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    1. PupRiku

      I put a photo of Clicky through FaceApp...changed to "feminine" and he still had the moustache.

      1. HPFanNi

        Women can have moustaches

      2. the random show


      3. Teal Kerberus

        I need to see this. Have you posted it somewhere?

      4. Faith Hoffman


      5. A Person With A Stock Image


    2. Joca

      What's heavier? 1kg of metal or 1kg of cottom? :D

    3. Detot Devin


    4. Some Random Weeb

      In case anyone were wondering. Ancient Greece were super Gay, like they don't even have a word for being Gay, because being Gay is universally normal for them, even most of their male gods pantheon have male lovers as a sign of their masculinity.

    5. Nehemiah Scudder

      8:24 in the unlikely event that I were to run for Congress, and the even more unlikely event that I was successful I would *not* be a congresswoman. Not without getting somebody to castrate me and turn my dick inside out, and I don't think I will bother with that.

    6. Tessa Author

      this is painful

    7. Tessa Author

      according the ancient egyptian art they would have had lighter brown skin, and probably other sources too

      1. Tessa Author

        sorry I'm too tired to be smart

    8. Tessa Author

      I died laughing

    9. Lichkrieg

      In regards to the transphobic, I think cattle decapitation said it best "forced gender reassignment" for the willingly ignorant.

    10. Chloe Vitagliano


    11. F1rst World NomaD

      Well it *isnt* natural walking around with a mask on. That doesn't really mean you should or shouldn't. It also isn't natural to have an intubation tube shuved through your throat... But there are situations where that's warrented, one might even say preferred.

    12. F1rst World NomaD

      You're clearly an educated dude, how come you have such problems pronouncing some words. "Centennial" in this one, "Carcinogenic" in the last one. Your English if pretty flawless, it's like hitting a brick wall when you get stuck. Not hatin on you, just curious. 🤣

    13. F1rst World NomaD

      2:49 Technically it was about 10 guys. But the guy she referens to was MauLer and the EFAP gang. And ye... It was a response to Jenny 🤣

    14. so much to cook

      Fun fact animated movies run on 24 FPS and less because that gives us a good framerate consistency

    15. so much to cook

      This happens because of our education system not accepting the ability to use the internet

    16. AtotehZ

      When you have multiple multiplications after each other it literally doesn't matter which way you go. You can go the way that suits your brain best. Example: 2x16x5 might suck to do because 2x16 = 32 and 32x5 = 160 You might find it easier to do 2x5x16, which is exactly the same, but 2x5 = 10 and 10x16 = 160 just feels nicer. Especially if you're doing hundreds of these calculations and on a timer.

    17. Katherine H.

      I just found this and I am totally staying

    18. Zombie Doggie

      The "tornado drill" one, would be hilarious if the poster was from tornado alley and conveniently forgot Grade-Middle school.

    19. Goddyss Incognito

      This is my most favorite Click video so far out of all of them. Sooooo hilarious!

    20. yourlocalnb _

      Why do i need to breathe i havent suffocated yet

    21. Radomír Cita

      Well this guy Is charming!

    22. alis990

      About 19:25. This is true, but only with distilled water. Tap water is just fine.


      Just how many idiots haunt "social media"?

    24. Phi Le Monse

      PSA: please do not drink "destilled water" - ever!

    25. The Joker

      I don't understand what's wrong with the "systemic racism doesn't exist because laws". Systemic racism means its a system that is racist, such as laws like "these people may only sit at the back of the bus" or "only people of X skin color may work at Y profession". If there are laws against racism all you have left is personal racism and not systemic racism. Edit: I'm not saying whether she's right or wrong. If there are any laws that apply to only certain groups of people than yeah, she'd be wrong in that case. But her argument itself is valid. No racist laws = no systemic racism.

    26. Space Unicorn

      90% of the subreddit is incorrect corrections or sometimes correct corrections of Your you're and their there and they're Edit: I'm dumb so I'm not sure if I spelt those right -_-

    27. Heather :3

      1:36 "What are u smoking? Gravel?!" IM CRYINGGGG

    28. AakeTraak

      Actually, it's 365.24 days in a year. Hello?

    29. 40fied4t

      Say it with me: "Transcribers are Cribers"

    30. Joeyjojo Jr Shabadoo

      5:30. For the record It's not a public (government) entity nor a private company but a public (traded) company which they can trade stock and can't do "what they want" since they're legally obligated to the shareholders. So they're both wrong.

    31. Kalida

      Wait.. I thought you lived in a box?

    32. Jaxsterminator

      15:09 But he is though

    33. Little Gamer

      Honestly I would love to see this guy cosplay Dorien Parvus


      13:26 I mean.... mammals as well as all other land vertebrates are part of the Sarcopterygii (lobbed finned fish, such as coelacanth) group, so we are all technically fish, so he is correct, but due to the wrong reasons

    35. The Little Mermaid


    36. Rupsyy

      now; im incredibly stupid, but watching these makes me feel so god damn intelligent.

    37. Jacob Friedman

      I have legitimate reasons for not getting the covid vaccine, but all these anti-vaxxers are making me look bad XD

    38. swagmaster supreme

      why do i feel like the stache is getting bigger every video-

    39. purplecatlover1825 randompizza

      if you really knew sesame street you would know that according to the movie "Elmo in Grouchland" Oscar is not in fact homeless and despite the fact he seems to live in a small trashcan he does have a home that is quite big within the trashcan. so Oscar the grouch is not in fact homeless

    40. purplecatlover1825 randompizza


    41. Tanuki Star

      Ah yes, Rudy 𝓖 𝓤 𝓛 𝓛 𝓘 𝓐 𝓝 𝓘

    42. Hugh Gordon

      Ohhhh!my brain hurts, but you are so moreish?

    43. NEXUS VA

      Part of this is fully incorrect. "If someone is born with an extra chromosome what would that make them". " They would have downs". COMPLETELY INCORRECT, AS SOMEONE WHO WAS ACTUALLY BORN WITH AN EXTRA CHROMOSOME, I CAN SAFELY SAY THAT I DO NOT HAVE DOWNS. (I do however have a very low iron count, but that's it.)

    44. u/WingsOfFireGeek

      Confidentially incorrect

    45. Hange Zoë

      "I know ancient Greece followed Christianity" I-

    46. MidnightSt

      Crossing the road in india is literally like the opposite of frogger, no? Cause in frogger you have to dodge the traffic, but in india you just walk and the traffic flows around you.

    47. MidnightSt

      actually it doesn't matter if YOU play at 24FPS - that will make YOUR game go faster. but still, if your opponents play at 60FPS, they are playing in slow-mo, so they have more time to react than you do. so ideally you want your opponents to play at 24FPS while you yourself play at 24FPS. XD

    48. MidnightSt

      regarding the trans-woman/trans-man thing: i actually still get confused by it. my brain always stops and asks "wait, so... trans-woman - woman who transitioned (to a man), or, (a man) who transitioned to a woman? It's getting better nowadays, due to the constant aggressive barrage of the cult ideology, but still...

      1. L

        Easiest way to do it is to ignore the 'trans' part. Trans woman = transitioned to a woman.

    49. MidnightSt

      lol, "calcified pineal gland is something that whites don't contain" lol this thing is wrong on two separate levels: everyone has pineal gland, of course. BUT ALSO: what the dude thought is the "proof of alien-gotten superiority" would be UNCALCIFIED pineal gland, because it calcifies with age, and this process is associated with... let's call it... less experiences of insight/inspiration...

    50. Refrigerated Ωrαnge

      I stop watching Click for a while and he grows the absolute manliest stache I've ever seen

    51. PKMN Trainer Devention

      That 911/slavery one made me take fucking psychic damage

    52. Rango pistacho

      I like to watch this video cuz it reminds me im not the stupidest person in the world

    53. Colin Smith

      Just curious, but does he actually open and close each episode with "Ladies, lasses, and losses"? Because, if so, that would be VERY fitting.

      1. Wizsam Spider

        I believe it’s “lassos”

    54. Litsa Koutoula

      Oh gosh, you are so fast speaking😀can you slow down a bit. Also the pictures go way too fast to see.

    55. Amai Kurusu

      Okay, I wanna appreciate the lesson of why bulletproof vests aren't made with dimonds and stuff. I actually didn't know that

    56. a guy in the web

      3:15 Bruh, there was litterally an army from thebes which its warriors were vincolated by love feelings and they would have immense orgies

    57. Syster Yster

      I think the moron about the water was thinking about distilled water. But that doesn't apply to normal water. XD

    58. pln ugs

      If you dont think you can do 2000 miles in 24 hours search cannonball record on google

    59. 〤FREE POLO G〤 ✓


    60. suonatar1

      Who else loves it when The Click goes nerdy and explains something? 🤗

    61. suonatar1

      13:51 Click is from Sweden, so I understand how he thinks that medical bills cost less than jail 😉 But seriously: if you have any debt, wouldn't it be better for everyone to keep you free and working, and gradually paying your debt, than put you in jail at the expense of the tax payers?

    62. Byakuren Houjuu

      DNA did not just evolve here. lol There are microorganisms on other planets.(Bacteria and other microorganisms have DNA.) Ironically /r/ConfidentlyIncorrect. xD The person whose comment you commented on is just mindblowing though .. xD

      1. The Click


    63. TheOdMan

      The 2+2x2 one. I literally didn't learn this until I was 40 and a co-worker posed a very similar equation to me. I sucked so bad at math in school, and still do, but at least I know it. I would never assume to know anything about any math problem ever.

    64. The Holy Inquisition

      11:39 Ancient Egyptians weren't black. They also were not white, but instead probably looked fairly similar to modern day North Africans. There would of course have been black people in Egypt as well, but they would definitely not have been a majority of the population.

    65. DaPlys

      Certain people: "White people should suffer and pay for inventing slavery" Old eqyptian people who enslaved the jewish LOOOOOOONG before europeans came to Africa: >_> _> African tripes, who actually sold slaves to the europeans who came to africa, because they couldnt travel too far inland, because they would die from the hostile environments that they were completely unclimatized to: >_> _>

    66. Jade Fowler

      Public education was a mistake, lol.

    67. Braden Best

      8:50 "when you have multiple multiplications you go left to right" technically correct but that implies that it's incorrect to multiply right-to-left. Even though 2 x 4 x 3 and 3 x 4 x 2 are the same thing as per the commutative property. In fact, when it comes down to the core logic, you actually _are_ supposed to go right-to-left, and inverses are to be interpreted as just that: inverses. 2 x 4 x 3 is implicitly 2 x (4 x 3). 2 / 3 x 4 is implicitly 2 x (0.333... x 4), or 2 x (4 / 3), if you're so inclined. You can get away with left-to-right in addition and multiplication because they are commutative. You can't get away with it in higher order operations like exponentiation and tetration. For example, is 2^2^3 64 or 256? If you answered 64, you are incorrect. 2^2^3 is implicitly 2^(2^3). What's 3^^3? I'll leave that as an exercise to the reader, but here's a hint: it's quite a bit bigger than the annual U.S. Military budget.

    68. Michelle Young

      The Egyptians who built the pyramids were black. Then, AFTER the pyramids were built, a Macedonian came along and conquered Egypt. Then, after his death, his massive empire was divided up, and one of his Greek generals was given rule over Egypt. He founded the Ptolemy dynasty. The one where they married each other, to keep the family "pure." So, brothers married sisters. Uncles married nieces. It was yuck. It was also very white. But the Egyptians who were not part of the royal family where black. The royal family was white. Cleopatra was white. But all of her servants, right up to the highest servant who was not literally a relative, were black.

    69. Ouch! My back.

      "If dolphins are mammals, how come they don't have nipples?" -Once upon a time.......

    70. dobo

      evolution is fake just like the asteroid im not dumb im Christian

    71. Billy Hultquist

      I cringed at the dum 4 year-olds who thought 2+2 x 2 = 8 I'm 12 and its 6 P.E.M.D.A.S. LEARN IT

    72. RyanOnline

      Lmao EU > USD

    73. RyanOnline

      14:36 we human inhale dust but your nose dont rain all the time... we have hair that stop the dust but its unable to stop the virus something 5x+ smaller that a fucking bacteria lmao..... and also virus evolve so even you say that in our body we have chemicals that protect us lmaoooo,,,, ok karen they evolve karen... and even thst they are very small and they have a very high chance to survive and just thinka bout the milion and milions of copies of a virus that just entered you and yet.. there no fucking chance that one could pass, those dam parasites

    74. Andrea Koroknai

      I really hope 11:24 is satire :O

    75. Lewis Morgans

      Ok, my swedish is pretty shit. But HERE GOES NOTHING. Ditt hår är väldigt sexigt.

    76. Lunar Soul

      11:45 Egyptians were not white lmao. It would have differered were you went, but upper Egypt has more black people since it was closer to Nubia and lower Egypt has olive skinned people. For those of you who may not know, upper and lower are opposite to how we see it on a map since it is referring to how close they are to the start of the Nile

    77. Lunar Soul

      Somewhere around 3:55 and even though ancient Greece and Christianity were 500 years apart, I haven't googled yet but just from common sense, it would have taken a while to reach Greece as well since that a fairly long distance away from canaan

    78. Oscar S

      Æ Æ

    79. Tony D.

      B.C. counts down. so 6001bc to 6000bc to 5999bc. then you hit A.D. and it counts up 0ad to 1ad to 2ad. so the jackass with the correction is actually correct.

    80. antinimel

      ''LOL You think Ancient Greece wasn't gay'' 😂😂😂😂😂

    81. Vive Les Histoires

      Okay but transphobes telling trans woman that they will ‘’never be men’’ and trans men that they will ‘’never be women’’ simultaneously make me sad, cuz, y’know, transphobia... but also send me because, yeah, accidental allies! X)

    82. Travis Hucks

      13:15 . Just wait till they learn about Wales .

    83. The Purple Shade

      8:53 i fucking forgot about that

    84. A_Roll_N_Bread

      this man is leftwing pewdiepie and that fucking rocks

    85. Maks Animates

      I swear half of these comments are too confusing for me to actually laugh at with the others.

    86. Sigart

      It is most certainly correct that masks are not integral to the survival of our species. It is, however integral to the survival of individuals, the ability of our health sector to cope _and thus_ (read carefully, this is the part antimaskers might respect) the survival of our economy.

    87. BubblesCanGame

      Why are the captions Vietnamese?

    88. Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG9

      To the woman who thinks we would have evolved masks by now if they were necessary, why don't I have an axe hand? a sword hand? a pickaxe hand? they are necessary tools, why haven't I evolved them?

    89. Dragon soul9282

      "Why do I need a bullet proof vest? I haven't been shot!" That was funny.

    90. hurktang

      But Covid-19 is a coronavirus not a flu, so besides that, it's absolutely right that we never had vaccine for coronaviruses before. And that's obviously the topic of that comment.

    91. Blurry eyed mother Bleeper

      5:17 also Thomas Jefferson wanted revolt every 20 years

    92. Ricardo Roxas

      Slightly disappointed he didn't notice rotation vs revolution but no biggie

    93. mydknightcloud

      You killed me at the bullet proof vest comment lol. Subbed, you funny, witty man.

    94. WollyThe Wolf

      If the thumbnail was real god is a fricn' racicist

    95. ileee1

      I didn't think people this stupid would exist... I'm 8 minutes in and losing faith in humanity....

    96. Nick Jeffery

      "Bladdrack" was meant, I think, to read "Bladder-wrack" - a type of seaweed...

    97. Nick Jeffery


    98. Nick Jeffery

      9:18 - the Amazon one may have been a mistake of wording as opposed to a lack of geographical knowledge. Some companies DO offer differing services in mainland Britain than in Northern Ireland, and it COULD have been that this was what was meant. Either way, though, it is still an error in communication...

    99. Alice Willoughby

      6:18 - But what about bathroom breaks??? 12:59 - If they cut the whole thing the religion would die out pretty quickly! 14:36 - Interesting! Now I'm picturing an alien species that evolved some kind of breathable skin flaps that they can lift up from their cheeks or the sides of their head and spread over their mouths and noses when needed! It would make a nice touch in a Science Fiction story! (For all I know, it may have been done already!) 18:04 - Vaccines cause SIDS?? I'm pretty sure SIDS mostly happens to babies too young to have been vaccinated yet! These people need to check their facts!

    100. Bruhverly BRUH

      Tornado drills in my school had us in hallways outside of heavy lockers. Some of those hallways had glass doors at either end. We'd probably have been dead in a real tornado.