r/Unexpected - D.. Ditto?

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    1. huy lâm

      my man voice get better as his bread grow

      1. huy lâm

        and it all revert back when he shave

    2. Kewlosh

      Thumbnail sauce: Shadbase, Ditto

    3. C. Staddon

      Me: recognizes the art style in thumbnail Also Me: o-oh no

    4. calamariari

      I just realised what the dittos was from... O H N O

    5. WellBeSerious12

      No. The Ditto Girls would have : | faces.

    6. Bit Thekiller23

      Dat avocado

    7. Noah Orubae

      He got so offended by the mini burgers...I can't even right now

    8. Danayaken Bro

      7:36 when they've been driving you for 20 minutes and your phone says your uber has arrived

    9. Cats N' Guns tf2

      7:45 lmao

    10. Soda Drunk

      You have a Shadbase image as your Thumbnail, of course this episode is gonna be the worst

    11. Jet Lall

      Can I join you in your conquest of hell?

    12. Mystic Z

      that kid runs em all over and goes uh oh

    13. WHITE 2.0

      Unpopular opinion: Click looks good with or without a mustache.

    14. I like trees


    15. Brendan Noah Vallejos

      15:56 my man had one tooth

    16. Geisa Sousa


    17. Blueberry Videos

      The train thing is for no witnesses

    18. XD Zach gaming

      I was asked the question about the train and I answered just hit the stick at a certain point you could probably kill them all

    19. T16 Systdest

      Did not see Clickbait image- or Title info- Misleading

    20. techno_gamer 32

      Ok cursed comment here the guy proposing with the police never said it wasn't cocaine

    21. edwinlowie quisumbing

      2:08 At this point, thomas knew what he had to do.

    22. Harry Takeover

      Watch this video and close your eyes see how it feels now

    23. Joseph Douek

      I love how after running all over all of the people the kid just goes “uh oh” like it WASNT HIS INTENTION!

    24. Gacha rat 951 🖤🐭

      Why does the girl in the red dress on the thumbnail just look like a blonde girlfriend from fnf

    25. Master Yoda

      where is the ditto? i was here for the ditto... damn click bait lol

    26. Kaiser Kay

      I like your reactions and the choice of content, but I have some feedback. Please try not to talk too much over what you're reacting to, especially that radio tower clip. You might be able to talk and hear just fine with your headphones on, but for me both sounds are coming from the same place and your voice is significantly louder. I want to hear and understand the content just as well as you did when you reacted. If you take this to heart, I think you'll go on to have consistently high quality videos. :)

    27. Meeep Leeep

      Cliccys hot without a mustache ngl *certified cliccy simp*

    28. Luna

      I went to watch this in the living room since everyone is asleep and I forgot my volume was turned up to max, hit play and nearly shat myself.

    29. Ryan the Amazing

      click bait didn't show the ditto one

    30. Remy The rat no lie this is my name

      6:43 i love this mans voice

    31. VentingTable33

      14:30 if my boyfriend purposed like that our relationship would be over at that point. Screw that relationship

    32. Mr.Death

      The trolly problem makes sense that all should die, it's only fair.

    33. aaron something

      the click sounds like a more seductive pewdiepie

    34. A Weirdo

      Oh, that’s why Ditto is such a popular Pokémon...

    35. wargamesmaster

      Danny Devito killed Mufasa in the live action version of the Lion King???

    36. Anonymous 99

      The star wars fight video... the fact the man who was getting choked still acted it out instead of getting carried away in the moment.... that's some dedication. Jesus christ that man should be an actor.

    37. Monroe Robbins

      Can you imagine teaching a ditto how to play cards?

    38. VSLItachiSimp

      The thumbnail is what got me to click the video

    39. GrimK77

      4:20 Should be real... antenna mast looks like for longwave AM radio communication. AM (amplitude modulation) modulation is pretty much sound wave replicated on radiowave intensity. Discharge could/should then pretty much replicate sound used for modulation.

    40. Bloody God

      the bird be like Try to take my yard I'm taking your window


      So… the shadman is the thumbnail

    42. Shit take

      Now that your mustache is gone my brain is even more confused. adorable.

    43. Zara

      Did the click have to cut out the ditto post that the video was titled with because of IRvision being IRvision?

    44. Tatum Emmick

      The onlt r/unexpected thing here was that mustache

    45. midnights vibes

      the dynamic duowo 7:57 NOT SORRY

    46. Dr. Ice

      "Russian secret service" he's not far off. OMON are essentially Russian FBI SWAT / Russian National Guard

    47. Idk How to


    48. Fay Anne Aura Arts

      15:07 That is the whitest goddamn thing.

    49. Fay Anne Aura Arts

      Turkeys are soooo stupid. When it rains they will literally look up for the source of the water hitting them and drown in the rain.

    50. iiomqxbelieve

      Hey, you look a lot like Senpai from Friday Night Funkin'

    51. Yeethawed64.7z

      i was expecting the unexpected but the expected was the unexpected meaning the expected would longer be unexpected but rather the expected which means the unexpected was the expected but what if the unexpected was just the unexpected because we would be expecting the unexpected but it went with the unexpected of not being unexpected but rather expected.

    52. Rin

      why does the uber nick guy sound like the animated horror story guy on youtube

    53. Buster Bradbury

      That man what blown up his garden I hope his dog is alright

    54. Fluffy Spacedog

      15:03 Lady: "No" Guy: "men, OPEN FIRE!!!"

    55. Emerald player

      Am I the only one looking at the thumb nail like Duck I know what is Yall are just embarrassed it's ok I get it

    56. timmyisded

      The shadman thumbnail NOOOOO

    57. gaming patriot

      Can someone get the link to the guy who took the uber passenger for a ride

    58. Teighan Saiz

      The star wars one killed me😂😂😂😂😂😂

    59. Aviv Neeman

      "Mayonnaise on an escalator" hits different at 1:30am

    60. Super Awesome T-Rex

      Funniest clip 11:52

    61. Sei

      5:51 when my teacher aks me to open my pc

    62. SocialistRepublic Patrick

      Mayonnaise on an escalator!!!!

    63. Shannon Hurst

      xDDD that pikachu thing at the bigginig oml xD I think I just found my new background lol

    64. DaBezz

      "The most arousing thing of all - knowledge." Ah yes, edubation

    65. Madgearz

      3:26 Death by Radio!

    66. Yer_pall_memes

      You can pick up faint radio signals with different type of Metal Fillings in your teeth

    67. Dominic Maynard

      when he said everyone dies, why does he show an orchid mantis?????

    68. Mostafa Elbrenge

      11:40 Who?

    69. Cryst4l_Clear

      There's only one thing I expect from r/unexpected. Run? Expected.

    70. okuyasu nijimura

      Unpopular opinipn good thing that mustache is gone

    71. raymond claypole

      Thumbnail let's be honest all of us want to do those to do that let's just all be honest here don't lie

    72. Conner Crossley

      Are you gay?

    73. Thank You

      The not-uber driver has the voice and face of a sophisticated hannibal style serial killer psych thriller villain guy like holy shit get that man a script and a new camera!

    74. Andrea B

      You are incredibly attractive and have a very nice voice lmao

    75. imperfections

      I am disappointed in you because a few months ago I realized you were a furry so...I'm a furry poacher your next

    76. Gastly42957

      1:30 that’s how everything violent should be handled. With fake lightsabers

    77. Its the kalelster

      666k subs nice

    78. Waffu Waffle

      2:59 They look like that weird guy from brave, one of those suitors? Y’know now they just remind me of the guy who wears the boar head in demon slayer.

    79. Brianna Bailey

      I've seen the 'pst disclaimer' so much times, I say it without realizing. I have 36 kids in my basement :)

    80. Lion -O-Ryan

      666 subs...he is the devil

    81. Tyrian666

      The drug search marriage proposal was heccin genious ... a bit too intense but genius

    82. David Custer

      It is real

    83. Fat

      Oh god his lip is so smooth

    84. I am a disappointment

      The fact that I recognize the art from the thumbnail

    85. Bryant Stinson

      Yes it true


      I saw the split between 15:40 and 15:40 So now I am Captain Disillusion.

    87. A Commenting Account

      665k subs.

    88. Daniedanchan Johnson

      Why is it the one character or that one guy sounds just like markapliyer XD and without his mustache

    89. Night light Guide

      Me the next moment when he has no mustache: ?????

    90. bob builder

      im aware of what come next in the thumbnail

    91. Joshua Boyd

      1:27 when your gang and the other gang only know Star Wars

    92. real levi ackerman

      Damn furry

    93. Mesa the ancient

      2 more subs just 2 more

    94. John Seng

      Yes the radio tower thing is real. The electrical current at the right frequency can play through signals.

    95. Channel 108 XYZ Studios

      2:08 “It was too late” “Luckily everyone was hurt” “Thomas was scrapped on the charge of 6 murders” 9:01 “Rare footage of Thomas going off script on shining time and beating Mr Conductor to death”

    96. Colton Beers

      Ahh yes he's almost at 666k subscribers

    97. Šhæđøw Ğüý

      2:55 Inosuke be like:

    98. FalloutToonLink the Doom Slayer

      5:48 I have the feeling that there was "naughties" on that laptop that he forgot to exit out of

    99. DrOpFiSh

      get him to 666k

    100. Klayton Bernard

      4:16 yes it's real, he's making plasma, so if it vibrates at a different frequency it'll make noise, it's how tesla coils make noise too.