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The Click

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    1. The Click

      PLÖSH: makeship.com/collections/featured/products/cliccy-kitty-2-0-plush

      1. -`Katt's ! Shrine`-

        P L Ö S H >:D

      2. Kometatech's fire and ice

        Hey click, are you completely colorblind or only partially? I'm kinda curious because I've heard you mention it a time or two but I also know that some ppl are only partially unable to see colors

      3. Hazardous

        Can you make another PLÖSH?

      4. Klick Klecks

        I want to eat it

      5. biggus chungus

        i stop watching fro like 10 weeks bc i had irl shit to do and u grow a mucstache that resembles both crayator and the egg man from sonic

    2. Solal Garcia Lamolla

      I m french we eat ducks and maybe baby too. ^^

    3. E

      9:02 why is this the most cursed yet cute things I’ve seen

    4. The Drifter

      Umbreon. I just like how they look.

    5. Breanna Smith

      My fursona: 👴 👙 👢

    6. D-Os 1.8

      I cane here to suffer, and suffer i did. Thanks click.

    7. Melcat248 McClain

      I hate that I don't know how much you have a nice idea and you know how to get a good job on your phone I love it and when you get to see it I don't know how much you have a nice idea and you know how to get a good job on your phone I love it and when you get to see it I don't know how much you have a nice idea and you know how to get a good job on your phone I love it and when you get to see it I don't know how much you have a nice idea 15:56

    8. chrumki

      i would cuddle with galvantula

    9. Deluvore

      umbreon would would be mine cause they are sweet little creatures

    10. Gina Milligan

      AHHH! Last time I watch the Click He was at 100k Now look I have seen EVERYRHING

      1. Gina Milligan

        Idk if he jas said it yet but he is VERY mUch a Furry.

    11. The Report Future

      i would fucking stab my eyes out

    12. Funtime plush Creations

      I made one of my parents a furry

    13. Lars Lionheart

      90% of these are wholesome and Click makes them cursed

    14. N/A 1

      If Pokémon were real, which Pokémon would be your bestie that you cuddle up with at night i would pick eevee

    15. Chicken Nuggies

      S n o r l a x SAmE bRo

    16. Steamed Hams

      Youw're in deh guwulag nao. Give youw're enemeh nuzzwes so you can wetuwn to deh battwle.

    17. Peach-Søda UwU

      Ik not related but my partner Pokémon would be an umbreon surprising cause my favorite is sylveon but umbreon looks more cuddly

    18. Foxilovers290

      Click: 𝚒 𝚊𝚖 𝚗𝚘𝚝 𝚏𝚞𝚛𝚛𝚢 Also click: *furry plush*

    19. Diana Campbell

      his deep voice sound like corspe husband

    20. Yorp

      I know not his name (I don’t play Pokémon) but to me and a group of others, he is known as “the cat with the long ass arms”

    21. moms spaghetti

      I just noticed the first one was into the spider verse

    22. Snow

      🐦 👕 👖

    23. CoreDoggo

      Im would shoot myself after watching this, but then their would be one less person against this

    24. GachaLifeJake

      If the Mitchell’s vs the machines was a furry movie the robots would be prorogens

    25. Momof Three

      I'm gonna cut a hole in the bottom and shove it full of rocks

    26. DoggoDoom's Void

      5:40 Honestly, the Chikorita Line (specifically Meganium).

    27. Yaboitom10

      I would have my Gigantamax-capable Inteleon from my copy of Pokémon Sword.

    28. Longnose _

      6:40 heavan house

    29. Liampleurodon

      Yes click, here is your furry oscar

    30. random stuff

      sheep from first meme is sha from walten files!

    31. SaltyCat101

      10:57 "Your grandparents only had babies to enable gay deer on the internet"

    32. Spooky Mcspooks

      After 13 long years I reached the hug check point

    33. iKa BoObOo

      mine would be evee

    34. Khadox

      You: i see what ur doing. *me, doing girl sht-*

    35. Vainstains

      you... have a literal plushie with paws and a tail... and you look at furry memes... and you aren't a furry? kind of sus...

    36. 44WarmocK77

      2:27 trust? what dat? =P

    37. The Bacon

      I-I know who these people are and it scares me

    38. Jacob Turpitt

      living in Arizona a wood get a pokemon made of ice

    39. Benjamin P

      4:30 Sauce?

      1. tpodole

        You ask for sause and sause you shall recieve! 2684279 on "numbers site" or @erosugiryuu on twitter from 5th of April.


      I hate it Okay phone

    41. Heidi Schulze


    42. Proto The protogen

      10:50 plot twist the mom and the dad were a furry all along

    43. Eye Of Nelms

      5:40 Goodra.

    44. Georgia Terry

      Jigglypuff because they could help you sleep

    45. Cotton-ball

      “If Pokémon were real, which Pokémon would be your bestie that you cuddle up with at night?” (1) Primarina (2) Goodra (3) Lopunny or Delphox Gardevoir is an obvious choice for most but I see them as more best friend then a cuddle buddy.

    46. Pastel Muffin

      click: just yelling hsi neighbors: wtf?????

    47. Man Banana

      Does the plush come with henti

    48. Man Banana

      00:12 after c.p.r

    49. Lorenzo Caluori

      My spirit animals are snorlax and squirtle

    50. Kenneth Kenneth

      i like you...re voice and mainly you so I subbed (=^▽^=)

    51. Rammon LightFox

      My pokemon will be a Ninetales

    52. shadow_foxy nightmare


    53. MitspeithEtc

      11:25 I'm so sorry for this, but on closer inspection, I believe that that animal is not a fox, but rather a maned wolf. Still an amazing animal choice in my opinion-

    54. Random Mtf dude

      12:36 dodge U aint goin to take my money i know that trick

    55. Jonas Wenko

      You‘re by far one of the best looking IRvisionrs I‘ve seen

    56. Juan Martinez


    57. Sir Wabutan VX

      "What if you managed to turn your parents into furries?" Well... The first con I ever went to, Midwest Furfest '13 (the year before the badly-handled-by-media gas attack) was the year mom's inner avian awoke. It was my first con. She was first going around Artist Alley, not fazed in the slightest by the naughties, just making comments like "Oh, yeah, my kid draws stuff like that" but paying special attention to the birds. The next day, after the parade, I check out the pictures she took. ALL BIRDS. Every bird suit. Her fursona is a green horned owl with clipped wings to represent her arthritis. I go to cons alone now since she's experienced one and decided it's a safe enough place for me. She still attends some of the MNFurs stuff if she feels up to it. (She's 60-something and as of 2021 I will turn 31 on July 30.)

    58. ViceFur & Co.

      4:08 Vore comics be like

    59. dark wolf36

      My chosen Pokémon would either be a lucario or a riolu

    60. Klaudija Sovar

      🙂 👕 👖 🧦👟🧦👟

    61. Grumpy Goose

      A pokemon for cuddles...? Probably Empoleon. Big penguin, probably warm due to the insulating feathers or if only as pillow, always cold~

    62. Grumpy Goose

      My moustache is bättre än din mustasch.

    63. MLW!!9

      Making an Imperial standard joke when everyone around the world loves Football so much they will start a knife fight if you call it Soccer.

    64. Victor Huggins

      6:34 who knew you were so slim

    65. Victor Huggins

      Id cuddle wit incinroar or machchamp

    66. Snip Into A Slam Jam!

      I'm always in bad socializing mode, and I'm thinking of embracing it by responding to something my family says by doing a rock on hand signal and saying "honk" like the clown we all are

    67. JustSomeHaloFan

      No ones gonna see this but, if I could have any Pokémon as a best friend, shiny sylveon easily my favorite Pokémon ever

      1. Ryan Louis Baeza


    68. MrLenonek

      S**t he know

    69. Doom Guy265

      🐺 🧥 look ma, I'm a furry!.. Wait 👖

    70. pudim jogando

      I'm not a furry But.....

    71. Baku master

      5:49 FUCKING DITTO!

    72. Waffle gaming

      9:40 do i have to say anything- uh

    73. NekomataUmbreon

      "I hate the house"

    74. Devildog 51

      I'd help make fun of the intro of click "Not" being a furry But that's too easy

    75. Thox

      Why does the click Sound like bon scott at 2:25

    76. Julie Castorena

      🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤🐤 baby duck

    77. Amber-chan _

      Doing the I hate thing: I hate you

    78. a very weird furry

      "Don't eat cute things." Well, who wants to eat me?

    79. NT

      Yay new background!

    80. TEMMIE

      i would cuudle with goodra because they look super cuddly and I don't mind the slime

    81. illusion756

      Result of the "I hate" challenge: I hate to say it was a little more as I was in the world of the world and I was a little bit of a belated Easter festivities and I was a little bit surprised at how much."

    82. Eli Body Butter

      My parents met at a furry convention

    83. DraconiusDragora

      The Click, are you sure you want to advertise a plush? Think of the consequences: Furries.

    84. Lucas cur

      No the diagram is the spines

    85. Papa Stalin

      Straight to gulag I seen many weird things in my time but furries straight to gulag with you doesn't matter what glug it will be still gulag you will be working on new tank the T35

      1. Papa Stalin

        It seems that I have seen enough now I must go listen to the USSR national anthem again to erase my mind

    86. Clod Cat

      Hey Click, you should play the game, Changed, its a furry game

    87. KillMineWin 473

      THE WORLD!! 7:10

    88. JacobPug Poirier

      Disclaimer I’m about to take a shit and. I, am. yeah...

    89. Andy Andersson

      why choose a single pokemon to cuddle when you can have them all and more? < ditto

    90. Spin

      you made me gay and now I have a cute protogen bf

    91. Mega Amicus Simp Simping


    92. BMA Gears

      You look like a young gay Lenin. And that's not a problem. -_-

    93. LaTanaDelGino

      Fun fact: for the egyptian mythology the god of wisdom was called Thot (he was also an anthropomorphic animal) and his name in the greek alphabet was OwO so we can technically say that the greeks in egypt at the time could have said OwO what's this?

    94. blitz shadow fox

      click is a furry confirmed

    95. N Weasels

      To answer the question about pokemon: Leafeon.

    96. SIlentNeko79

      Click: Name a pokemon Me an Intellectual: Ditto :)

    97. XxJayowo999xX

      A flareon / Umbreon Uwu

    98. Phoenix Felix

      2:07 who made this art? It's glorious. Who made it?

    99. Animepolis 52602

      2:06 oh hey I read the webcomic that character's from