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    1. Razorshot5698

      this makes me think of click in a 1200 hp diesel volvo from the 80s drifting at breakneck speeds while he sings in swedish

    2. Gem Corker

      Oh bless, Click doesn't know what a mosh pit is! Yes, it's basically mostly men throwing themselves at each other with violence & aggression in the audience of heavy metal (& related genres) bands. I saw plenty of people leaving mosh pits with broken noses, concussions & 1 unlucky chap had his brand new, freshly pierced septum piercing ripped out, although this was at the height of Nu Metal in the early 2000's. No idea if the scene is the same anymore, but that's what those kids were trying to do in the Appleby's.

    3. Red UniPanda

      I love his reaction to the Red Pandas. I will now only think of his little song.

    4. Tzromae

      pelican: eats a pigeon click: the game of ducks

    5. Dan D.S.P

      I dont want to die before I've been able to cuddle with a lioness.

    6. Hi I’m That1person

      2:39 I love the irony in this scene. The shop is called battery service, and she is using her head as a battering ram, and Clicks commentary through this whole thing is just 👌🏻

    7. Giovanna Moretti

      9:46 me adulting in a nutshell

    8. me myself

      It’s -it’s -it’s a cat scat 8:38

    9. Ohnii_ Plays


    10. TheZeroAssassin

      I just stumbled across you. You are delightfully entertaining. Thank you for the smile

    11. phatcat1010

      The fact that i always wanted to live in sweden makes this guy better

    12. Something I don’t know

      GTA be like: 4:38

      1. Something I don’t know

        Sorry I’m late

      2. Something I don’t know

        Sorry I’m late

    13. H̵e̴l̷l̴B̵o̷u̸n̶d̶L̵u̷c̷i̵f̵e̶r̵

      Is no one gunna talk about the topicy wopicky bit-

    14. Spider tea party On the west side

      This is the FUNNIEST thing I’ve seen in a while

    15. Asa Kent-Purcell

      In soviet Russia, FIS EAT YOU!

    16. Akira Amamiya

      2:40 I love how the guy just calmly walks away like this is just some everyday stuff xD

    17. Grant Harriman

      The UPS guy, or in this case USPS woman, has to remember to set that brake as much as a hundred times a day if not more. There are tens of thousands of them across the country and many times that around the world. Someone is eventually going to mess it up. This should not surprise you.

    18. Gun catto • commented 293 years ago

      Want more

    19. GameDestroyer39

      11:14 The woman in the middle is so fucking funny I couldn't stop laughing thank god it wasn't a try not to laugh 😂😂😂

    20. immature demolitions

      As of this comment, Klick has 666k subscriber's......welp, see ya in hell

    21. hobo joe


    22. Kupono Bueltmann

      12:04 what kind of pussy ass punches were those?


      Congrats for 666k subs :D

    24. Darragh Talorgan

      2:49 she was trying to injur herself and make a big enough commotion that could use it later on to say he was the aggressor

    25. Bella

      kill me UwU

    26. Cooper Sutherland

      "Is this a pub brawl? Or, like, a dance off?" "...Yes."

    27. Locke

      Bro i didn’t know they had waluigi in real life!

    28. Filip Estelle

      Click not knowing what a mosh pit is made me realise that yeah, not everyone listens to music with guitars and fast tempos! :P

    29. Slimy gaming

      The whole situation at 4:44 is literally just how most dnd parties function

    30. ・゚:* B U G・゚:*

      He looks like Dr.eggman from the live action sonic movie

    31. Sir Wabutan VX

      Catfriend does Abrupt Chaos? DON'T MIND IF I DO! I love Abrupt Chaos!

    32. gundham tanaka playz

      You are one of my favohrite totally not furry youtubers

    33. Timber Der Jägermeister

      Remember kids Just becuse it says "go highway speed" dosnt mean drive that fast on ice You might have 4 wheel drive But you don't have 4 wheel stop

    34. Mangus875

      Bro this is twice now I’ve been in a click video lmao

    35. E X I S T 404

      the video with the lioness is hella cute, god i love lions

    36. BeatrizDrawzThingz

      12:58 cuddly cat from wish

    37. LivexLifexLost

      Both Seth Everman and The Click have made the exact same "Sweden in April" joke, I'm beginning think they teach you that joke at school

    38. Resomius

      Pelikans are assholes...

    39. ice wallow cuck


    40. Addy N

      My mom is in the other room and im over here just laughing my ass off

    41. Shiro

      Your beard gets even more evil :D

    42. sign¡fed

      7:23 **dances AGGRESSIVELY**

    43. FHK as Noel FHK as Noel

      0:54 On TV be like: Areu having a bad bc your car is broken. Don't worry we have excellent work for you and they upload the cutscenes smashed to another car till the end People say: bruh.... 1:29 Slap generation: confirm Tip at 2:32: That women trying to steal the stuff but there's a man so she angered him she had big brains or not she just drunk out 5:28 well u can see it's actually game in RL

    44. Aestareth

      7:23 this is just the average underground hardcore metal band. the thing they're doing is called windmilling

    45. Shadowmare

      6:58 I am an Indian and this is embarrassing

    46. legend pybro

      I come back after a while to watch click and now he has an evil Australian style facial hair rather than clean shaven (mostly?)

    47. GayJayy

      Having Click narrate the (I think) Bollywood drama seizure scene was amazing! I loved it. 10/10

    48. Ash Grim

      At 6:30, I’m guessing they are attempting a mosh pit

    49. Nehemias Gonzalez

      context on the bear clip guy is a cheater admins usually troll cheaters like this. i thought this was known. anyways cool vids

    50. king light

      2:37 anyone know where to find the full video i want to know what is going on usually there is something going on

    51. Infinitydragonoid420

      7:27 that's a Denny's mosh pit if I've ever seen one

    52. Hannes 1

      2AM at Applebees? The original Video is called the Denny's Grand Slam because that's where it happened, a soon-to-close Denny's

    53. Captain Fordo


    54. Denso Gaming

      How have i never heard him speak Swedish!?!?? And WHY is he soo good at it?!?

    55. zack McMaster

      6:42 i think she was the woman who actually got angry at pewdiepie because he said the editing was bad. 7:21 i still don't see how this is a mosh pit.

    56. Morgan Naomi

      Please tell me someone knows where to find the video of the wrestling tournament referee

    57. Fi Fi


    58. shade

      Everyone is talking about the shoplifters but the student who threw Steve is the funniest person in existence. Seriously that person who asked about homework deserves to get someone thrown at them.

    59. David Williams

      Lying to us forward or Crom I’m going to get eaten it comes over and start eating a little child but everyone started her pets and get put the child to type but nobody cares

    60. hoppelnet

      7:33 it's a moshpit... at applebees?

    61. Cali van Keulen

      Still can't get the "CRIBY WIBY UwU!" out of my head, thanks Click!

    62. Alex Chapman

      The bear just wanted a new friend.

    63. x.Smudge.x_ x.smidge.x

      Coming back to the channel after a few months its strange seeing click with a mustache. But i do like the look

    64. Ssmokesy

      Respect the sea so you can sea another day

    65. Thanos oof

      Guy: “shoots bear” Bears: now all of china knows you’re here.

    66. Gwenyth Crouse

      Hm yes, the pelicans, geese and pigeons, all sub species of D U CK

    67. Sleepie

      It’s cool how the shoplifters ended up helping the cashier but IS ANYONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT HOW THEY DID IT!? It was a whole movie coordinated fight scene 🤚😌

    68. Michelle Barry

      It's not a great parking spot... It's really not a great parking spot... It's re- It's increasingly not a great parking spot.

    69. Ranjira

      oh gods That fish! XD that fish knew his end was coming so he decided to go out with a- "LEEEEEROOOOY JEEEEENKIIIIIINS!" Charge at the enemy. lmfao!

    70. Jay Katara

      I always get this ad on Click's videos lately called "Peepy's theme" and Idk if y'all have been getting it too, but it's the most ominous f*cking thing ever and very fitting for the Click.

    71. Georgia Brown

      I, We need more of this sub

    72. GoldenGameEagle

      “I remember when I had a friend” ~ Click, 2021


      Those shop lifters were just like oh Jesus we were doing crime and the crime boy came in

    74. Lindahl

      are you trying to say that ducks are not already the dominant species?

    75. ZLoaf

      Click is slowly starting to look like the man one the Pringles can

    76. KatarinaDreams

      Clicky-sempai did my request 😍

    77. Gannon Reilly

      4:10 literally the plot of The Road to El Dorado

    78. Jimmy Miller Dragon Heart

      He looks like Dr. Robotnic from the sonic movie.

    79. The Furry With no money

      1:29 omg i know that school waay how did this old gem end upon clicks channel 1:29

    80. Trini M

      He says " we all learned something in this video" I leave full screen First thing I read? NO YOU DIDN'T

    81. Lucky Moon joy

      If someone came into a store that I was on the register for and that whole situation happened, I’d just say that the stuff the shoplifters took was part of their payment for making sure the place wasn’t robbed with a gun. Like... yeah, that’s fine. They have morals.

    82. Mezei Zsolt

      You call it "Bear Apocalypse" here in russia we call it "Утро" .

    83. Moo Cow

      I keep watching the shoplifting clip. It's such a movie like scene. One shoplifter rolls their skateboard into the counter, distracting the armed robber. The second shoplifter tackles the armed robber from behind when he is distracted by the skateboard. The first shoplifter throws one of the displays onto the no longer armed robber stopping him from getting up. The second shoplifter picks up the gun the robber dropped onto the counter and threw it to the shopkeeper who vaulted over the counter and pointed it at the robber. Imagine how epic that would be if it were filmed at a different angle.

    84. ꧁Salty Dinosaur꧂

      Yes Sweden + April weather = chaos :’)

    85. Zactipus

      Dude the plays on the robber Xd

    86. Nina Felwitch

      The robbery at 4:10 was staged and not real. Which is sad and good at the same time.

    87. NightShade1161

      ❤️💜❤️💜You are absolutely amazing!! I am so freaking happy I found your channel!. You truly make me laugh! And you have made my days much happier!! And I wanted to Thank you for that I truly appreciate it. Keep up the awesomeness!!!❤️💜❤️❤️ Ps That poor red panda!! I think it might have actually shit it’s soul! right out! that poor fluffy red cute bastard just aged 60 years instantly!! what kind of game warden does that!! Humans suck!!.... LOL just kidding but not really,,

    88. Mathtron 5000


    89. Alexander Josefsson

      Tror de är det som är en mosch pit

    90. VegetaFan 99

      anyone else think that Click looks like an evil duke who wants to assassinate a princess in order to gain her inheritance

    91. Kyra Zimmer

      please tell me "knorkled" is actually a swedish term? :D

    92. Niklas Ahrens

      I did martial arts and I never had the luck to see something like this

    93. Jack Martin

      4:12 gta be like

    94. Floofy Fox Gal

      1:29 Beyblade Beyblade: let it rip!

    95. Masxe Arrivederci

      We need more! More! It was beautiful

    96. Michael Corona

      Omg I didn't realize Trelawny had a IRvision channel! SO subscribed! 😀

    97. Forever DM

      7:28 the video is called Mosh pit at Denny’s why do I know this because I’ve actually watched the full video

    98. Davidek Sloup

      This is the Best video i ever saw

    99. • Vee Bee •

      Dear click, Ik is you might not see this, but I just need to say this, you made my days so much better for the past year, adding a bit of chaos and a lot of spice, especially considering my toxic thoughts of things, but you just make them wash away mostly. You’re amazing, and this is just a thank you. Sincerely, Bee.

    100. Starlightplayz

      Duck fact: ducks will become cannibalis out of boredom this behavior starts at sometimes around 4 weeks old