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    1. The Click

      get your own demOwOn today: makeship.com/collections/featured/products/cliccy-kitty-2-0-plush

      1. Kylo Kingsley

        @Daniel Jack yup, been watching on flixzone} for since december myself =)

      2. Daniel Jack

        a tip: you can watch movies at Flixzone. Been using them for watching lots of of movies these days.

      3. Gothiic_cutxx


      4. Daemean playz

        Burn@Purple Non Inteligent Productions. now!

      5. Jo Pe

        Do you have a cold. Your voice sounds a bit diferetn if so i hope u get better. If im wrong im sorry.. I love it 😊

    2. Ender Stine

      can we get mcdonalds

    3. LifesABitch

      love ur mustache btw

    4. Psycho Raccoon

      I... Just spent this whole video wondering why you made it black and white.. I forgot that at night, my phone does that to conserve power while it's charging T~T I also read the name on the book as "Stephen King"... If I'm the future, we're doomed

    5. Marcus Talbott


    6. Blaze

      Singers aren’t supposed to breath through their nose, but it is difficult for talking sometimes

    7. Astrum Deorum

      Baby Click roasting the Speedo Man. I salute you


      The fetus one got me lmao

    9. creeperkid creeperkid

      My name is nathan and I like drumming so I guess I shall go to war!

    10. the gaming Frisian

      8:20 laughs in dutch

    11. JOSEPH Sitchler

      I introduced you to the whole family 👪❤💕

    12. ꧁Salty Dinosaur꧂


    13. mountainal

      Eggman! We meet again

    14. unknown-10,000

      4:13 Fun fact The moon is actually drifting away from earth

    15. The Gamers

      The you tube one made he crack it’s not IRvision it darkfyckingtube

    16. Elvis

      Hey Satan! Can i have a free Vip ticket to Hell, or i might pull a *Doom Slayer* :)

    17. Depresso Espresso

      3:30 So basically, this isn’t as bad as you think. According the law I’m pretty sure you have to clean up the body of your dead family member yourself after the forensic team is done

    18. Caleb Woodhouse

      The Clicks search history: Baby in pool Baby swimming underwater Baby staring from water Baby completes a lap of a pool

    19. Robert McCormick

      Yes he can and should be arrested as it persay is not illegal to throw fetus at someone it is assault to throw anything at someone but as good christians im sure they'll turn the other cheek.

    20. Setyo Aomiya

      This guy promoting stuff more often than IRvision ads in his own video

    21. Kamari333

      i love this guys energy

    22. Zombie Raichu

      Imagine getting COVID instead of getting vaccinated. I worked in foodservice the entire pandemic and didn’t get it. I followed the rules. You did something stupid or kept company with stupid people. I fully blame you for catching COVID. On that note, thanks for the content, I just lost respect for you because you caught COVID in 2021. It’s easy to avoid.

    23. Torbjørn Steinsland

      11:12 damn I have that game on the left.

    24. Giannis Dravis

      Um...can someone explain the Twitter for iPad joke/pun/whatever? Either I'm too stupid to get it or my knowledge in iPads and twitter is lacking.

    25. flowers and death

      12:14 well in one of those scp tales the man who killed hitler was dr. kondraki sooo let's build a statue of the butterfly dude

    26. Dracathio

      Yea... dumbass... heard immunity is based off those who have already gotten and survived covid, and people start to get immunity from being around those who survived. Aka a heard.

    27. That_one_weird _child

      3:26 he shouldn't be lifting he should drag by feet it way easier. (p.s. I learned this from a murder show)

    28. Dylan LaDyke

      Okay I just noticed the casual pictures of one topic in the background...

    29. Axneef _

      this tickles my asshair

    30. Shady_Cat07

      11:26 i know the person with the meru pfp LMAO

    31. mari _

      11:26 hey ma, i'm on TV.

    32. Max MF

      Inject vaccines. Into your eyeballs.

    33. Bara Menhardova

      On the topic of weird things one has said as a toddler: Apparently, when I was like 2 and my dad was building a wall between our garden and the neighbor's, right after he finished I walked up to him, looked up and down the wall and then said "You did it better than I expected." My parents think it was the cutest shit ever and my mom always says she's wondering what were the expectations of a two-year-old :-D

    34. DragonRider6566

      12:07 tip: DONT LET IT NEAR YOUR FACE AND DONT BREATH if you know, you know, if you dont, you dont need it

    35. bella rodriguez

      12:55 when i say something wrong and then i forget how to speak for like 5 minuets

    36. •°-TheConfusedGorl-°•


    37. The Bacon

      I mean there is picarto

    38. Ami Bowen

      12:13 For the younguns here...the reason it's funny/fucked up is because Hitler killed himself. Therefore they all signed a petition to have a statue of Hitler erected. It makes you really wonder how many people actually didn't/don't know that the man who killed Adolf Hitler was Adolf Hitler himself.

    39. gamora

      Hi I'm a big fan and making a chanel do you have advice for a intro

    40. Dylan Spek

      I love how the antivaxer at 8:00 at least knows what vaccines are.

    41. Ordinary Knife

      I stopped watching the click's content for a while and I came back to check it out a bit why does he look like some 1900s movie villain? why have i already seen all of these memes? edit: ok i've only seen like 50% of them but

    42. Lil Pea

      Do you have a beauty filter or is that just your face. If its your face then WOW

    43. tim the skeptic

      I dunno, movie Voldemort had a creepy voice. Not scary or intimidating, but creepy in a gross way. Contemptible, really. He's lucky to be such a powerful wizard because he sure wouldn't win any followers with his speaking skills. On that note, your voice, on a 1 - 10 scale of threats to my heterosexuality, is a 15.

    44. {Ashley Wolfie}

      12:28 ... kurwa

    45. Tucker Kiddle

      I can buy "me" sweet 😂

    46. Sans Music

      5:55 Im a romanian and i can confirm, havent seen any since about 800+ years ago

    47. steve1978ger

      how is saying "naughty worker" better than "prostitute"

    48. YtoSk

      16:37 it's called earth.

    49. ꧁シ︎ɴᴏᴛ ɪʟʟʏ☕︎꧂

      i love how you actually are a good person but at the same time a cool person

    50. hell ño✔️

      The aborted fetus one made laugh like a idiot

    51. Lil Shadow

      14:13 never have i ever laughes so hard in my life

    52. Awston Agent 47

      That one person who went to Poland... So worth it to be out of that stupid situation! xD

    53. Time traveller

      I caught a cold like half a day after I watched this and my nose has been closed on one side the entire time so I feel horrible and sound like Voldemort himself so yeah...

    54. MickeyMouseOwO

      weelcowom towo thwe cwob howse uwu

    55. Ravenous Elf

      See, Discord is trash because of the people that use it. Zoom is trash because that's what it was made to be

    56. Mihai Titiriga

      I watch pretty much every reddit video except r/furryirl videos mainly because your voice is like so soothing

    57. Mort

      1:23 make this happen. This is an order, not a request.

    58. Inquisitor Shepard

      The question about throwing aborted foetuses isn't about if it is illegal, but rather how illegal it is.

    59. Imani

      I want the vip ticket to hell but I’ll get weird looks from my parents XD

    60. Maya Stachura


    61. Billiard Face

      5:04 A HEHE HHO HA

    62. Isa Draven

      To be fair I don’t think anyone expected that their city’s superhero kids would end up making the moon crashing into earth. Especially since one of them is so freaking obsessed it’s worrying.

    63. Reapor Of Dragon

      At this point they should just rename vaccines to an injectable essential oil XD

    64. neons da best

      Dude I fuckin love his voice it's so calming

    65. Sarasota Plays

      Hello clicky wicky clut ÒwÓ

    66. Daniels Sss

      5:45 sorry got no souls of the innocent, I've got only bagels

    67. rhayn hillyard

      I think that my dad had covid in April last year, I feel like I might have had it but if i did it didn't effect me in the slightest, scary thing

    68. CosmicPelt

      1:01 It always feels a tiny bit strange when you hear someone that has a specific kind of laugh just.. laugh so differently, It sounded like it was scout from tf2 there.

    69. just a cook

      Note this man has a very good chameleon accent can't tell if use Eastern European northern European or Western European.

    70. twiggygaming

      wait, that book was 200 page long? *laughs* _i read 600 page books for fun_

    71. Jason Mimiaga

      Robin Hood wasn't socialist, he was libertarian . . .

    72. Spribom

      Click is just cursed PewDiePie

    73. F ali 123

      Hi satan, hope you're feeling better.

    74. Chicken No name

      Out of the womb into the tomb Out of the tomb into the womb

    75. Matthew Keen


    76. Galaxy Beats

      This man looks like Vladimir Lenin if he is born in the 2000s

    77. Königs Festung

      I am not a socialist, i am more towards a fascist, but i believe a combination regime

    78. BAK Robert Johnston

      15:23 imagine being eaten by Cookie Monster though that must suck

    79. Smoll potato

      I am Romanian and can confirm, i have seen no vampires, its a very odd misunderstanding, im gonna get myself some drinks now, byeee

    80. Reece Fish

      7:12 As a zoomer, i can say... nah, ur chill fam.

    81. J E B U S

      Kinda sus

    82. GlitchedSnake

      2:04 Gonna be honest - that dude just... wins. No contest. _That shit had me dying._ Takes the concept of "Just Desserts" to a whole other level.

    83. Axel Abdiel

      chicken feet its quite a famous delicacies in Indonesia

    84. What the Duck


      1. What the Duck

        Just uwu

    85. send_help XD


    86. Brianna_IsTired

      Those are mainly clumsy’s memes. Who copped who? The person who did the redit thing or clumsy?

    87. Matt Dodge

      min flickvän och jag älskar dina videor

    88. Austyn Nelson

      What's funny is I didn't know he had COVID so that was an R/Holdup for me

    89. John Doe

      oh my god i was eating a sandwich and i choked please i beg you no

    90. Fedico7000

      7:15 Fun fact, this is false. Not everyone experiences the same degree of hardship and general experience as any given other. Don't let this invalidate anything you've had to put up with or make you feel pressured into respecting people you know little about because they think they're wise.

    91. Fedico7000

      6:50 Now I can't stop thinking "Is that last one *_smöl_* or *LEAGUE OF L-"*

    92. Toby Sykes

      Me and the click are covid buddies! Granted i has it months ago but we got it in the same year!

    93. Foxy Gaming

      Clicks not a Boomer click is a tumor I mean this in a nice way 😂

    94. Mara Petcu

      Video: what is a common myth about your country that is 100% false but many people still believe in it? Me who's romanian: We have vampires Me: There's no way it's going to be about Romania Video: Romania Me: Wait wha-

    95. jai nuttall


    96. Alex Anderson

      To that Romanian person that posted that: OMFG YOU IDIOT now they know

    97. Shadow Nightmarine

      *Me forcing myself to stay up all night getting all the paper boats I need to make for some of the staff at my school while watching clickity wickity videos*

    98. Pushy Phoenix

      When I was 10, Disney's Robin Hood was _the hottest_ man I'd ever seen onscreen. Decades later, The Click has taken his place. Kind of strange to see them so close together, however briefly.... 🤔🍍

    99. Blue Beka

      11:07 Plot twist: That's a taser launcher.

    100. Blue Beka

      5:24 Mom: Stonks 📈