Wild "Alpha Male" Tweets

The Click

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    1. Angela Burrow

      I wouldn't be surprised if 100% of the women watching this video agree with The Click & not the idiots spouting their misogynistic, homophobic, ridiculous shit. On other words, men need to be like The Click if you want to attract women.

    2. Ashkii

      I love how he can go between silly to chaotic stupid all the way back down to informative and sweet 😂♥️

    3. Louise Johnson

      When I was in grade 7 some kids were already working their way around the bases. I was acutely aware of the fact that I was only going to be a child for a very short time, and an adult for the majority of my life. I wasn't going to jump into things that I believed were best left to adults. Many women I know had bad first experiences and they wish that they had. It really isn't nice to break up with someone on bloody Valentines day. It's 100% your prerogative to break up with someone, but have some class, and compassion for God's sake🙄.

    4. labcoent co

      Straight. The new gay!

    5. DemonBlood6

      Question, if LEDs are gay why do drag racers put them on their car? I mean I bet a drag racer could bash an "aLpHas" head on their LED lit car while actually getting a group of ladies clamoring to the racer, while the "AlPhA" pisses themselves like a toddler and goes back to their mommy.

    6. Fafnihr

      Aaaah~ the Alphamale-Forum. The best way for toxic incels to cry on each other's shoulder.

    7. Gracie nerd with glasses.

      I like your plushy 😍

    8. Philip Joyce

      Phew! I'm happy I only ever see Twitter/tweets through videos such as this. There's not many things I'm glad I feel too old for, but Twitter is most certainly one.

    9. Basti K.

      The funniest thing about this whole Alpha Idea is that Humans are not even Pack Animals. Its not in our nature to have alphas and other roles. In less civilized times human mostly lived as familys or Clans. They had a Patriarch yes but not a "Alpha"

    10. Maja Mannhard

      hur gammal är du?

    11. astrid jensen

      Nobody: The straights: «having sex with women kinda gay»

    12. misscuttlefish Melody

      I like the moments you can see a neuron misfire when he tries to process a stupid 🧠

    13. Cosmic

      Fellas, is it gay to have light in your room?

    14. Maerchenlaenderin

      Okay, seriously, where can I find these posts? I must be living ina really nice and rainbow-y twitter-bubble...

    15. July Ol

      So, my partner is a carpenter and I kinda liked the sawdust = glitter idea. Didn't like the message though. Found one that says "sawdust is my glitter" :D

    16. Gamer Gardian

      I don’t understand the alpha and beta male shit

    17. Globeparasite 93

      10:53 I felt the need to say it : The Bible does NOT SAY THAT. At all. The only thing there is this verse which say that a wife should submit to their husband. But why ? Because according to the rest of the verse, girl keep that in mind, a good christian husband is supposed to love his wife. To love his wife LIKE THE MOTHERFUCKING CHRIST LOVE THE CHURCH ! YES ! LIKE THE CHRIST! THAT IS WHAT THE BIBLE SAY ! So for all the women here to know if he is the right man just ask him "Would you get crucified to save me ?" and if the answer is "WHERE'S THE CROSS ??" then marry him.

    18. OcenaStrex

      This video was randomly recommended to me by the IRvision algorythm. I gotta say I love your voice.

    19. Moonster Girl

      That's not LED lights it's Neon light.

    20. DGamer 50

      This video made me so uncomfortable, but I stayed for the DT770s, excellent choice Click.

    21. That Person Is Me

      straight people live in eternally dark rooms

    22. the random show


    23. chris capron

      This channel has me dying in my seat

    24. M .m

      Right, once again I lost any hope in our species.

    25. Ella M. B.

      The Click: When i woke up this morning I felt extra alpha male- 15 minutes later: Happiness is for women and chi- nope nope nope nope

    26. fungaming51

      guess I'm manipulated by the devil.

    27. CurvingFyre

      1:05 spoken like a man who knows unconsciously that if he explores his own sexuality enough he will discover bisexuality

    28. Alex

      Lights are gay on the wall, lights are alpha under a car... cause logic

    29. Blue Bird

      Hey fellas , is it gay to be straight ????

    30. Sad Panda

      That "Boys can't be sexually abused because they can't develop trauma" argument sounds like something a child abuser would say to justify assaulting children.

    31. Nope

      Lmao I forgot I had to do my T shot today until he yelled "That's right! Testosterone!" And I was like "Oh shit that's right! Testosterone!"

    32. Kiwi Smoothie

      "That is one of the best thumbnails I have ever seen" -My friend who has never watched Click before

    33. tom higgins

      Imagine being able to see things with light being gay af

    34. Rev. Nadine Morsch

      the best part of the "strong woman" hot take is it implies all Saiyans are gay. And you can go ahead and tell Vegeta that yourself, fam. xD

    35. TheComputec

      13:30 You are so right. happiness is merely a temporary state of contentment. . It is just your pituitary gland releasing some peptides into your system... endorphines like seratonin that bind with opioid receptors and block any pain or fear giving you a rush of "feels". It is temporary and you have to keep up your general wellbeing, make good decisions and keep away from assholes in order for this mechanism to continue to shower you with these happy feelings .

    36. The Naked Wombat

      There's nothing quite like hot man on man sex for straight men.

    37. Salohcin

      The personality one is so weird. "You get some of the guy's personality when he does it with you. God designed it to only be with your husband." So...You're literally saying that God intended for a woman's personality to be overwritten by her husband's? That's way grosser to me than the original sex shaming.

    38. Gore Labs

      A real man is a man who accepts everyone for their beliefs, sexuality etc.

    39. Ajehy

      I offer this comment to the algorithm

    40. TransPlant 161

      3:05 I mean, it's based in the fascistic view of sex as a domination game, similarly to how Romans and Greeks viewed it. (Yea they weren't so gay friendly, that's a myth. Pitching was okay because it was a domination thing, while being on the fielding team was considered a weakness and lowered your social standing. Hence why with Greeks it was mostly Pederasty, not homosexuality that was accepted, because it was seen as a natural extension of the already existing power dynamic between men and boys.)

    41. Cinnamon Roll

      What I got from this video: -New dysphoria triggers -Advice -the funnies

    42. Brookelyn Pollard

      This just in, having lights in your room makes you sexually attracted to men.


      Twitter is the new facebook

    44. Magical Mojitoes

      There are some truly WILD people out there...

    45. Syster Yster

      I feel really really sorry for those poor guys who are so incredibly insecure about themselves, they're not even allowing themselves to be happy and like things, because they're afraid someone might think they're not manly enough. What a sad existence.

    46. Syster Yster

      lol, I'm amazed at the amount of bulls**t and dumbassery these self-proclaimed "alfa males" spout all the time. Like, haven't they taken a single biology class or spoken to a single woman in their entire lives? XD

    47. Jon hoge

      I heard something interesting the other day. The term 'Alpha male' only entered our vocabulary after a study about wolf society behaviour was done in the '30's of something. Turns out they just threw a bunch of wolves in a cage together and watched what happened. Now scientists have actually studied wolves in the wild and that's just not how it works. Packs are just families with older generations in charge

    48. Caffeinated Insomniac

      I didn't come here for better advice than any my parents gave me

    49. buttered toast

      "I need to prove my straightness" *"Let me hook uP withh a gUYYYŶY~"*

    50. Julia Wolf

      5:22 I'm not gay, i just have a knack for not running into objects when the sun has set! Okay, i'm gay but not because of the lights.

    51. Cheese poofs8

      0:32 so rip off the bears hands and eat the bear with them got it

    52. DwagonHD

      "If you have sex with women, that makes you gay." Well, The more men, the manlier it gets.

    53. Mercury Howard

      why do people act like people of the opposite gender are aliens, men and women are more similar than different.

    54. L0ud Sm0k3

      10:53 jokes on you, I’m into that shit

    55. move_im_pans

      I just got an ad for the church of Jesus Christ. I'd rather go to hell and keep this sense of humor

      1. ZezeDaGamer

        same XD

    56. Nihtgenga Lastnamegoeshere

      Wow, you can feel the incel energy dripping from some of these... also, so much racism.

    57. Roderick Main

      The biggest educational thing you can take from these is that some stupidity is not curable.

    58. bruh

      2:55 fellas, is it straight to do the secks with other men

    59. Eric Ellithorpe

      I’m starting to come to the conclusion it might be best for all involved if we ended this failed human experiment. it’s become quite apparent the results have been less then desirable and is really bordering on crudity to let it go on!

    60. ViceFur & Co.

      Me, a bisexual genderfluid furry: Mmm, so that makes me less masculine? *Aggressively purchases more LED lights*

    61. It's Ya Boi

      Hey Click, I think you need some of my Zoloft after this video

    62. Leana Q

      That is one awesome mustache

    63. Trash Cat

      Okay, but listen it's straighter to have gay sex once then not at all

    64. chatboulon

      My boyfriend can't do 300 pushups but I can guarantee he can break any of these so-called alphas in half. 😂 These guys have no idea what being a man is supposed to be.

    65. Jacob Barty

      Men: *exists* Twitter: I dunno, seems kinda gay to me.

    66. Alterception _

      If you think about it, Men who like girly things are considered gay, therefor dating a girl would be a gay activity because females are girly. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

      1. Alterception _

        yes ik not all girls are girly. shhhh- (also no I didn't watch the whole video before commenting this-)

    67. Blue

      I'm so glad I don't even know how to get on twitter. I could feel my brain cells dying just seeing the idiocies you brought up.

    68. __

      "does your brain even wrinkle?" is something I am so using in the future.

    69. Jeb Watersheep

      I violently gag every time I hear the phrase “your seed”

    70. Talith Gaming

      I miss 2009, we didn't have THOSE people back then.

    71. N3v3r M0r3

      Is it just me or those the click look like an attractive Captain Hook

    72. SCREECH _OWL

      I was already an alpha Chad but after watching this video I became alpha Chad square.

    73. Miru's World

      0:30... Ikr what anyone says that shit is funny😂 and somewhat ironic

    74. Bob Roberts

      Also, based on size, that is a giant Pacific octopus that dude is trying to spear, which is found in the chilly waters off the Pacific northwest coast near my own stomping grounds, so the fact that dude is not even wearing a wetsuit makes him doubly alpha right?

    75. Bob Roberts

      I buy the "sawdust is man glitter" one. Gets everywhere, almost impossible to entirely clean up, associated with often inept attempts at "crafts". Rarely used as a body cosmetic though.

    76. Colin

      10:49 I hardly ever read the bible, but even i know that it says to respect your wives, LITERALLY RIGHT AFTER the part where it tells wives to be submissive. i know no one is gonna read this, but it's important.

    77. Ethan Webber

      Just why. That’s all I have to say about the heteros in the video. Yourself not included Click 😉. You always make my day with your videos.

    78. Hanro50

      Isn't the goal of Christianity to spread love an compassion... Love thy fellow man (as in human) and all that jazz. Stop using it to justify stupidity...

    79. DragonRider6566

      9:50, soo umm whos going to tell her that males are, in some aspects more sensitive to this stuff than females.

    80. DragonRider6566

      5:10 so this man doesnt like RGB stuff. smh, he probably isnt even a gamer.

    81. Rabijeel

      ...and there is my new Superheroine: Lady Allsperm. She has imbued the Knowledge and Capabilitys of all the good Alphamales by absorbing their Character in her, now beeing the best Heroine that can exist: A Housewife and Mom. ... ... Sorry. Gotta go kill meself right away for that.......

    82. John Triton

      So beeing heterosexual is gay and beeing homosexual is not?

    83. helvetica

      These alpha men just in a dark room always. Can’t have anything glowing in the room or THEYRE GAY

    84. Kaysie Pezanowski

      The Click, I see you as my father figure

    85. Kaysie Pezanowski

      The faces i made during the time of this video’s existence in my mind, Scrolling throught YT: :) Seeing video: :/ Clicking it: (0^0) Watching till end: 😊🔫

    86. Eat•The•Rich

      This is why the aliens dont come to earth

    87. Billy Martin

      “If you can’t do 300 push ups as a man you’re a woman” Me: I’m a woman The men who say shit like that: “no you aren’t tr*nny” Me: pick one

      1. HI

        Whats tr*nny whats the missing letter?

    88. Jorge Quinta-Nova

      In reality, we are almost all omega males.

    89. Amphibax

      When a woman sleeps with a lot of man she is but when a man does it he is... ...gay

    90. CelynBrum

      I will never understand why these "alpha male" wannabe types are all out here insisting that they are basically out-of-control animals with the emotional depth of a dried-up puddle, who are not permitted nice things or good feelings, and that this is a good thing. Like bro. Bro. Have self respect. Have self love.

    91. Swap Papyrus

      9:50 I guess im a robot

    92. Milk Slice

      if I do something that makes people gay, does that thing cancel out my attraction to women or does it make me only attracted to women?

    93. Feywildheart

      If you are cursed enough to have any insight into the mra ideology, some kf the stuff stems from one place, the false belief that sex is a "Transition of power" that "isn't meant to be pleasing" and that ejaculating too often "lowers testosterone." They're power fetishists with a lot of misguided beliefs about masculinity. Men don't cry, they have to be macho, tough, the only emotions you can have are anger and pride. It's pretty sad if they weren't white supremacists.

    94. Viking Raven

      I'd rather say happiness is more of an attitude, or a lifestyle. Keep the right mentality, and you will remain optimistic no matter your surroundings.

    95. RetroWave Visuals

      It reminds of the gaurd from Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanomo Bay. "Im not gay youre gay for sucking it. In fact, I'm sick just being around you."

    96. Emii

      12:55 damn my worm must be a hungry bish then

    97. Alfred Cheung

      So bisexual are the ultimate alpha now huh

    98. Robert Curd

      How do humans function? Apparently we don't.

    99. Ashlee

      I'm watching this while doing my T shot. Lol I'm feeling the alpha.

      1. power of neo

        You're taking the alpha juice

    100. Zero •

      Ok, to the guy that kept saying “discharge,” STOP IT. EW.