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  1. qwatschel

    The guys neck at 19:50 is majin buu

  2. Emily Brown

    It's always ditto, there's been at least 3 thumbnails with cursed dittos We now need 3 wholesome ditto thumbnails now, ditto does not deserve to suffer Let ditto rest

  3. ӄǟʀʍǟ !

    9:26 the shield was homemade

  4. Thijmen Zevenbergen

    Fact: the garfield in the thumbnail is a scp

  5. Crippling Depression

    Thank you Thanks to this video I know that in this world there are people that are more incompetent than me.

  6. T3nMiDGET5711

    What happened did the fluffies go extinct

  7. Solal Garcia Lamolla

    I m french we eat ducks and maybe baby too. ^^

  8. Heyitspuff!!

    tHEY arent siblingd??

  9. Bryan Decker

    generates milk

  10. ollah4

    I... were those fries soggy? •^• They kinda look soggy XD

    1. ollah4

      Okay nvm the crunched

  11. Demoknight Main

    Chest nuts > breastickles

  12. Mr:NickYnon

    1:20 that’s a picture of Neptune……..idiot furry

  13. Shrando

    You look like dr egg man from the new sonic movie

  14. black metal enthusiast. 6661

    12:13 I’m sure his Asian mother in law is VERY HAPPY about him dumping oil down the drain. Sure that wouldn’t clog or anything

  15. -_Random human being_-

    5:38 Yes no, no yeah- Pffft- hahahahahaha

  16. Stellarlight

    The toothbrush hostagevwas hilarious lol

  17. Tomi Toitturi

    5:53 top right corner

  18. Psycho Boy Plays

    19:45 man's neck looks like a slime from slime rancher

  19. Jack Rainwater

    20:27 : Murphys law intensifies

  20. Talented Tiger

    Lol, nobody recognizing his birthday, can relate 😂 a surprise party? .... 😐 ..... 😥

  21. Soul Spoiler

    13:42 ngl if they said Minecraft I was going to hunt the poster.

  22. Some Random Weeb

    In case anyone were wondering. Ancient Greece were super Gay, like they don't even have a word for being Gay, because being Gay is universally normal for them, even most of their male gods pantheon have male lovers as a sign of their masculinity.

  23. UberDragoon1432

    can't be a confession if everyone already knew.

  24. bobtheduck

    "Two blind drivers = zero blind drivers" Well, you're not wrong

  25. Peter Hickman

    lol Paris is also a city a America

  26. Kewlosh

    Thumbnail sauce: Shadbase, Ditto

  27. Felix Knight

    just wait till he finds the squid bob pictures

  28. Overlord AX-50

    Oh wow imagine dyeing your hair just to make a green screen effect for rickrolling. Interestingly creative rickroll

  29. •EllieeElven•

    My mom aggressively stomps on the floor when she walks so its easy to unintentionally memorize her footsteps

  30. Tusk Act 5 Artin

    5:03 i expected that, right before she said it happened i said "never gonna give you up" and then it happened

  31. Bob James

    The pie champion ate his parents

  32. The Cake Is On Fire

    my iq is 69 😎 i’m so fucking stupid 😭

  33. Archer_of_Azure

    Did I miss the ditto?

  34. Coffee and Crochet

    Tv man is like those NPCs in Sims that leave random gifts on your porch 😆

  35. C. Staddon

    Me: recognizes the art style in thumbnail Also Me: o-oh no

  36. Phantom Pyro

    When Click talked about the common “My younger brother did it” I got a strange realization. It’s always younger BROTHER, but almost never “My younger SISTER”. Idk why my brain picked up on such a weird coincidence…

  37. The Cake Is On Fire

    til all women are named jessica

  38. Felix Knight

    "i know its hard to be straight inside this cloest" anyone else been there before?

  39. Lolbuthun

    Slug not a snail and it survived

  40. Joca

    For those that only know automatic gears, at 7:51 the top line of numbers should be 1, 3, 5 and the bottom 2, 4, 6.

  41. DrKatz

    If you know what The Shunting is, you understand....

  42. I’m a Baguette Ig

    The turtles with land on them -> ATLA and TLOK

  43. Gianluca Filimon

    7:24 me and the homies finna get that click shmeat 🤤

  44. litten gamer111

    Gacha nuts lmao

  45. Philly Struck

    14:00 That message is just a petty whine because they paid a lot of money for their 5 games while we play so many games with about a third to none of the price they put into games they only play for a few weeks then get bored of

  46. I do what I want I'm Punk rock

    If anyone wants to watch the show about the strong girl it’s called « Strong woman Do Bong Soon »

  47. Hamdi Kutbi G07

    3:21 the pokemon is Torterra and u guessed the typing right

  48. Glyn Williams

    Interesting. Some pronunciations could be better and the mic shield could have some cloth over it, to reduce the emphasis of the S's. Good work.

  49. LilThreat88

    Good one!

  50. Ayse Takisoglu

    rip mustache

  51. The Shadow

    Damn Click your german is pretty damn good

  52. StormySky48

    0:21 "lotties losses and losses" why did she say that at the beginning of each episode and what does it mean??

  53. Eugene Verster

    What do you call someone that laughs at others for acting intellectually superior, while acting intellectually superior?

  54. I do what I want I'm Punk rock

    Wtf Cliccy your legs are longer than my life

  55. d3sign3r

    Feels the need to be r/ConfidentlyIncorrect about something in the comments, but I am too perfect!

  56. Tuxu HDS

    Actually, Depression can affect others who live with the afflicted. While it is not contagious per-se it's still a factor that damages relationships and a general quality of life up do a point of a relationship collapse. You tried...

  57. Cecelia Tallman

    3:43 NYAAAAAAA😩

  58. Brooklynn

    5:35 my parents do something similar. The put a 4 year old in a bathtub (also keep in mind, it hasn't been diagnosed, but she has shown many signs of ADD) and they go out to the garage, WHICH IS DOWNSTAIRS, and they leave me, a 12 yo to watch. And they KNOW I panic when something bad happens. It's so stupid

  59. Cecelia Tallman

    12:24 Ah≈😳

  60. Aaron Kendrick

    Why was this in the "est turbofolk songs" playlist click?

  61. Aria

    wow, didn't expected to see Mike An Tien ( Macho guys selling Watter Melon) show up here.

  62. Shadowman

    I find it sad that I could show this video to my grandma and it would be prime examples of the way she acts and she would say those parents are horrible but if I confront her and remind her that's how she acts she's just "teaching me to be an adult" I'm 22 have hip issues that could leave me permanently in a wheelchair but since my room isn't clean enough she can buy a new 40$ tv that will only be used every other week but not a mattress to put on the wooden bed frame I am sleeping on which mind you is only making the issue worse since its an issue with the ligaments bone and muscles .....and that's only one example of how she acts

  63. Maximillius

    Start an OnlyFans where it's nudes spliced with cursed comments/images I'd pay hundreds

  64. Leonidas

    4:52 is my favourite

  65. McKenna Wentzel

    I feel really dumb for this. However Click when you're finger was getting uncomfortably close to the screen I literally just tried futilely to smack it away. I promise I have brain cells. They are all just surviving on 4 hours of sleep from time to time.

  66. CreeperkingHT

    So I have an idea. If a player wants to die and it gets to that situation where the party wants to kill their character (and let's just say their in a dungeon), after killing some monsters or clearing some traps or something, they go into a room with chests. They open one ( doesn't matter which one), and out of nowhere a GUN magically appears in the chest, jumps at the player's hand, forces them to grab it, take a action and shoot the player who wants to die, and, well, dies.

  67. Sean of the Dead

    Every time a new "boss" showed up my brain played darksouls and bloodborne music. All of them, went with it perfectly.

  68. 「Dr RentacleTape」

    Damn I so want to play DnD with this dude

  69. FormulaFish15

    They’re not even turtles, they’re tortoises...

  70. Ender Stine

    can we get mcdonalds

  71. AnnieBot_45-73

    car-sin-o-gen(as in generation)-ic

  72. Midnight Kitsune

    The Jim Carrey is strong with this one.

  73. Shadowman

    Tbh I'm pretty anti vaccine myself but my reason is because the flu vaccine throughout my childhood had a higher percentage off death than the flu itself and as for the corona vaccine it's a virus anyone whose been through middle school biology knows that no matter how many vaccines or drugs you take a virus is constantly evolving and getting around said drugs in other words in the case of a virus a vaccine will only end up costing hundreds of dollars only to become an issue again later on that's my opinion though on why not to have them I still respect other's choice to have them vaccines can work and they do for some people but in some cases they also could be even fatal

  74. -Xleque-

    Is it legal to press charges on your newly born son if my wife died from childbirth? I'm asking here because I don't know where else to ask.....


    I’m sorry but ... I am ObSeSsEd with this mans voice ✨ just me?

  76. Danika Benes

    I got an ad for a gay movie streaming website

  77. Declan Peno

    5:51 … h- how do you know? owo