I asked Twitter for CURSED MEMES...

The Click

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    1. KylerDaConquer 007

      eryone mad at germany for starting both wars, but we all know that is was actually prince Ferdinand heir to the throne of austria who took a wrong turn in bosnia, he got asasinated, then austria was like germany help atack bosnia with me cuz were alies, then germany was like ok. then russia was like hey u cant atack bonia im his aly so then war was now declared on russia and bosnia, then france was like what u atak russia, hes my ally now i have to atack u, then britian was like u atack france now? now i atack u. then germany and austria were like BRRUUUUUUUH MOMENT, then france decided to courubt germany economy, then a little angry moustache man was like hey im tired of german abuse ima be racicist now. secretly all the other countries hated jews, especialy russia stalin hated jews, so did the catholic countries islam, and like literaly everyone, but then when the angry moustach man started to commit atrocities, everyone slowly started to (not be so mean to jews) ww1 and 2 sumed up

    2. Captain Horatio Bungle III

      17.05 was too much. That OP needs help!

    3. Kailer

      My mum stared at me when I started the video.. If she wasn't questioning me before she most definately is now

    4. Simon Westerlund

      10:20 He’s talking Finnish now aswell.

    5. Detective Despair!

      Joke's on you I no longer have a toenail to hide toothpicks in

    6. Icyamazing Msp

      yk you've been on the internet too long when you've seen half of these already... ;-;

    7. Luca Alberti

      Wait a goddam minute:he reacted to the image I sent. Mi life is complete. (For context it was the lol bye)

    8. Jack the alpaca

      How the duck confetti did you use to be a teacher?

    9. Caroline Hall

      7:45 I have three dachshunds and them being compared to Cerberus is perfectly accurate. If someone rings the doorbell they bark incessantly and act like little demons.

    10. Iris _

      12:22 he's a football mascot I'm pretty sure! Theres a rule were every team.needs a mascot so in spite they made this shitposter orange freak of nature. We all love him and his shenanigans very much.

    11. Thor Odinson

      Schreib gleich deutsch abi, wünscht mir glück

    12. Trent T

      That is the alcoholic pride flag

    13. [ • Ray • ]

      The UwU’s were coming from inside the housey wousey OwO (I am so sorry-)

    14. Joni Tee

      15:20 movie called Crash by David Cronenberg

    15. I'm Knitting A Hat

      That dumb sign about friendship and pissing, my mom has that sign in our front room and treats it like it's actually good.

    16. BaronVonPicklez


    17. Cal H

      Nah. Nah. Nah. ... ... ... Cerberus is a 3 headed PUG, and is totally bug-eyed AND cross-eyed!

    18. Aiden Looper

      yes it his true form

    19. WingThings


    20. a slowpoke

      3:15 How dare you good sir

    21. lucas mcweeney

      6:15 what does this mean, click? 👁👁

    22. 3NKRYPT0R

      "Why did this happen to me?" You asked for it

    23. Zinaida Nitikin

      6:00 its the butt end of a deer

    24. Ash

      I do not know who this guy is but I like that mustache.

    25. Vaalkin

      Why was that Charlie impression actually kinda good? XD

    26. BlazeBlue 999

      11:42 THE SIMBAPEDE!!!

    27. Rose Athena

      What do you say in your into? "Laddies, Lasses, and -" Ngl sounds like "Louses"

    28. Evenstar Gacha

      Mans got the top of a business man, the pants of that one sporty kid in high school, and the hands of an e boy-

    29. Junk rat

      16:30 hey that's my pride flag

    30. Trey Houseknecht

      simba is imsorryjon confirmed

    31. Cøzycøze

      This dude have many voices

    32. Emma Möller

      aww, he called us monstrosities!

    33. Abbie Cruz

      I'm taking finals, but this is important too

    34. Marco Naumann

      I... I was eating... this was a mistake..

    35. Chickendoodle 32

      8:00 preferably one of the anal variant.

    36. AgentF2S


      1. Junk rat

        Welp time to die

    37. Steele

      Fun fact: the coconut myth is completely fake.

    38. Tomura Shigaraki

      4:35 I'm not the monster. I'm that cat boy OwO lmfao

    39. Random Child

      I’m really hoping that the click and simba take over the r/imsorryjohn subreddit or just completely create their own with the same idea except not

    40. Anna Grace

      Click: *calls me dandy fine-alicious* Me, a minor: 👁👄👁

    41. Katrina Payne

      The Fire Nation usually just killed people from the Water Tribe... but when they DID keep them prisoner It was usually in an environment that was kept extremely dry, and all the Water Benders were in a state of dehydration. Like to the point where they couldn't stand--and were just on the edge of death. With most of their food being really dry It is revealed in the episode that we learn about Blood Bending... as one of those prisoners when a little bit nutty--and the Full Moon somehow got into her cell... and well--that was one of those prison escapes that... yeah....

    42. SYFY 420

      Since I’m your little monster please give me the kissy wissy lol. Me irl : 😐😑😞

    43. Alex Todoroki

      Some researcher looking through the internet years from now: wtf-

    44. Heidi Schulze

      The Click > pewds

    45. zeridoz

      yup furry

    46. Celine C Rvr

      More of this dandyfinalicious Swedish accent please! Tack så mycket :)

    47. Eria .S

      I've missed the cursed content, and I don't know if I like what that says about me... Also, mind if I ask what your ring says, Click? Are those runes?

    48. B East

      5:35 Click: is this an evolution or a devolution Me: devil-lution definitely

    49. Jørgen A

      Twitter IS a cursed meme

    50. GrimCharon

      Oh, it looks like Click is engaged. Congrats

    51. bed

      but why?

    52. isabella onoufriou

      XD 3:00 great joke dude

    53. ah yes doggo

      Me and the click have the same shorts

    54. lazer-cat666

      That moustache is beautiful never shave it

    55. Mdbgamer

      Why do I watch these.

    56. Emily Waite

      13:34: So, if I'm not mistaken, this is an actual still from a Cartoon Network short or commercial of the the Scooby-Doo gang trying to find the Blair witch, or some equivalent. Shit was kinda unnerving, if I remember right. Of course, though, in the end the gang caught old man Jenkins being the witch (i think) Now, I want to find this.

    57. XEN0DR0NE

      In the morning, he's making waffles.....

    58. The Trouble Duo

      13:29 Why the username

    59. wecta4man

      Ой ой ой

    60. cursed bee

      give me your moustache

    61. Drawing a stickman

      Can we talk about how the click has a great cr1tikal impression

    62. Sir Moriarty

      Holy shit that facial hair though!

    63. HoneyDukes12

      That 'stache tho..

    64. Alex Mercer

      The cumflower had me

    65. Cipher Matt

      We just sent you one, Check Twitter

    66. Itzmissunicorn

      I’m pretty sure Discord would have done much better

    67. E

      The Click from 8 months ago looks 5 years younger.

    68. i want the grim reaper to be my girlfriend


    69. Sad _man

      First time seeing your channel. I love you

      1. Junk rat

        You have made a grave mistake. Welcome to the channel! :)

    70. Dust The Demõn Of Crazy

      “I made my MISTAKE.” hmmm

    71. Tyler Furrison

      Click + Pokemon = Pedomon

    72. Marah Wolsfeld

      What if cerberus was a chihuahua. It would be s reign of terror

    73. LoHunter Byron

      7:38 ......yup that one hit me, altho legit anyone with 420 tabs open is bound to have a browser as corrupted as them. Don’t deny it you know I’m right. There’s no other way to hit that high score.

    74. Nomadyka

      What are you doing Slowbro?

    75. Mr. Grifter

      16:29 What pride flag, you ask? *IT'S THE PRIDE OF IRELAND, YE GIT!!!*

      1. Junk rat


    76. Sohom Chatterjee

      Moist Christ is the peek 2021

    77. Mr.Tabatha Sparkles

      Alexa RTX off. Alexa! RTX OFF! 😳

    78. Equiniox lunarwing

      I'm the clicks little monster yay! Now how do i become his greater demon?

    79. NpfCookie

      11:25 why am i ok with this-

    80. Dr Doom


    81. Beth Wright

      I learned really quick, this is not the video you wanna watch while you eat

    82. Evelyn Montenegro

      Why does he look so attractive while he calls me a monstrosity? I think I need help...

    83. panthera KAV

      I regret watching your video today...

    84. President Shrek

      Me: *sees video title* “That was your first mistake”

    85. CornDemon

      Am I the only person who thought that when he sang his "mistake" song he sounded like MVPerry.

    86. The Grasslehoff

      You could have named your music channel "The Click Track" but you didn't. Disappointed

    87. JustSomeRandomCosplay UwU

      I just sneezed so hard my vision went blurry

    88. lord_xyloz doom's day

      Twitter aka the dating site for racist maps

    89. magic bish

      how did i just realize this man had a villian mustache

    90. Omnisexual idiot

      I disliked your video to make a even 69. love the vid, just had to do it

    91. R.Ultima

      Are we just gonna ignore Click's Adidas shorts...with his shirt and tie...I feel like that single thing is the most cursed part of the whole video.

    92. BagelYT

      10:39 I feel like I have sinned to know what comic this is from

    93. Chloe the Brightcloud

      3:30 simon from geographics, biographics, the casual criminalist, top tenz, today i learned, etc. has entered the chat

    94. The Lotus King

      1:50 lets be honest, we all know who they said it was

    95. I'm a motherfreaking avocado

      I aspire to be a straight femboy fox

    96. ꧁ꕥ BaconPlayz ꕥ꧂

      But why would you ask them? Why? Why THEM? and why in general?

    97. XeanderMan

      Click? Where are your pants?

    98. Katie Arbuckle

      Or 10-30 second Icecream trip in the Microwave if it has a Cardboard container specifically and is literaly an ice rock in your freezer. Instead of the spoon. I have done it a few times, with mild success. That's why I got a varied Time Stamp & Specifically Containered in cardboard. But I should try the water method.

    99. Maynard Zervantian

      this is my first time seeing his face why does he look like an NPC that is actually a secret boss and the hardest one in the game

    100. Laura Klaassen Minnick

      Clicky, I wish that I were younger and you were single...