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    1. The Click

      EDITOR HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN 5:24 ??????

      1. Spyder

        Explain 3:12 ,i'll start: the click is going insane

      2. QueerEldritch

        How's Simba?

      3. Stealth Developer

        Your moustache makes me jealous, click.

      4. mullet head

        bro ur editor is the best

      5. Oaken Shadow

        I missed that. >XD

    2. The Trouble Duo


    3. BadArtStudio


    4. Dimetropteryx

      Every time I've tipped a courier, they've messed up. Sure, they mess up every now and then when you don't tip them, but NOT 100% OF THE TIME.


      You look like the guy who grew a mustache to cosplay an actor kids today wouldn’t recognize but the parents will

    6. Wren

      Fun a fact: ducks have ‘teeth’

    7. Alexis Myers

      The good part about having a bunch of plants is that no one thinks to look inside the planter/garden for the bodies lol

    8. Pumpkin Pie

      With the amount of dad jokes in this video, click must be genghis khan

    9. Fran the frying pan

      Am I the only one who saw at first glance that the boy was holding his fathers injured foot at 2:54?

    10. Aussie Baguette

      4:58 I bite myself all the time I dont know what ur talking about

    11. MonkeyMan 2077

      6:49 benny didn't and he's a slave now

    12. jeff mollett

      2:55 just remember to put an endangered plant on the dead body so it's illegal to dig it up!

    13. bat c4t

      5:00 Me trying to look tough

    14. Muse of Awe

      on my birthday 🔥😂😭

    15. Toxxic Dutchie

      Wow i love your voice and your puns and you look pretty cool with that moustache good sir. I subscribed

    16. jink c

      I can just imagine click doing his rendition of beat it in the bedroom and talking to himself like he does in these videos

    17. Alex Chapman

      I thought he stood until entire time until he showed his chair

    18. Ranjira

      ..........I've raised Ducks before...

    19. steweygrrr

      Sugar...in...cats? No I'm sorry they are vindictive little shits who wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. Allegedly.

    20. Christopher venters

      I love Your videos

    21. Nameless Lad

      The click yelling at moomin is my favorite thing

    22. Tyler Johnson

      @theClick Hey Clicky wicky. Any idea when the plushy will be available? I ordered your cat plushy and sad OT about two weeks ago and I haven't seen any updates on when they're coming out, or being shipped lol. Love your videos btw. You're so weird, I love it. Keep up the good work. 😘

    23. Talith Gaming

      I have grown up, I actively seek the cursed like the click

    24. Museless _

      I miss read the title and asked. "That's so wholesome about this" . - .

    25. Alastor The Radio Demon

      Hey the ducks at the park are free there’s no law stopping you from stealing one as long as you take care of it

    26. Jordan Garcia

      I heard The Click has a secret workout routine to give himself the Ultimate Father Figure!... Get it?

    27. sara bedard

      so my addiction to plants is common?

    28. shane kriese

      Were da dandyfinealicous

    29. Oboro Shirakumo

      My mother knew a guy who got rejected by a girl So he shot himself in the middle of class

    30. JustAHistoryDork

      First time ever watching this guy and I must say: nice goatee

    31. Josefine Asklöf

      Where we do things like this! And then my headphones ran out of battery😑

    32. Googli300

      2:00 missed opportunity to say "my puns are getting *_out of hand_* "

    33. fishyvee

      my notification said 15 seconds ago 😶

    34. Dove Love

      4:46 I hate the "Her:" memes because some of them just talk about how jealous and annoying girls can be but this one was really funny lmao

    35. Alex Wimberly

      A lot of these always feel like I'm 14 and edgy memes

    36. RvB betta

      What if I happen to have a duck? One who needs a home, and could be yours.

    37. NotSoFamilyFriendly 00

      I guess I caught you...red handed.

    38. dumb Hawks simp

      Why do I kinda feel like the third wheel, everytime click ‘talks’ to himself?🥲

    39. AnotherGuyOnTheInternet

      **Swedish accent** "Ya yeet feet delete!"

    40. ∙ᎥʈᏃ∙ՊεƖʈᏟɧ∙✺

      Click said he wants a duck - well I had u duck who thought it was a human and it was the best things ever - his name was spiffy since the coloring of the feathers made him look like he was wearing a suit, he had his pen with a book so he could run into it (it was a few inches from the floor so we had to make a ramp) and he would run into it whenever he needed to use the bathroom so I never had to clean up shit - he would sit on the furniture and drag toys around the house, and if you left him alone for two long he’d start loudly quaking to get your attention, so click if you get a duck get it as a baby and treat it like a human and you’ll have a child - the breed I had was a mallard - they are smaller and easier to take care of

    41. The Human Tree

      Anyone else get here from the r/DnDMemes video?

    42. nameless_aoiTTV

      Click: you look num num Me: *shrugs* we all know where this is going *drops pantsu* bon apatite

    43. Sabian Griffin

      Is plant moron slang for pothead?

    44. Sabian Griffin

      Click changed metal to Metallica. He knows his metal, he's Swedish. This means one thing. He's a Maiden fan. Cliccy do you confirm?

    45. We, A Mknn

      7:24 Reminds me of Girl's Last Tour. A real sad story. Recommended, definitely.

    46. Caca Banga1234

      Give us noah get boat or face amogus ඞ

    47. Nicole Wyers

      Am I awful for finding joy in watching you slowly slide further into insanity? 😂

    48. Ultimate Despair

      You can feel the despair emanating from these memes.

    49. \ash\

      Click saying “oopsies” with the spider mistake is my whole life

    50. Proksy

      5:46 Some unnecessary censorship would’ve made that come off different.

    51. Chill

      They’re probably be Something a little broken up in the clicks head

    52. Jake The Snake

      How did someone breath cobalt?!?

    53. Venti, the Bard

      4:56 click testing out if he's a titan like:

    54. Spyder

      Quick while click isn't looking, send him gangster ducks

    55. kill me please

      hey click did you know that the ducks at the parks are free ya know

      1. Spyder

        What if ducks that you bring into your house become evil and try to invade your house?

    56. LeonSnake

      Someone get this man a chew necklace so he stops biting himself

    57. Candice Penner

      One topic. Reacts to wholesome memes from wawawiwa Click: Reacts to unwholesome memes stolen from wawawiwa It’s a match made in heaven Ps. The og dinosaur ones are so beautiful I highly recommend checking them out on Instagram if you need some sunshine or relatable memes to help with depression.

    58. Laura Klaassen Minnick

      Clicky, you are sexy as all get out. You need to come visit Oregon so I can tell you in person!

    59. singleasasin

      @The Click i joined your Discord channel and foundout that people outthere are really toxic and narrowminded ! ... i'll continue watching your clips in here, because they're funny, but, won't boder joining your Discord channel ever again 😂😂😂

    60. singleasasin

      Awsome content 💗 😂😂😂

    61. {•CheeziestCheezHere•}

      The Earth will be gone in one minute if everyone in the world followed everything bad and weird he says i his videos lol

    62. Dark

      540th comment

    63. Daelyah

      ...okay, but I want that mobster rubber ducky, now! 🦆

    64. Janet McAuley

      4:56 M L E M

    65. cry1459

      3 stars is average service, above and beyond is 4-5, dissatisfactory is 1-2

    66. durpynyo

      click: i need a duck his fans: but you have *plant*

    67. 狐夢美

      2:20 100% of your worst days = all your life because every day is the worst day :).

    68. Captain Hanji

      The Click: *bites his hand* Okey Eren, chill out

    69. MewDaFloof

      I had at least 10 ducks at one point, it was very fun, but a bit of maintenance, you should either get Mallards, or regular domestic ones

    70. Michael Yu

      11:02 I expected the brown thing to be a mongoose that would kill the snake

    71. ZeroFiveSeven

      Silly Click man, duck are FREE at your local park. Go get 'em. *ALL* of them.

    72. Phoenix

      This is the first video I watched of this channel and I must say, you have a very nice voice to listen to. Also, you kinda look like Michael Fassbender.

    73. HoneyBunnyHanni

      If you have too many plants and you don't want to throw them out why not give them to a local seniors residence? There might be people who'd appreciate that

    74. Nixha

      I randomly remembered your old amnesia videos from like 10 years ago when you went by crazyshootin glad to see you’re still making videos

    75. I dont Know

      I hope I'll get my debit card before the dollies end

    76. Ducks


    77. Lucille Greatfeild

      I don't know how long ive been watching him and somehow I'm still confused about what he says in the intro XD

    78. Dr. Davenport Lee

      i have like 8 plants in my room and my air is still shit it must be the corpse under my bed....i should take hand on this.

    79. Miu Iruma


    80. Arden G

      Pluto is just a small planet. My friend is small but shes still a human

    81. Gyomei Himejima

      Do you want a duck or a goose cause my sister raises a quarry of geese. She says their going to over through the government

    82. Sebastien Morin

      it is saied that the truth is a rock... but lies are dirty dust... at first lies... just like dust... can not takes shape without a surface to stick on it... then more you lie... more dust you put on the truth... and more you change the shape of the story... but no matter how many lies you put on a truth... the truth will allways keep its original shape under lies... (i never found a human that can spontaniously say a lie that does not have a truth as base... it is allways either the exact opposit of a truth or an amplification of the truth... at least for spontanious lies) (just like that kid that you just call him/her for no reason and he/she anser: i m not drawing on the bathroom's door with momy's makup!!!... even if you did not ask him/her what he/she was doing)

    83. Allwyn hiwale

      Get this man a duck I'll give him gangster training but he needs a duck

    84. Willow Hart

      *Unwholesomes your meme*

    85. BTAA domoth

      Please, please, PLEASE, do the next video in an over exaggerated Swedish accent.

    86. Shea Abbott

      wait my teacher just used that first meme in class today-

    87. Kingston Dinsmore


    88. AWC

      What does this image make you feel? Gay

    89. Pete Zahut

      can someone explain to me why Click made the quality go up at 00:25? lmao

    90. Puro .c

      I got baby goose

    91. Jamie

      Petition to give The Click a duck:

    92. TheRetroDragon Yope

      5:46 I have 7 ducklings and need to go check in them right now. This video is constantly reminding me, I must soon go.

    93. Dollinalocker

      “Plant morons” 😂😂😂

    94. Dragonic Dragon

      I dont like that subreddit ;-;

    95. NullLex00

      Hippity hoppity, your love is now my property. Someone knows the Right of the Lord all too well, huh.

    96. Okaycoali

      Life hack: the ducks at public parks are free to take

    97. dabbigfunny

      omg i just rediscovered this channel after a long time, i thought i recognised the voice and its the "Trolling Amnesia Monsters" person ahhhhhhhh

    98. Vallis

      Me before watching video: *terrified* Me reading title: oo wholesome memes Me cheking again after watching the half of the video: o h

    99. MSport93

      9:45 reminds me of Amnesia - Trolling the monsters Ep. 33

    100. Lord Mega

      cat hair doesn't have fiber, it has Keratin, it will help with with your own hair and nails.