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    1. Theresa T

      um, yeah, your nose isn't that big, it is proportionate to your head. ......And no I am not saying you have a big head.

    2. a ladder

      Just had a nightmare where my browsing history was visible

    3. Low Quality Rodent Randomness

      Fun fact that movie actually exists, I watched it, it then confused me. (the velocipastor)

    4. Inquisitor Bacon

      Deckar Shado did a review of The Velocipastor... It's one of those that looks so cheesy it's amazing lol

    5. Dani Soralyn

      Omg love the lipstick one.. xD

    6. Pink Lightning Vtuber Gaming and Nightcore

      Bears doing drug deals in back yards🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    7. TheMagicFishGod

      7:31 hey I saw this one on Emkay. Y’all should collab

    8. daesol

      unrelated to the video but i'm 88% sure i have a crush on you lol

    9. László Veres

      Did you just say JIF???

    10. Nairshea Sterling

      Short story, Click, furries that emote DO use that emote. If I am cursed to have to know this, so does everyone else.

    11. MoonlightWolf

      Non-American school children look different (without holes) because the education has holes in America :]

    12. •Toadstools and Frogs•

      Sir, your nose is ✨beautiful✨ don't worry

    13. not alive

      My mom walked in on me watching your video

    14. Uncle Iroh

      with benefits

    15. clement verkimpe

      13:38 does someone have the link for this pic?

    16. Em3ra1d Gamer

      13:21 A kid with orange hair a green shirt who goes to school and owns a sniper rifle sounds familiar

    17. 【twilight time】

      the velocipastor is lit

    18. HumanF91R-8

      Not sure if the adios dog is worse with the meme context or with its actual use.

    19. Japezu


    20. KuroKishi

      That adios part really got to me, I nearly died from laughter. I think my neighbors hate me now.

    21. Electrophorus

      winnie the pooh is a girl ....

    22. lsmileyl

      Ok but I just wanna know “They all taste the same” not “they all look the same with no skin” I just wanna know how he knows what a skinned human looks

    23. M K

      "you know its a good taco, when it burns twice"? nope. for being good, it has to burn three times. first when it goes in, second when it comes out and a third time in the eyes of the sewer workers...

    24. Ariel Harloff

      I'm just gonna channel my inner one topic and say I have no clue what the one with the queen was about

    25. Autumn Rose

      3:12 Bullet holes😱

    26. steweygrrr

      In a shelter with the 5 last remaining humans. All are the same sex. Seriously though, 6 is one short of the minimum number to maintain a viable species so even if they did somehow manage to breed exponentially at some point it would come to inbreeding. Or something like that.

    27. Abel Aguilar-Acosta

      It took me a full month for me to see it Wtf

    28. Chase Crawford

      10:39 “is this a jojo reference?”

    29. Garrett Edwards

      1:26 If you look closely, this card is meant for "Loss of Loved One"

    30. Falsknavn Falskefternavn

      This is the first video i've seen on this channel and that sophisticated, semi British voice just makes every sentence 10 times better.

    31. James Garlick

      In regards to the "pregnancy test app" gag, that reminds me of two things: 1) I knew a boomer who saw my friend turn on their flashlight on their cellphone case and boomer said "oh wow! What app is that?" This was back when iPhone 4 first came out... 2) I remember stumbling on a link in comments about "downloading more RAM for your computer" and I thought "there's no way someone took the time to make a legit website domain just for a 90's meme prank (companies in the 90's sold programs that "increased memory storage" in your computer. Huge scam, mostly just file manager programs) and I was not disappointed in how well done it was! Afterwards, it "finished downloading" 32 GB of memory on my computer (mostly broken dino worth losing for a prank that was potentially virus infected) and it said "Congratulations!" and a button popped up saying "click here to learn more!" I got Rickrolled and I loved it

    32. Browe Star

      I'm going to play a drinking game with your entire Channel every time you make something wholesome unwholesome I'm going to take a swig I got drunk in the first video

    33. Mitsuba's swagger soda 缶詰の点滴

      "so uh... man's best friend with benefits"

    34. numbers0580

      At 14:55, I think it's commentary on the egregious cost of the US Healthcare system, sometimes regardless of Health Insurance.

    35. shane kriese

      3:11 *pumped up kicks starts to play*

    36. Elise Logan

      Sir. Your nose is a thing of beauty. *shifty look* Did I make it weird?

    37. ire aut

      I'm too stupid for the lipstick one, can someone help

    38. Taylor Patterson

      E v e r y t i m e I p a u s e o n c l i c k ' s f a c e i t s a t a b a d t i m e w h a t t h e f a k

    39. Defektiv

      13:49 man's best friend and woman's boyfriend

    40. Olivia Halliday


    41. Nunu

      Can someone tell me what his intro is?

    42. ileee1

      0:39 yeah they had to know what they were doing...

    43. XD-kixx

      What does it mean at 6:55 I don’t get it

      1. Amaris Frede

        It's a reference to p0rn. I think the original is one white girl sitting on a couch and a bunch black dudes in underwear are standing behind her. I saw it in memes and re-memes a lot, but took a while to understand what it was coming from too. It implies that things are gonna get spicy and wild (poor queen). 😂

    44. [William Afton]

      r/holdup or r/holup

    45. Tortilla uwu

      ive seen this video on my recommended so many times but i didnt understand the thumbnail.

    46. Smiles

      7:13, no witty remark, no life advice, just him looking at the post, grimacing at it, and responding with "... Huh." And to be honest, that got a good laugh out of me.

    47. Two-Step Charlie

      7:32 why yes, yes we do.

    48. Martina

      13:38 aww a cute famil- wait HOLD UP!

    49. Heathen Creaturus

      Click I love your nose you look like David Tennant.

    50. michael borden

      1:17 the “adios” got me lol

    51. Lev's_Animations

      4:33 this has turned into the pizza HUNT

    52. Lavender ZenGacha

      It's ok Click, your nose is perfectly fine.

    53. Max MF

      The reason the genetic bottlenecks in history (proven by mathematical models regarding most common recent ancestors and mitochondrial mutation clocks) with the events of Noah's flood did not cause genetic diseases is due to genetic entropy. Today breeding with relatives causes disease because our genome has degraded, and continues to degrade at a rate of 2% information loss per generation, whereas closer to the creation date the genome was closer to its original and perfect design and there were no genetic errors to accumulate due to inbreeding. Adam married Eve, made of his own rib, that was fine. Watch the documentary film "Science falsely so-called" by Matt Powell here on IRvision for more info.

    54. MB_ SGZ

      10:45 ... Scary Monsters ...

    55. The God

      Tehy have holes after bullets.

    56. ruddiko

      Puss in Boots from Shrek is SPANISH askhdasjdlahdas Latino SMH

    57. Truong Martin

      That dentistry one tho, now thats good advertisements

    58. Raven Reigns

      Not they were roommates 😂😂

    59. adorably smug little bastard

      Ehm you kinda look like Onision with a mustache and well-kempt hair

    60. KillYourTV

      1:57-2:04 just listen with your eyes closed

    61. Jolt 1

      4:09 maybe it was just some guy trying to hold her in the right position? it probably isn't easy staying in a perfect pose. I think he was just trying to line her body up correctly XD

    62. Weathercold


    63. Sarah Ouma

      I looked at the tubnail and just was like wait... There is a dog human girl... A dog...and a woman... WAIT NOOO!

    64. Abdurəşid Abdurəşid

      10:57 why does it sounds like jojo

    65. Sami A.

      0:58 I’m stuck step bro

    66. SadieCat

      What?? My guy your nose is perfect

    67. Ariella Rogers


    68. Zach

      13:47 the ad cut the click off so I only heard "a man's best friend... with ben".

    69. callme wutevr

      y am i laughing to the dad jokes....

    70. hoodie Muk

      you look like jack sparrow and im all here for it

    71. ꧁Moon The Sky kid꧂

      13:25 pico?! is that YOU? YOU GOT A NEW GUN?!!!!! HOLY MACARONI-

    72. Trinston Michaels

      Trinston was here ..

    73. Sloosh Monster

      Hey dude would my profile picture be considered copyright?

    74. D. Cs. J.

      Your nose is beautiful, like the rest of your face! Wait... this sounds weird.


      The toco rolls... Dad : “ soooo... can we eat them? “ Me: “ dad.” The cashier: “ 👁👄👁 “

    76. TheMuffinGod 007

      Nice mustache

    77. Sofía Abad Solís

      me: I'm not innocent, I'm so dirty *doesn't understand half the video* someone please explain the queen one

    78. LionLord

      Your nose is perfect click.

    79. ZeroFiveSeven

      *Jeezy boy*

    80. ZeroFiveSeven

      0:58 - This is way too relatable...

    81. The Mighty Ninyn


    82. Andy Spivey

      I don’t understand the queen one. Am I just dumb or?

    83. burraswirl

      The dad tho he's gonna be traumatized xddddd

    84. sheepfuzz

      Pss disclamer

    85. Why you lookin


    86. Gallagher The Wolf

      i got an ad just as you said with benefits, but it sounded like "with ben"

    87. Kailer

      "The internet has ruined me" *My mind still being stuck in WilburSoot mode* : "Look, I know I must sound insane, but that's part of the package. If she can't handle me at my worst she don't deserve my mental bagga- wait shit"

    88. Candy crafter 1345

      Every time he greets us I hear hello laddies lasses and that like candy for throats if you have a cough and shit idk how to spell it

    89. Summer TeaTime

      your puns are actually pretty good!

    90. Fallen Angel

      Your mustash reminds me of dr. Robotnic

    91. Logan Almond

      that anime-ified meme template is awesome! who made it?

    92. XxMoonlight PrincessxX

      Josuah Weissman is gonna win the josh fight by feeding them till they die of choking

    93. Kodi Marsh

      1:26 probably a going away party

    94. Reaper Dedsec

      i counted fives she did it with that dog five times for each child

    95. Markmallow

      1:29 I can hear bisexuals cackling in the distance

    96. RandomMEOWtheKitty

      13:48 I got an ad for dog food...

    97. Taina Williams

      Your moustasch makes me miss burlesque shows.

    98. The ImG

      9:00 even the person that started gender reveal parties say its stupid

    99. CoolBeanz17

      I’ve seen the velocipastor it was horrible. Not just the story but the production to. The velociraptor was literally an inflatable T. rex Halloween costume with a half deflated head flopping everywhere.

    100. Arctic

      you look like french pewdiepie lol