YouTube might Delete my Channel... (again)

The Click

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    This video is telling my story of my troubles with IRvision and the systems on the platform for the past year. The purpose is to suggest solutions and updates to the systems currently in place based on my own and the communitys experience.
    This video is meant to tell my story and encourage tangable solutions, not encourage outrage. Do not go out of your way to cause trouble because of this video.

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    1. The Click

      Reminder: Don't go out of your way to bother people or IRvision because of this video. The purpose is to suggest solutions and share how much trouble is pushed upon creators because of these issues, not to encourage outrage. Thank you

      1. Joseph

        I wonder if things would be different if Nasim hunted the executives instead of spraying at the first people she saw. Probably not, but it's fun to think about.

      2. Rabijeel

        YT: "Sorry, our Bots are flawed and can not do that better because the millions of Videos" So, every halfway decend Programmer for Apps knows that you have to tackle the Problem where it happens. This would suggest to have to bring up a System that compensates for it. Like, to have a preselection of the Videos. Like, Channel has no Viewers - Bot Processing. Channel has a decent Amount of Viewers and Subscribers but does not live by it - Also Bots, but on the Creator complaining it gets Checked manually. Channels which Creators live by it and have lots of Viewers? Manual Checking is mandatory for every Strike to happen. Creators who complain about Strikes but are !!-> obviously

      3. RJ0498

        Vafan är IRvisions problem helt ärligt!

      4. m gutierrez

        Fork IRvision Clickers rise up.

      5. Demonic Monica

        Ok, but like Outrage was already building up, soooo if we feel outrage it's not your fault.

    2. Joseph

      13 and over ONLY, but your content better appeal to 4 year olds *or else.* Oh, but if it DOES, you're in trouble.

    3. L

      The worst part imo is the 'it's manually reviewed, accepted, and then later denied'. Like... that's not on the creator, that's on the reviewer. Don't punish the creator because one of your reviewers can't follow guidelines

      1. Joseph

        Gross incompetence is what this company strives for.

    4. Midnight Kitsune

      The Jim Carrey is strong with this one.

    5. KamiRecca

      Fight the good fight, brother. Håll modet uppe om det händer, vi finns här.

    6. geartic

      good god stop trying to get your channel deleted

    7. the random show

      Ah yes man goes insane for 30 minutes

    8. doslicious

      This is dumb. youtube basically grew up on edgy content.all because some lazy parents would not watch their child. They go to youtube going:Oh mY gOd my cHilD i watcHInG stuff THat iS inappropriate pizzazz hElp: frick you Susan

    9. Ranger Frank

      They're using bots for the "manual reviews" too. it's bullshit top to bottom.

    10. Why did I Make this channel

      May the symphony of IRvision bring the end of all tomorrow’s

    11. Fina Phrog

      The Click is really on a limb here, lets make sure we give him lots of support because he's just a guy trying to give us content and make profit because its his job. Click, I hope you never have to go through another one of these things.

    12. Objectified Slime

      I remember i found you because Oz had you on a video when your channel was taken down.

    13. Kawaiwatermelon


    14. Araceli Pastoriza Fernandez

      9:39 nice ring

    15. NorwegianPride

      Maybe youtube creators should ditch youtube and get OnlyFans where they can make the exact same videos, then youtube can just keep youtube creators who only make videos for 3 year olds

    16. Sevrin Tiger

      So basically being a youtuber really is not actually worth bothering with... I honestly don;t think youtube will ever address any of these issues until the bodies start to pile up.

    17. king ace

      Who are you who doesn't know their history - Ulysses fallout new vegas

    18. Bright's Kohai


    19. Sydney Braithwaite

      It seems like IRvision COMPLETELY forgets that there is a WHOLE SEPARATE APP for kids. They made an whole different app for kids and STILL “try” to make all content on the app for adults kid friendly. If they want the content on their main app to be kid friendly then WHY EVEN HAVE AN APP FOR KIDS?

    20. SuperMurxus

      @TheClick - In Germany a court *ordered* IRvision to reinstate a channel - search for "wbs miimii perma ban rechtswidrig" in IRvision a lawyer talking about that case. So there is another path to approach IRvision in the worst case scenario.

    21. Mr Dane Vlogs

      lol Pewtiepies lost brother have some good points here

    22. Vixen

      kids stumble across your channel, their parents over hear the videos, the parents get angry, boom you get sued

    23. Kakonote Ouji

      Yet they have naked yoga showing everything uncensored on IRvision.

    24. Exastiris


    25. Geisa Sousa

      Imagine if IRvisionrs went on strike and posted their videos elsewhere

    26. Ink sans but angsty

      My account was banned once for inappropriate content… I hadn’t even posted anything

    27. pallas

      this reminds me of the ShoeOnHead thing, where she got the clips that got her Hellworld video basically blacklisted from other big channels, and she got a bunch of "sensitive content" warnings (I got 5 in one go) even though the bigger channels didn't. It's almost like IRvision has one of those "rules for me and not for thee" things, picking and choosing which channels get smacked down or not.

    28. Debbie Henri

      I have watched dozens of police crime shows on IRvision, both fiction and non-fiction, displaying content that is most certainly unsuitable for children. There was one series in particular that left me wondering when British TV had become so explicit in what it showed. Another show displays some gruelling real crime scene pictures. Yet those channels still operate and there were no age restrictions placed on those channels (I've only been challenged once to prove my age, but I don't like handing out personal information and declined). I don't think anything said on this channel gets close to some of things I've seen elsewhere on IRvision. I doubt that young children would be bothered listening to fast-paced chatter on elements that were over their head anyway. Let's face it, they're more into games, cartoons, and watching funny animals. What's here to attract them - let alone influence them? I'm wondering if there's a little bit of jealousy going on somewhere.

    29. Failing Reefai

      Hey youtube i hear there's a little app called IRvision KIDS,you know what it is used for? Yeah,FOR KIDS so pls don't force normal youtuber to be family friendly and shit

    30. Haro Vilius

      Preach. My Instagram has been taken down for weeks and nobody ever contacted me why so. I never posted any "inapropriate" content or harass someone on the platform, yet I cannot even file a complaint on this... There are people that I can only contact on Instagram... It's unfair.

    31. Ryan Kaiser

      I’m guessing it’s because children watch your content and the parents watch the children and some get a big butt hurt and lodge a complaint to Yuotube management and all that process trickles down to a strike on your channel. You can’t do anything to stop the children from watching your content because the children like your content and so the parents will watch the children dislike your stuff make constant complaints and then you lose your channel because IRvision prefers to cave.

    32. That One Acidic Phoenix

      When I get a strike it takes a day or even a week for them to say i am right- oh god. They dislike their large IRvisionrs I guess.

    33. phoenix_b_ artistically

      Dude youtube is so broken, I'm so sorry for the creators who depend on this platform for their incomes

    34. Blaze Guy

      4:46 that was funny

    35. Tyg Rahof

      I you weren't such a deviant furry you wouldn't have these problems!! (JK)

    36. Emmett Every

      IRvision has IRvision kids, and a way to censor 18+ content. Why are they using that? They are putting things in place so that there can be basically three separate sections of IRvision but anytime anyone makes content in the latter two categories they get mad?

    37. nonzen life

      If this is a consistent problem for creators across the platform and youtube can't seem to fix it, why don't we fix it for them? You have a large following and I'm sure you work with other creators with large followings so why not use your power to hit them in the wallet? I think a sustained loss of viewers from around the world may apply pressure that individual creators can't bring alone. If youtube creators didn't upload and the followers of those creators didn't consume for like.... a week, say, how much revenue do you think the platform would lose? And look, I spend far too many hours on this site daily, but I would be happy to just listen to Audible while I work to help get the point across. Anyway, just a thought.

    38. WarmMilk

      And yet that one channel that legit just tortures cats stayed up for the longest damn time. Monetized.

    39. Angel_Dust_The_Prostitute

      んらなす もらしいすちかにらみ かいちも にと ち こなみそく らは とかにははと てくら かちのい そらみはにすもちかにらみ こにちと ちか はちそい ひちりない くらせいはなりりん んらなす しにとそらすし にもせすらひいと にみ かくい はなかなすい

    40. Kazuya Jones

      IRvision strikes are stupid if the person isn't actually doing stuff wrong and if no 1 in there comments cares at all what he is saying Then who gives a little shit Like IRvision expect everyone to follow their little stupid rules Guess what That's what IRvision kids is for If there's a IRvision kids then there should be no reason to block stuff on the normally IRvision Otherwise don't have IRvision kids

    41. Philipe Niederhausen

      6:30 German he spoke german

    42. The Naked Wombat

      Social media community guidelines are a joke. Facebook once suspended my account and deleted the offending a material, a cartoon image of Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny for nudity. Someone once tried to claim copyright of my face.

    43. Dib Dab

      IRvision has double standards:/ They somehow let some NSFW stuff in while targeting innocent channels >.>

    44. Christian Hohenstein

      What happened with your mustache

    45. Gore Labs

      I hope some day someone will make another platform that is way better for viewers and creators. Maybe then IRvision will listen.

    46. Vincey

      IRvision is such a scary and unpredictable job haha

    47. Sgrinwaipwr

      All this crap makes me not want to be a IRvisionr.

    48. TheComputec

      It took YT a year to take down a Shock Jock video where he berated the parents of children killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting, calling them fakers liars and Crisis actors. Same thing with videos where widows of the Twin Towers attack were labelled as whingeing moneygrabbers. Meanwhile a video with a woman breastfeeding her child gets taken down Its the price you pay for sucking up to their advertisers. Monetized accounts have stricter policies to protect their lovely paying customers. Thems are the rules !!

    49. SkyDemonAirPirates

      As a fellow creator, I feel your pain.... Daily....

    50. Hu Tao

      There is literal porn on IRvision yet you can get your channel deleted for a LINK TO YOUR FUCKING PATREON. It has happened.

    51. it just me ok

      When he said beautiful all I could think about was Jim Carrey saying it like that

    52. The Glowing Beans guy

      Click clearley never heard of roblox mods. Someone got banned for 18+ content in thier game, but there was no 18+ content in a game. Someone bought a slightly cheaper dominus on thier alt and got banned for "buying on the black market" (they didnt even do that) A youtuber got banned for saying yes This is just an example of over hundrets or even thousants of false bans by indian mods

    53. Cherry Piekitten

      its amazing how a producer can get copyright claim from a music beat they made youtube just wow

    54. Variks

      It's like they let only youtubers that make them money stay :/

    55. fungaming51

      I'm an extremly small small creator myself and tbh this is one of the reasons I was hesitant to start a channel but it only seems to happen to bigger content creators. Which almost makes me want to stay as small as I am.

    56. Willa Wolfe

      This is crazy. You're the most wholesome creator I've found on IRvision

    57. nicolas bouchard

      Hey Click there's another channel called MxR who got A LOT of problem with IRvision. Maybe you can talk to them to see how you can change some things to stop having strikes.

    58. Laylaybug1

      I get how youtube makes every video child appropriate because youtube kids failed, but why not just make kids only able to see videos marked for kids? They have ad polls asking about age ranges, so why not use it? Plus youtube Literally is 13+ So its just confusing.

    59. InkLoverxxx the artist

      Someone put it in words!! Like the point really comes across clearly (for normal people not IRvision obviously)👏👏

    60. Mr. Nobody DX

      HERE SOME NEGATIVITY for entertainment in general not just IRvision Me: Can you implement some logical solutions to make a thing better for everyone? Companies: Are we losing money? Me:....No? Companies: THEN OF COURSE WE CAN'T😁 WE WORK SMART! NOT HARD! ME: Smart doesn't equal wiz- COMPANIES: SORRY I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!! I'M MAKING SELFIES NEXT TO MY WATERFALL OF PROFIT!!!!!

    61. Jenna Gets Creative

      The flags for nudity on things clearly aren't are so ridiculous. Just yesterday I saw something that had been flagged and age gated for "partial nudity." What was it? A woman wearing hijab. Expose skin? Yeah, face and hands.

    62. Miya

      i love your channel.. I hope everything ends up being good

    63. Malin The Fairy

      My account got deleted because I was too young :( It was deleted 3 months ago.

    64. Yeethawed64.7z

      content creators: i can say i do not have child appropriate content on my channel YT: yep CC: so i should post adult content within the guidelines YT: sounds right to me CC: so I can post more mature content YT: no if you do not abide by our guidelines you will be age restricted, demonetized, or deleted. CC: [rage that makes hydrogen bombs look like a m-150]

    65. Wi5o


    66. sleepingkirby

      So... there are a few people I watch on youtube that I feel are the chillest people on here. The Click is one of them. To see him this frustrated... it means a lot.

    67. nunya businesan


    68. eekns

      I got suspended on Reddit and Twitter for calling myself a fagg*t. I am gay it’s ok if I call myself that. You can’t commit a hate crime on yourself.


      Wait, so one of the fluffy vids got a strike because of a devil's lettuce fluffy catching fire? Man, there's a whole rabbithole of drug youtubers, some go from smoking and trying different strains of weed to eating rotten meat and to get high (or a severe gastritis) and are free to upload. IRvision really is a shitshow

    70. Radvilas Gudas

      Im not surprised that the fridge video is acctualy still up

    71. My Name

      10:17 omg 😅😅😅

    72. LaserGryph

      IRvision is unstable and you cannot rely on it for a career. It may be at some point in the future when a competitor can figure out how to do this better and dethrones youtube but until then, DO NOT QUIT YOUR JOB TO MAKE CONTENT FULL TIME.

    73. ThePrimith

      Meanwhile, I flagged my first video in years, because I found it to be animal abuse. The video was about rat traps that used electricity, and you straight up got to see dozens of rats getting electrocuted to death. How on earth I was able to find such a thing on IRvision is beyond me. But hell, mildly suggestive pictures are the bane of decency and must be removed at all cost, right?

    74. N1cocraft

      Can we get mr beast and elon musk together to start a new platform?

    75. Mtijger

      This reminds me of my career on Mixer..Where Microsoft was just like lets yeet all these peoples livelihoods out the window bye bye one day.

    76. Brookelyn Pollard

      I like how IRvision has people literally killing animals on their platform but then tries to delete The Click’s videos.

    77. John Weiss

      A Suggestion: Click, consider leaving your disclaimer at the top of the video up for at least 5-10 seconds. This way, nobody can claim, “But he didn't tell me not to do it.” And it will also say to IRvision _even louder_ that you are doing everything possible to avoid exposing IRvision to lawsuit (which is the purpose behind many of the rules).

    78. Fay Anne Aura Arts

      IRvision striking The Click for supposedly generating harm, meanwhile literal Nazi Pewdiepie is still going strong on YT.

    79. Conner Ingram Black

      Good lord youtube stop deleting good content

    80. Black Maelstrom

      I love how IRvision still will yell at people when they deem 18+ advertisements that don't bother hiding anything as perfectly okay. But you can't drop the F-bomb... what the hell?

    81. VVitch Soteria

      Hang in there Click! Best creator out there IMO.

    82. freenarative

      dude... class action suit. Sue.

    83. Tommy Gun

      Look up a guy named Irving Corzine. He has a channel here. He says he's a social media lawyer. He might be able to help. Pass it along. Now back to our regularly scheduled annoyance.

    84. John Owen

      Lesson learned: IRvision sucks

    85. vrenak

      But if you have a trustability system, IRvision can't push their American puritanical views on your nordic relaxed attitude and dark humour.

    86. The White Sphere

      More and more snowflakes from snowflakeland are melting and finding everything too hot for their snowflakemind...

    87. kaya da Potato

      I never knew I could be annoyed with IRvision. It’s been my favorite platform for years and it’s sad to see it treat my favorite creators so horribly.

    88. Nieroshai

      So what you're saying it isn't only Alt-Righters getting struck? I'm sure they won't believe you.

    89. Jenny M

      Thanks for breaking down how this works as well as how it has negatively affected you and so many other creators. It also screws with those of us who just keep coming back because we can't stop watching you :-)

    90. Civil Magpie

      IRvision needs to hire real people not dumb bots just me 👀 Huh, I see how it is.

    91. Julia Alvarado

      I wanna know who dislike this video.....not to start just UK kinda umm no but okay😐

    92. Svyatoslav The Sped Protogen

      Yet my SoundCloud friend downloads beats and makes music videos with them and his channel is being uped in the algorithm instead

    93. Cat.astr0phe

      I got terrified because I thought your channel was about to be deleted, thank God that's not the case. But yeah IRvision sucks :(

    94. Midoriel

      IRvision's system is just so broken it's unbelievable. I really hope they'll listen and try to fix these issues.

    95. Crablikemailman

      I think IRvision's moderating team are just a group of neckbeards Susan just hired for free cause those neckbeards say that she is their "Queen" and all that dumb stuff and guess WHAT the neckbeards are also one of the bad discord mods and use the "experience" from being a mod into IRvision and get butthurt about stuff they don't like and since they're the moderators they just strike every channel they disagree with and delete those channels as well but hey that's just a theory a theory just a theory what did you expect

    96. Crablikemailman

      all I gotta say is Bruh wat the heck IRvision

    97. KAuser 2094

      5:44 To be honest I actually had to pause the video to even realise the problem.

    98. Duke00x

      IRvisions human review is horrible bias.

    99. Duke00x

      I know of a creator that had a private unlisted video that had never been listed (it was put in the cue and left there set as private and unlisted) or posted flagged and got a strike for it.

    100. Kyona AmIAGirl?

      you should really consider joining youtube alternatives like bitchute or rumble.