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    basically r/holup in video format and with some fail videos


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    1. Popcorn Detective

      Me in my bathtub completely naked blood every where watching click videos and clapping at his puns

    2. Pomegranate

      18:31 Click in Argentina/Uruguay/Paraguay calling someone gordo means sweety or boogie bu or my honey bear "Because they are filled with love"

    3. -_Random human being_-

      5:38 Yes no, no yeah- Pffft- hahahahahaha

    4. Lolbuthun

      Slug not a snail and it survived

    5. RocketGames

      i clapped for you

    6. The Emotive Umbreon

      2:12 femboy hooters is now hiring Please make you way to femboy hooters.

    7. Koi Xeno

      1:5 at first glance i thought the river was a road

    8. Gacha Lychee

      That's right the square hole XD

    9. ItzMuffin

      The square hole

    10. Jacob Friedman

      "Drones are banned here." The only reason to have that sign is so they can watch you without you finding them XD

    11. Ban Tram tram

      "making the worst of a bad situation"?..... XD

    12. DA MotoNeko

      The guy at the end. Games made him clever and his mom's sad she culdnt outsmart him.

    13. Blue

      My favorite really has to be the square hole

    14. Joseph Douek


    15. Mr.Death

      Hey guys, I have this dodecahedreon, which hole should I put it in?

    16. Jey the Maned Wolf

      11:33 somewhere out there... there's that 1 idiot that thinks this is real and doesn't even checks their own masks to see

    17. Sad doot


    18. ghost rain

      Wha the poor Worm why did He kill IT ToT

    19. Whomidity

      18:35 in some of the latin american countries, "Gordo" or "Gorda" can be used as endearment

    20. T. Di Gangi G-1

      The girl said "Gordo" because in Argentina it's a way to call your husband with love.

    21. InWeCome


    22. Tommy

      of couse hes scotish and ofcouse he has a Wee Dram

    23. Will Zeigler

      For you to be able to drink in a backseat, the driver must have a chauffeurs license and the car must be long enough to be considered a limo

    24. New Username

      17:20 hardest ive laughed in my life

    25. AliveGhost

      Dude imagine playing a whole piano piece backwards perfectly and no one noticing like that guy xD

    26. Orange Guy

      Square Hole: *I AM GOD!!!*

    27. dannyboi 79

      The sims meme doesn't work in sims 4. The sims climb out of the pool. The reason I know this is because I forgot to make a ladder when I made my pool

    28. Logan Johnson

      Lmaobat 5:40

    29. MonsterHat

      Is it just me or does he looks like pringle

    30. Gabriel Alvarez

      Can you guess where the video goes? That's right in the square hole.

    31. bD AARMY

      18:06 Dude's having a mental breakdown over "sQuAre hoLe"

    32. Nero Radioactive

      I can also run faster than trains that are standing still. Dreams come true people!

    33. star_from _dreamtale

      Noone IRvision The click : my- *Insert toothpaste ad*

    34. gooogle dude55

      8:13 shit looking like a mortal kombat finisher lmao

    35. Cerebreus

      I did not expect to see Victor Borge here, but I knew as soon as I saw that name, it would be funny. He is a comedian, after all. Makes me think I should watch his skits. Red Skelton was also a good one to watch, for those interested in old comedy.

    36. Anonymous Potato


    37. angeldog 244

      the last guy he playing bloody roar 2 such a legend

    38. Andy

      “Make the worst of a bad situation.” -The Click 2021

    39. plainly a brick

      here at least, im not sure in other places outside of south america but here in argentina we use "gordo", "gordi" or "gordito/a" as an affectionate term like people would use 'honey' it does technically mean fatty but i swear its endearing

    40. MegaKBang

      What I learbed from the mask video is that I should buy masks, so that I can earn alot of money by selling the free Smartphone that comes with every Box.

    41. Cat Named Phoenix

      Uhhmhhmh that voice... UHHHHH YEAH OH OH OH NO UHHOHHMH

    42. therudedude gaming

      This is a greate Video... Guess where that goes in Thats right the square hole

    43. Tjorgen 500

      Would install a security system You must turn the saddle 360 so it doesn’t go down

    44. Robbie Hubble

      I don't wear a mask... Cause I don't go outside

    45. Julio Cesar

      ¡ESTOY TAN ORGULLOSO DE MI COMPATRIOTA! ¡Seguí así gordo! Todos te respaldamos

    46. MajorLucasGaming

      You see the key to hell? which hole would that fit in? that's right the square hole

    47. fishiboigamer226

      6:39 your not funny

    48. Emily Bilodeau

      Did you know that it goes in the *SqUaRe HoLe*

    49. ren is dumb

      5:29 once i did this. it took me a solid minute to realize that the "seltzer" i drank was actually water in a can that someone re-sealed. one of the best pranks ive ever seen

    50. Blade Of Eternal Darkness

      How to can chug anything carbonated is blow it out through your nose you feel pure pain but it’s not burping

    51. zak O connor

      does enyone know what that car thing is at 14:15

    52. Emani Onasile

      Yes,im a simp. S-Super I-Into M-Mashed P-Potatoes Got a problem?

    53. FoxGamer [Ghost]

      The snail has evolved Sheild snail the new species of war snails

    54. Life Previously Balanced

      Took me way too long to realize that the wife was breaking up xkjskgjkdkgk

    55. ya boy yeets the thick one

      Making the worst out of a bad situation

    56. Joshua Iorio

      That was a slug

    57. mypfpislit

      "The square hole"

    58. Coolcreeperguy05

      THAT ROBOT KILLED ME No matter how many times i watch it it makes me laugh

    59. programer2573 games

      5:26 beginning of best part 5:37 best part 5:40 even better 5:41 doh

    60. Brooklynn Miller

      17:20 why is this my favorite part 🤣

    61. T gaming

      12:00 Mary poppies be like

    62. Chelly la

      i actually feel so bad for this worm... he didn't have to die :c

    63. Sad Panda

      What we're taught: "Everyone has a unique place in the world where they fit." Society in real life: "THAT'S RIGHT, THE SQUARE HOLE!"

    64. roxaa360

      When we say "Gordo" to our life companion it takes a different meaning, it's like saying "Sweetheart " now, if we are describing someone or insulting them, then it means fat. You see... in spanish, the meaning of a word depends mostly on the feelings and who we are talking to, for example, in Argentina we say "Boludo" usually as an insult (boludo is like saying Stupid or idiot but I believe dumbass is a better translation) but, if we are speaking with a very good friend then it's just an affectionate way of calling them.

    65. Emery907

      👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏here are your claps

    66. Tyson Davis

      Legit know he was going to train to be a like number girl in boxing

    67. Panicking Potato Cos

      His laugh is so contagious

    68. Momamax's_child

      That was a slug.

    69. Zack K

      Anyone know if that's a game at 7:20? It looks like something in VR, but I wasn't sure if it was an animation instead lol

    70. ColinCartoons

      The “drone” video was on the news

    71. DiabloMinero


    72. ghostbur

      "if you break up its not my responsability"

    73. Brent Groen

      THE LAST ONE IS CAP The second time you do the menouver ur wrist automaticly turns

    74. Bottom of the Bookshelf

      The Square Hole

    75. tannyiii

      click dying over the suare hole is what i live for

    76. Andrei Dimitrov


    77. Andrei Dimitrov

      1:24 Click: -_- 1:36 Click: XD

    78. omar pikm

      oeuh its a sneil

    79. A Volleyball


      1. A Volleyball

        @omar pikm nett

      2. omar pikm

        the 999th comment

    80. DENK!

      "tHe sQuArE hOle" imagine the world is made of squares, including my- | Sorry, IRvision cannot allow that. Please never speak again. |

    81. Ami Bowen

      Hey...No matter our shape we're all made to fit into our own individual square holes. And that's just life.

    82. The Tiny Marz

      in some versions of spanish, people call other people fat but it is like calling them darling and i am confused as hell about that

    83. Coffee the Dragon ζ

      11:31 NO MASKS ARE A JOKE

    84. FunDaMental

      I know those clips aren't related, but 10:20 just made me feel so sorry for him! My man's just wanted some cake!

    85. Talkable Harp

      14:33 I do robotics, I saw this and LOST IT.

    86. Sexy Dango

      yup! she did say 'gordo', it's actually an endearment in Spanish, I don't know about other countries, but at least it is in Argentina (I'm assuming they're from there because of their accent)

    87. Princess Aurora 11

      went up to my mom and told her unless she can turn her hand over without turning her wrist she had to give me a hug, I got a hug YEET

    88. Michael Rivera

      Can you guess where this comment goes? That's right. It goes in the square hole 🔳

    89. Jenni Roesberry

      0:06 that's a slug, Click they different species than snails

    90. Amphirrnox

      3:23 Not only would u be breaking the law but you're not actually allowed to sit in the backseat of a automatic self-driving car because you still need to pay attention to the road while sitting in the driver's seat because the car gives you a warning it beeps 3 times and if you don't respond by the 3rd beep it pulls you over and calls emergency services along with this you're still not allowed to drink and drive even though you're not driving such you need to pay attention and you still need your reaction and braking/thinking distance unaffected drinking driving Breaking law Tho that clip 😂

    91. The True Dodo King

      14:20 I wanna know name of cool robit

    92. Gipsy danger, americas monster

      you wanna watch netflix? Go watch netflix. This man has a very serious fight to win in mortal kombat.

    93. Isaac Mans

      It goes in the square hole

    94. Ffion Owen

      8:48 ah yes British Humour at its finest

    95. Sophie Ewert

      the robot cracked me up

    96. suonatar1

      I love how he lost it in the shape game 😂

    97. some person

      117 people expected all of this

    98. Super whatever gamin'

      The Click is Floor Gang. Yes.

    99. Sapphire Gaming

      I swear i watched the same video

    100. Cyle Douglas