was shitting there Pants-

    86. Local Dingus

      In my head the night before: through the mist of dawn and past great trees the mountain stands before you bathed in the glow of the morning sun, a massive ancient door blocks your path, once great stone barriers etched with runes of an ancient language now cracked and rough with many of the runes now unreadable. How shall you proceed adventurers. That night: um yeah there’s the um mountain and a door big door like for giants, *stumbling* or or some other large race, and yeah it’s closed. What do you wanna do about it.

    87. Aiden Dionne

      I have no idea what this is but it looks fun

    88. Daniel'N'Friends Couch

      I would like to say that 2d6 is better in all ways because it has a 7 average instead of a 6.5 average and has a minimum of 2 instead of 1. Though in real life it could be what it represents.

    89. kieranh2005

      The Hydragoose is the Male. And the female? Megoosa

    90. Tom Grill

      You know what my dragon color would be the soles of the Damned

    91. Allysplater Kid

      SO I have a story. We were doing a campaign and Two of the three of us players (me being the outlier) were in this evil rogue group (Zhintarim) and had tattoos to prove it. We had a run in with some paladin group (Lords Aliance) on the road and we meant no harm. I (having some orc gauntlets that made me extra strong because without them, I'd be the weakest) arm wrestled one of the guys and won, we got some information and we went off in our own ways. That is until our tiefling rouge had the bright idea to show off his faction tattoo to the guys. we got into a battle and he kamikazed his way out of it leaving me (Half-Elf sorcerer) and the Tabaxi rouge on the run.

    92. Stick

      When I DM I always smile so my players never know what to expect and when to expect it

    93. Alice Sakamoto

      i love how the title reads like an equation, implying that the subreddit is filled with furries if there are no bards

    94. 0storieTales0

      My DM has a resting “imma bout to kill all of you in horribly unexpected ways” face. It scares the shit out of me constantly, but at least nothing has happened yet...

    95. Lana idk lol

      Is it weird I wanna find where people play dnd just to make a funny mothwoman character that only fights for the ability to hold lamps?

    96. BerserkerCiaran

      I played a century old High Elf Barbarian with 16 Int, once. She was an Archmage, but then she tried a new enhancing spell, it backfired and robbed her of all magic power and nerfed her intelligence to 16. But now she also has 16 Strength and 14 Con, so that's cool. (Charisma 8, because she's a nerd and possibly not really well proportioned)

    97. Fluff

      3:28 *The guy between the food guy and the DM died ;(*

    98. Snamorta

      First video I find of this channel and i love it

    99. Vinny kitty

      Nat 20 I watch another video

    100. Absolutely Venomous

      I love how he always starts off a video with complementing his audience, such a gentleman :)