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    1. dont_jinxit

      Aye my art is in the thumbnail xp

      1. nissan micra kit car

        @Catdogdude Gamingandstuff sure you do 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

      2. Catdogdude Gamingandstuff

        I accepted your apology

      3. Catdogdude Gamingandstuff


      4. Neko_gumm :p

        **fingerguns** ayyyyyy


        * insert are you sure about that meme here *

    2. _NF_N_TY

      Amorous means a deep sexual plessure on somone thank you goodbye

    3. Christopher Wilson

      There are chill furries in this world but we often mistake them for the dumb ones

    4. ironclad demon

      Used to hate furrys then I started to watch your videos now ... they seem pretty cool

    5. Wurmloch1 Morgan

      its weird to hear a non furry to casually talk about protogens

    6. Sir Wabutan VX

      Khajiit Cliccy? I'm an Argonian!

    7. Lars Lionheart

      I was afraid of watching these for the longest time cuz I thought it’d just be the usual furry bashing but it was quite the fun video

    8. luka not found


    9. ForemostCrab7

      Honestly, Christianity has just gotten out of fkn hand. I mean did you know that it is a "sin" to fantazis about a Woman? It's like, no matter what you do unless it is Praying and going to Church is a SIN. And telling kids they will end up in hell if they comit a sin...that shit is just one step too damn far, honestly.

    10. Dualblitz OP

      youre defiantly a closet furry lol. one of us! one of us!

    11. Demoknight Main

      A furry could kill someone in public and burn the suit after.

    12. DaCodaDragon

      I mean, a little late, but about the 'Morning Fursuit'.. When we take a fursuit out of their storage box or when we are just done wearing them they usually look pretty messy and unbrushed and the fur would be all over the place. So I guess you could consider that a morning fursuit, or a bad fur day, if you will :P

    13. Alex Smith

      Raya and The Last Dragon

    14. Bruh

      i love the fact that OwO and UwU was come from anime expression and it's used to stereotypes furries now

    15. Crusader Toast

      What’s a glory hole?

      1. Crusader Toast

        Nvm found out

    16. Angelic RIZE

      I only watch him because I'm bored

    17. Random Mtf dude

      shhh we cant fight we gotta hide-arroz as a class D before die by the dog

    18. Charley Abu Awwad

      Amorous is a furry dating simulator

    19. ZySaysWhat

      anyone here also got sad when the fox in firefox was erased from existance?

    20. Victor Remon Quevedo

      AMOGUS = amorous (my theory)

    21. Rachel Schiereck

      bro you sound like Denise Daily

    22. VULTOL

      The GOD emperor of mankind will wipe your kind from existence

    23. Lilly-Anne Wilson

      when are we gonna call the closet he is using for vids rn. IT NEEDS TO BE CALLED THE CLOSET OF HELLLLL

    24. Nairshea Sterling

      Click accidentally inventing the VR Matrix at 7:55

    25. Bloody God

      What if goofy was actually a furry it's Pluto is a dog and he can't speak but Goofy is a dog and he can speak

    26. oats

      4:38 - 4:44 Making an audio sample of that

    27. Potato acachalla


    28. ArabelleProductions

      0:49 This is why I’m panromantic People are just cute in general, I can’t help it 🥰

    29. Miya

      idk what is better.. the funny content of the vids.. or your voice, or both

    30. MJ BerlinAWP

      So click turned 10% of his viewers into Furrys. Interesting.... Very interesting

    31. Wonran Love

      Fk im a furry i blame you and the people whos music i listen to for wearing fur suits on stage /lh 😭😭

    32. Cocat Grose

      I am a cat furry

    33. that protogen

      Apologie accepted !

    34. Ribbons0121 R121

      amorous is basically hitting people up at the bar:the game with a fresh coat of furry paint i nearly had a panic attack when i hit the play button on steam by accident on the game page and it started since its free

    35. Abel Baggett

      I’m grounded because of that intro I’m dead

    36. Zeni


    37. Tibbi Basiic

      ur voice is ugh ily

    38. Mr. luigi

      im not goin to college

    39. Some bee with a phone

      Click: Why dose it say human on the necklace ? Me: that’s not a necklace ...

    40. SplatterKing X

      7:34 This guy turned into a pokemon! I'm jealous!

    41. אור שחר

      6:18 OH GOD ITS REGGIE

    42. YánZìL

      4:02 thank you for posting this, it was a bit hard to fight off the furry interest your videos gave me. Searching this instantly killed any furry interest in me

    43. germania empire

      I go to norway

    44. Aiden Sprentz

      I look at foxtato to motivate myself

    45. neelam raghav

      Furrys are sometimes funny but mostly they scare me to much

    46. SuperMurxus

      No, well, yes, penguins do adopt - yes, right after they abduct an egg or hatched little one...

    47. Zalxier

      Don't worry click. I was already a furry when I started watching you. just saying some of us were heading to heck before meeting you. :3

    48. Facts Core

      Click: I'm not furry! Also Click: *sings furry rap*

    49. Mina ashido

      The thumbnail is yes, 100% respect for the artist

    50. The Crafty Chef

      I thought the uwu voice was funny

    51. pizza cat24

      12:19 hahaha hahaha not me when I told my parents almost killed me

    52. Teal Kerberus

      "You come to this channel voluntarily, I don't understand why" he says while zooming in on his eyes in between being very funny and very wholesome. Excuse my cynicism, but I think he does understand what his brand is built on. Edit: "Yes indeed, I can plant your eggs if you know what I..." Yeah. He definitely understands that part of his brand just as well as the rest of it.

    53. Someone who likes to play smash bros

      I’ve bean pretty whale

    54. Agent 109 Splatoon


    55. Alexander Josefsson

      The add is archknigths and there is girls with animal ears in it...

    56. Batman Gamer

      Furry breaks out of Jail Me: So you have chosen death

    57. Robert Jordan

      Apology accepted... now cmere boy

    58. twitterzuccs

      1:19 dream's fursona

    59. 8BitNeo

      Yes be sorry be very very sorry. I also wish i never looked up Protogen.....

    60. Cody Myhre

      1:40 Jokes on you, I became a furry about a week before your first video. It just solidified my decent

    61. Is_Train

      “Was twilights princess just a dog whistle to furries?” No wonder I never really got into that game

    62. ImJetsu12

      Wtf furry

    63. Ms. Rose

      I'm glad he missed the Reggie reference

    64. Cornelius Cheese

      I'm going to Google amorous!

    65. Cornelius Cheese

      3:42 there is a Czech tradition, in which the birthday boy or girl is swung like a hammock and a volunteer gets on all fours, then the birthday boy/ girl has their butts swung into the other's butt.

    66. Xeonot

      please help

    67. Proto The protogen

      Listen here I don't like you I'm now going to bark at you

    68. Da Fłåmë protøgen and førever tø be

      Fav part 10:08


      3:10 so the bad WW2 guy was a furry.

    70. A Proud Swede

      Im hurting

    71. bronc haris

      Who's the artist in the thumbnail?

    72. Volks Boi


    73. Volks Boi

      Right after you said you said you would play as a Khajit I burped so loud for no reason

    74. ✨🍋here have a lemon🍋✨

      I became a furry because of u BUT ITS FLIPPING AMaZING

    75. Darbatama

      Oh if u dont know what amorous is its a 18+ furry game In steam

    76. Prince

      The amorous one called me out and i hate it

    77. SlyPaulyWally 50

      Help im crying red

    78. W

      1:25 god damn you

    79. Lust Sans

      Ya no I was a furry before I knew you

    80. Itz_Fiifii-Angel UwU

      im a bi furry too TwT and im proud U^U i hav many fursonas

    81. | Ur DrEaMs UwU |

      Furries are cute

    82. GreyMinecraft_

      7:31 Just i would panic if this happened to me ;-;

    83. shax000 popa


    84. Zeffery Planck-Williams

      15:12 ok the sauce pls hand it over

    85. Cody Williams


    86. Cyansloth

      Yesh face masks do make it easier for the social awkwardness

    87. Cyansloth

      Everyone would date a fluffy dragon 🐉

    88. Storm Seeker

      Hello furries, what animal are y’all? Am a sheep with dark red whool and black skin

    89. né

      why i am he- o god no

    90. Miss Milk

      16:15 just wait til he sees her turn into the movie

    91. Two-Step Charlie

      “I don’t have to worry about anybody recognizing me” Hah! I have scars on my eyebrows, so I’m easily recognizable!

      1. Storm Seeker

        I’m a sheep.

    92. Jaylio Krivn

      3:47 Imma need the sauce.

    93. —Mally Yally (Mal Yal)—

      I wish I had a fursuit but I'll be teased and bullied by my older sister-

    94. E

      Siri: A female dog is a b### me: does that mean?

    95. coco_shugar_manokit *rawr* UwU


    96. Adrian Oliveros

      i had doubts, till i heard your voice, you sound like the most clasy gentelman ever and i love it

    97. grady is grady

      Im a furry

    98. Maura XD

      In the minute 15:11 what is the name of the anime (sorry for my bad inglish)

    99. lil pikmin

      Ima be a furry for halloween

    100. undead Reaper

      If click gets 2 million subs I'll become a fuwwy. owo